[audio clip] There’s nothing better before Speeding than Rain on the Consolatory Train. Live.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Sometimes just HEARING Rain sing takes you to another world, especially when he’s putting his gut into it. Especially when it’s LIVE. Wah.

This Consolatory Train radio broadcast was aired right before Sunday’s “Speeding Instinct” Saturday night, and of course we on Twitter were all ga-ga. 🙂

[Friends FM]12-12-02 Rain @ Consolatory Train. (Source credit: Friends 96.7 FM military radio / courtesy of ratoka @vimeo)

~ by Cloud USA on December 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “[audio clip] There’s nothing better before Speeding than Rain on the Consolatory Train. Live.”

  1. Love that man Rain Rain’s voice


  2. Rain put a lot of feelings into this song.I listen to his album every night.I just wish that I could hold him and tell him that everything will be ok.


  3. Yes Rain definitely put his gut into that song, especially from the middle to the end. He just keeps getting better at this song every week. I’m waiting for the week he just BLOWS this song out the water. He will because every week he’s getting closer to that moment. This performance right here though…the ending was so BEAUTIFUL and lingering. Just lingered in my ears.


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