Snapshot: MORE Rain for SixToFive. (2008, 2009)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(GIF and Captures by pollyanna)


(Behind the scenes of the fashion show/concert launch in Korea, December 2008. ^@@^ Source credit: official / courtesy of yonhoon)

(The fashion show/concert opening at the Cotai Arena in Macau, June 2009.  The show also went to Hong Kong and Thailand. ^@@^ Fan cam credit: bluberry7)

~ by Cloud USA on December 1, 2012.

5 Responses to “Snapshot: MORE Rain for SixToFive. (2008, 2009)”

  1. Girls, you’re so wrong…let’s all be wrong together!! ❤


  2. I see Rains efforts and ideas for his clothing line,but the models are not so fresh.They don’t have the intensity of an american model.Even though,I liked a couple of his pieces.


    • OMG !!! o.O
      the GIF so SEXY ……………. :p
      the way he suave his shirt in gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so breathtaking
      SEXY & HOT same time this took place in CUBA right ?
      do have to this vid i would to see it please share if u do stephe thank my dear …!!
      i know what u mean and i also WOULD love Rain took change here in USA model TOO it would good business of him working and model for make huge different of his life as well his Model are so Beautiful sexy and eey-candy envy anybody would Drooling over that … so i would hope rain considering thinking about coming USA and do more business and production as well… would be amazing and SHINE of Gold ekekek 🙂
      however SIXTOFIVE i have order couple his stuff when they was still have site open 2008 i love it a lot to bad they shut that down i was into loving Rain goodie as well but i just hope that he can give us another good move again if u know what i mean ~


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    so sexy so fresh


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