[Final 12/18][info] From Stephe’s desk: Gifts received and cataloged for Cloud USA’s Christmas Box to Rain…

… so far.

Please see our previous post HERE if you need more information, and keep in mind that the deadline is December 17. (Yes, I added a few days. It doesn’t make sense to have the deadline on a Friday if I’m not going to be shipping Rain’s Box over that weekend. Don’t know what I was thinking.) There is still room in the Box for gifts, and still time if you hurry, so all who wish to participate, please do so now!

Also, we need to add to his holiday Email binder/notebook,  » so EMAIL your Christmas greetings to Rain to letitrain@cloudusa.org right away.

This list will be amended as more items are received. Thanks, all! — Stephe ^@@^

UPDATE 12/15: As y’all can see, the box is pretty full now. We are good. Thanks so much!

°  Liz L., Missouri

°  Sheila F., California

°  Alisa L., Georgia

°  Pirate Pixxie, Nevada

°  MDWomack, North Carolina

°  Valentina, France

°  Gee, Louisiana

°  Merrick, North Carolina

°  Kong Sao, California

°  Dot, Canada

°  Cloudabbyda, West Virginia

°  Patsii, Pennsylvania

°  BiAlamode, Texas

°  Maria C., New York (2 shipments)

°  Eve W., South Carolina

°  Eva Lind, Faroe Islands

°  Vicki Lynne, Texas

°  Marisara, Puerto Rico

° Nedjema, Illinois

Christmas cards:

°  Natassia, Washington DC

°  Alicia S., Georgia

Holiday Emails:

°  Angela R., Venezuela

°  Itasia, Poland

°  Kathy K., Georgia

°  Darlene Antonette, Philippines

°  Karla, Mexico

°  Ria Amor, Philippines

°  Damneek K.

° Patrice J., Michigan

° BiAlamode, Texas

° Ruby Ann, Philippines

°  Keelyn, California

°  Yely

~ by Cloud USA on December 11, 2012.

17 Responses to “[Final 12/18][info] From Stephe’s desk: Gifts received and cataloged for Cloud USA’s Christmas Box to Rain…”

  1. Oh I can see my name and I’m happy I thought my email greeting didn’t catch the plane HA HA HA HA LOL, Thank you CloudUSA!!!


  2. Hi Stephe,How do I send a Christmas greeting to our Rain?


    • If it’s a Christmas email greeting you are wanting to send. You have to send your greeting to the email listed/highlighted above in the post. It’s (letitrain@cloudusa.org). Your greeting will be printed out and put in the Christmas binder that will be sent to Rain along with all our gifts in the Christmas box.


  3. I just sent and email and I also there was a card along with the gifts.

    Thank you ^_^


  4. Stephe FYI……..

    I sent a Christmas email as well. So during the course of your so VERY busy day, please check for it my dear. Thanks much! *SMILES*……………..


  5. FYI, Maria:

    We’ve received your second shipment. Thanks so much.

    Stephe ^@@^


  6. Email binder, so email your Christmas greetings to Rain to letitrain@cloudusa.org right away.

    WHAT IS THIS mean a message to Rain like cloud boards site how we message him or this something message direct to him uh i am confuse what about the Plan message u sent to is that different or this he get fast also ???


    • Kongsao, it’s the same thing we did before, in the Christmas box in 2010. If you want to send him an email saying Merry Christmas or whatever, send it to our email address and we’ll print it out and put it in the Christmas box.

      Stephe ^@@^


  7. That is so nice of you all to put the gifts in their own gift bags. That will make for a nice presentation when Rain opens the box. I’m soooo excited!


  8. So glad my package arrived along with everyone else’s. So cool our gifts will be put in individual gift bags. I feel so Special! *SMILES*…………………………


    • Just so you know… my dad tried to talk me out of your gift. I’ve had to ban him from my office. LMAO!

      He’s like, “C’mon, Rain won’t notice, I like DAT.” *shaking my head*

      Stephe ^@@^


      • LOL!!……..I’m laughing at my desk right now! *Kekekekeke* Tell daddy I’ve got a big ole grin on my face.


      • lol…. I JUST SMILE READ U comment here i felt like i can see the expression on this ekekekkekeek Rain must so special…. he think oh boy now i want to meet this men elekekekek joke on side ekekekeke 🙂

        this was so NICE gathering GIFT of all us put this together for Rain he must so proud his cloud from USA THAT ALWAYS do this for him i bet by now he just have deep feeling on us said i could i forgive cloudUSA their always here for me ahahahahah make me even more happy i felt SO HAPPY when i sent RAIN stuff to show him love and why we so attack to him to prof that we always be with his heart i am now excited to see all those pic come together ekekekekek GOOD JOB stephe …


  9. I have to say, y’all, that I am so, so, SO impressed with your gifts to Rain. They’re so thoughtful, and useful, and so pretty, and things that I’m sure he’ll appreciate. There isn’t one that I’ve opened that hasn’t made me SMILE.

    Rest assured that they are all being treated with kid gloves and given the utmost care and handling. They will be put in their own gift bags with your names on them before going inside the big box. (We’ll take pictures.)

    Our contact in Korea is patiently waiting, and will also treat our box with utmost care, so please don’t worry.

    Also, those of you who sent little things for me and Terri, and sent something to help with postage… God bless you. Thanks! For those who wanted to send something but couldn’t, it’s the thought that counts, and we thank you too. 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


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