Where Clouds gather, Rain will follow. It is inevitable.

And so it was on the evening of October 26 when Terri :-} met up with Cloud Adriana ✰ [The girl with the red star] in the fair city of Atlanta, Georgia for a bite of dinner and some extremely Rainy conversation.

It wasn’t the first time that Adriana, a flight attendant, had come through Atlanta.  Indeed, several times this year she has touched down at Hartsfield International Airport, but we had never been able to meet up with her during her very brief stays in town.  This time, though, when her e-mail came through saying she would be landing in Atlanta on the afternoon of the 26th for an overnighter and asking if it might be possible for us to have dinner together, I was thrilled to be able to tell her that I thought I could make that work.

After a late arrival (A:  I’m still on the plane!!), my not getting off work quite as early as I thought I would (T:  I’m just leaving work!  Make it 5:00 instead?), and then some confusion about exactly which hotel she was really at (T: Are you SURE you’re out front, outside the lobby?  A:  Yes! I’m standing right here!  What kind of car are you driving?  T:  I don’t see you!  A:  But I’m right here!), we finally managed to meet up.  LOL.

A short drive down the street took us to a little Italian restaurant I knew of that had a relaxing atmosphere and we settled in for some chow and a chat.  Like the rest of us Clouds, Adriana had some wonderful stories to tell about how she was introduced to Rain, how she fell in love with him, and how his art changed her life—for the better.  I was honored to hear it firsthand.  Some of you may remember one of her personal essays we shared back in March here on the blog:  https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/from-rains-clouds-hes-your-friend-forever-dont-forget/.  If you don’t, then please go back and read it.  It is a delightful story.

Adri confessed during dinner that she is also a Beauty [B2uty] (a fan of Beast [B2St], for those of you who don’t know) and a genuine lover of K-Pop in general.  I shared a bit about my own family and my day job, shared some insight on how Cloud USA got started and how it fits in the Rainiverse, and even gave her the scoop on a super special project I am currently working on for Cloud USA behind closed doors.  (Don’t even bother to try to get it out of her.  She has already been sworn to secrecy.  You will all find out about it when it is done.  So there.)

Sometime during our conversation, I pulled out my cell phone and called Stephe (who had some late-day appointments and couldn’t meet up with us), so that Adriana could talk to her for a bit.  Stephe was disappointed that she could not be there and really hopes she can make our next Clouds’ night out.  :-}

Four hours later we were still going strong when we suddenly realized that the restaurant had emptied out and they were about to close.  After asking our sweet server to take a few quick photos of the two of us, we were out the door and the evening was over—all too soon.  Our only consolation was that she promised she would be back again as soon as she could.

We are looking forward to it.

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on November 4, 2012.

16 Responses to “Where Clouds gather, Rain will follow. It is inevitable.”

  1. Very nice, I enjoyed, hopefully, one day all of us Clouds can meet and maybe even be bless to have Rain join us.


  2. Thank you everybody for posting your comments. I hope one day a good deal of Clouds gather for a great chat about our favorite topic.
    Sista’ ( Janny) yours was the post that shocked me the most! Totally unexpected. It’ s just sublime coming from family.

    Now it’s gettin’ a lil’ Cloudy in this hood. Rain’ s coming…! Yea!☆★



  3. What a great story to share. Thank you!
    Hopefully I’ll be sharing a story like that…soon as I find the Clouds out here! ^_^ Or when I head to Hawaii for vacation and meet up with the Clouds out there!


  4. Hi Adriana…..
    it so GOOD to know u meeting up with Terri and have a chat about RAIN story and how u are his fans ect… i am very happy that u enjoy that short chat and share thing with us here back 2009 Ninja Assassin primer i went to LOS ANGELS i meet quite friend through cloud USA too i mean other site name cloud USA as master blog i think it very nice meet then i felt confident and we did share Rain story and how it all end up meeting together until today i still never forgive this so i know how u feel too thank share us i hope one day i can meet a lot my friend that i do know here and some from Fb together and have big chat and eat out like this too


    • Kongsao,

      Is that the Terri you met from Rain-USA that you are talking about?

      I seem to remember us being very confused at first in our earlier days when you first found us. You thought you had already met me. I was confused at first, because I actually did live in Southern California for about 3 years in the late 80’s/early 90’s. But I didn’t remember meeting you.

      And then we finally figured out that was another Terri? LOL. Was that you I am remembering? (I have to ask, because as you know I’m getting old and can’t remember things as well as I used to…)

      Terri :-}


      • Terri
        it wasn’t YOU it was another person name triborna i meet her through SIX TO FIVE site before they SHUT DOWN and the one cloud USA it another site before i even know about this site the cloud Master i forgot her name i meet her on the Night of Primer after Party that we all cloud
        gathering for celebrating for Rain so i get couple frees stuff from Rain and eat at restaurant and shop Korean Town ect…. sorry i should said this clear ahahahah but yes u not old my dear i think my comment confuse it and by saying cloudusa i mean TOTALLY different site i am not to sure they still have this up it been a while i have visit their i lost the link and password to it so then i found u guy site after SIXTOFIVE site shut down


  5. Awww that was awesome!! Those moments are the ones that make our lives fun!! I’m thrilled you got such a good time! Someday we’ll get together and chat a while about our fave topic, our one and only baby, JiHoon!! 😀


  6. Hey Terri….i am very happy to see how happy my sister is (Adriana) and i think that to meet you is also a huge dream for her…thank you for giving her the time to talk about what it makes her feel happy…. 🙂


  7. Terri, oh Terri,
    I am just delighted with such an honor to mention my name and all in CloudUSA. As you know, all this Rainism has made my existance to finally make sense. I spend a wonderful evening and I thank you so much for that. Even when I did not even felt the hours passing by. When it comes to chat about JiHoon, there is not such a thing as enough time. I am looking forward to meet Stephe as well.
    Regarding the classified intel on the upcoming project for CloudUSA, don not even try, I’m not telling a thing!! *rising all five fingers*
    You must know, I’ ve doing my homework baby steps on catching up.
    Thanx again for making me feel as special.

    Adri ★


  8. Nice meeting ladies. I hope I can meet you guys some day!!!!


  9. So happy about your meeting. I remember what fun I had with u clouds in the ATLANTA. Hey Adriana.


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