[Cloud USA] Rain’s accolade questioned by who? (We don’t give a flying f**k.)

Obviously you’re nobody unless you’ve garnered the world’s sympathy because Rain has “done you wrong.”

Click over and read this. (Nope, not posting it. Ain’t worth our space.)

Okay, are you back? Cool.

We couldn’t care LESS that some news reporter supposedly 1) heard an embittered concert organizer with a big chip on his shoulder throw out in court that Rain’s TIME 2006 Most Influential inclusion (voting) was rigged, 2) saw a great opportunity to sell some newspapers, and 3) ran with a “story.” Do you know why?

Because, as I wrote back in April of 2011:

“There was indeed a 2006 Online Readers Poll on TIME.com (for us). And it was completely separate from the 2006 TIME 100 List (for the editors), as it has always been….Rain was nominated for the Online Readers Poll by the readers and garnered their votes starting in Week 4 of the poll, for Artists & Entertainers. But that had nothing whatsoever to do with the editors noticing and choosing him for their 2006 TIME 100—they had already done that because of the buzz he was creating on the world scene, and the List is not connected to the Poll.

(You can read my Rain’s TIMEline post in its entirety HERE.)

Rain wasn’t chosen for the 2006 most influential list because of online voting. He was chosen by the TIME editors themselves because his Magic Feet had been setting the world on fire, and he was the face of Pop Globalism and the first Korean Wave (and is to this day). CLICK the image for a larger view, and READ what the article says.

So, Rain wasn’t popular enough or well known enough in 2006 to have gotten the editors’ attention on his own? He didn’t have any fans in America? *buzzer noise* TIME’s article that was on newsstands and online in the Spring of 2006 begs to differ. All of his U.S. fans who joined his overseas fans in voting for him that year beg to differ as well.

The voters poll and the editors’ influential 100 were even on different sub-pages.

Another reason we couldn’t care less is… Exactly who is “questioning” Rain’s spot anyway, since the Media are all running the headline like it’s the Gospel. Who is it? Government officials somewhere? Law enforcement? TIME Magazine? The Pope? Anyone of consequence?


THE concert organizer who has a bone to pick with JYPE, and is being sued by JYPE for botching up Rain’s tour? A totally reliable source who despises Rain and would only tell the truth about him, right? That’s what you call print-worthy?


The bottom line: Even if, for the sake of argument, something was unscrupulous about the online reader’s voting poll, Rain’s 2006 accolade cannot be disputed because it was the editors who chose him and the other 99 people in a separate process. Here is some more schooling for you, about that process.

» TIME Video: How They Made The TIME 100 List.

Seems like any reporter worth their salt could do what I just did and know that they didn’t have a leg to stand on or a real story. *shrug* *wondering if the headline “Rain Turned Leprechauns Against Claimant Over Tour Cancellations” will ever hit*

That’s it.  I’m done. Y’all go back to whatever it was you were doing (like watching Rain videos) before I so rudely interrupted.


— Stephe ^@@^

Source: Myself!

The last time Cloud USA didn’t give a flying f**k: Terri :-} on Golden Abs.

~ by Cloud USA on November 17, 2012.

16 Responses to “[Cloud USA] Rain’s accolade questioned by who? (We don’t give a flying f**k.)”

  1. It may take time, but remember what goes around comes around and God doesn’t like ugly. The nasty people just need to find the rocks they crawled out from, go back under and call it a day. Although I am tending to buy into the secret crush —makes sense to me. HA!!!


  2. Oh wow where is this stuff being posted? Im pretty sure few ppl are reading or believing that crazy mans accusations. They say u dnt make it til ya got haters lol but Rain ben havin those. Lol Rain will keep on being the fine gentle but fierce man he is. Love u Rain….


  3. I’m inclined to hold the media even more responsible than the promoter. They are the ones who took what he said “to the streets” and spread it around as if something big was going down when it wasn’t. And the dummies who keep re-posting it and re-posting it instead of looking at it like, huh?

    Just like that stupid article from last week. Rain wasn’t even with JYP during his fifth album. J.Tune did Rainism. Rain left JYP in 2007 and started J.Tune, so how could JYP be signing a contract with some company for Rain concert tour stuff in late 2008? So either the album was wrong (NOT his fifth album), or the dates were wrong, or Rain’s management company name was wrong. Not to mention RAIN didn’t have to pay anything, the judgment was against JYP ONLY. Yet what happened? You saw that article about RAIN having to pay millions in the headline re-posted and re-posted as the Gospel. Whuuuu?


    Stephe ^@@^


  4. Yes, we call bulls***t on this latest “report.” First of all, how can one even contemplate doing shows in the U.S. WITHOUT a U.S. following? If there’s no following, then Who pray tell would have been in the seats at the damned show in the U.S. Let’s just start there.

    Mr. Almost-concert-promoter….dude get over yourself And your “feelings” for Rain. I’m sure you’re not his type.


  5. There will always be “haters”. Glad Rain is not affected by this bull@!
    He is well known and love throughout the world


  6. Hateration, it’s everywhere. Geesh! SMH!


  7. this is so shame and stupid…


  8. Is this about the Hawai concert? The one that the organizer didn’t organized at all, with no sound , etc?


    • Hi, Anamaria. 🙂 The court case is about the entire North American tour, the whole thing where, like you said, there was no sound and the stage and equipment were unsafe, and the organizer needs to pay up for that. The article that’s going around is only about the baseless accusations the organizer is throwing around in court about Rain and Time magazine, which have nothing to do with the case at all.

      Stephe ^@@^


  9. Seriously tho, There is always some reporter who will write anything about celebs to make money. Thats true in Korea too and we see this is garnishing attention. That’s unfortunate.. We just need to point out how ridiculous the promoter and his attorney sound.


  10. Agree with this, Stephe…it’s just the same-o same-o that promoter is tryin to do to get some money somehow…that guy is a stalker and I think he has a secret crush….. I can understand why lollssss


  11. Well said, Stephe
    Thanks for taking the time to make the issue straight and educate a few on this matter. (even when you didn’t have to since we all Clouds know this info was s@#$%t!)

    Adri ☆


  12. Stuff like this just burns my a$$.


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