Vicki’s RAIN The Best Show Limited Premium DVD package, Part 2.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

CloudUSAer Vicki said:

“The songs (in order) are:

Disc 1

Hip Song, Touch Ya, You, In My Bed, One, Escaping The Sun, Only You, I Like You Again, The Empty Space, I Do, Busan (Seoul) Woman, With You, Fresh Woman

Disc 2

I’m Coming, Don’t Stop, Love Story, Love Song, My Way, Rainism, Nan, Bad Guy, It’s Raining, Looking (Chajayo), September, Jump, Instead of Saying Goodbye

Beautiful packaging, great production on the DVDs with excellent lighting and sound.  The DVDs are subtitled in English, Japanese and Chinese.  The subtitles are only shown when Rain is speaking to the audience—no subtitles for song lyrics. I love the fact that we are able to see more of his dancers and the stage presentation than we normally see on YouTube. Stephe, his musicians are great! They had a lot of “go to church” moments in their orchestrations.”

Thanks for sharing your images and thoughts on the package, Cloud sista! You are officially awesome. 🙂 ^@@^

(Images credit: Vicki / BiThatWay)

~ by Cloud USA on November 6, 2012.

19 Responses to “Vicki’s RAIN The Best Show Limited Premium DVD package, Part 2.”

  1. Oh MY GOD – I have been obsessing over the fact that all of Rain’s music is out of print and that I can’t ‘legally’ buy it online anywhere and I see I missed a limited edition sale of THE BEST SHOW DVD…… is it still available somewhere? I’ll never sleep in peace if i miss it 😦


  2. i still havent got mine is this normal… i live in the u.s and its been 3 days since everyone else got thiers tomorrow with be the 4th day


    • I haven’t gotten ours either, so you’re not alone. There are still people who haven’t gotten theirs yet. It’s probably just been slow-going because of the volume, so stay on the lookout.

      (We’re in Georgia, USA. Yeah, sometimes a small delay is normal, but we’ve always gotten everything RAINY sent in the past.)

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Hi, I picked up the beautiful package from my post office first thing in the morning on the 6th and I did end up going to work although really wanted to call in sick as I wanted to spend all day in Rainland. I took the package in to work with me so that I could at least open it. The Best Show package is very impressive, I have noticed that very same thing with his other cds too. Last night it just happened that I too was “home alone” and kind of happy about that as I wanted to truly take in the whole concert experience and not miss a thing. My husband and I will watch the dvd together as I want to really hear what he has to say about Rain’s performance, he has heard him sing and likes his voice. I wore gloves when I looked at the photo book as I didn’t want to leave any fingerprints on it. Oh my…. some of those pictures are so beautiful and with such meaningful heartfelt statements from Rain. I really really enjoyed watching the full concert and cranked up the surround sound stereo system pretty high. He is truly gifted, his energy soars in front of his fans, love how he connects with his fans, there were a couple of songs I had not heard yet, so glad for the translations since from previous videos I had seen from this concert I had always wondered what he was saying. Very emotional ending and I couldn’t keep it together either when he started to cry. Watching this concert only made me want to see a Rain concert live in the future even more. I hope it can become a reality one day somewhere. I am so happy we were able to purchase this DVD package.


    • I had to laugh when I saw your statement about wearing gloves when you looked at the photobook………..I made sure that I washed my hands after I opened the cardboard box—- before I opened the actual black box so I my hands wouldn’t leave greasy marks on the pictures….LOL. Rainy Entertainment really did a masterful job on creating this collector’s item that means so much to his fans—present and future Clouds. The attention to detail reminds me of Michael Jackson’s tourbooks—I still have mine from his BAD tour.


  4. TERI or Stephe
    I DON’T if u are upset at me or could be any reason
    BUT………..i have sent u an EMIL yet i have post on this site SAID please check u email IMPORTANT REQUEST
    here IT IS
    DID U GET MY EMIL i sent u yet????

    but until today i still did get any Respond from i wondering are u mad or upset or what ever reason is BUT i am waiting for this no offense i just curious that EMIL i sent was IMPORTANT that i waiting for it and now i sent another one which
    MY THE BEST SHOW is here and i sent email to u hopefully u respond it i understand u busy as well but i see u reply to cloud it it kind turn
    me down
    i am not sure u check the Emil or not ??


    • Hi, Kongsao. No, we are not mad or upset. We are BURIED under piles of emails and requests and deadlines.

      I did see your email earlier but at the time I couldn’t stop to respond. We are REALLY swamped over here. We have a critical situation going on right now behind the scenes, not to mention a bunch of projects to get done for you all and for Rain, this year’s Christmas Box being one of them, which is LATE. (I think I’ve only said one thing to one person on the blog all day, maybe 2 hours ago, that’s all I’ve had time for, which is pretty pitiful.)

      I know your email is important to you. I will respond to it as soon as I can get back to it, unless Terri gets to it first.

      That is the best I can do right now and that’s going to have to be enough for you.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • OH sorry about the e have a critical situation going on right now i though u busy away or something but not know that u have this ok i am sorry know i understand and yet u have all that catch up and Christmas around the Conner ect… so u all pack right i understand person so yes dear let get u
        think straight out first then u can get back on track u doing beside what happen to this site Aviator pic of this site of the user i did see it anymore that went wrong also????
        and thank for LET me know and respond it this one … just do what u are working btw… are we having a CHRISTMAS sending project for this Yrs right ?


  5. Just got a text from hubby with a pic of my package. When he goes to work, it will be me and Bi tonight! *Woo Hoo*………just saying.

    Vicki, you can’t have all the fun girl!!
    (*All has been restored in the BiAlamode universe*)


  6. I can’t wait to receive mine. My question is how did it come? Did it come by UPS or regular mail? That way I can be on the lookout for it.


  7. The attention to detail in the production of this package is outstanding. Very thoughtfully designed. You all are going to be so pleased when you see it in person, even the black box is embossed as a keepsake. The calendar has not only Ji Hoon’s birthday highlighted but his discharge date as well. There also some very special stationery inside. I cannot wait for all of you to see this in person and read your reactions!


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