Rain Ad campaign of the day: Lotte Duty Free’s “So I’m Loving You”, 2009-2010.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to Add: I have to say, in my honest opinion, that this stuff beats the 2011 stuff (with all its fancy special effects) by a MILE. It’s infectious and makes you grin at their antics and want to sing along. Sometimes less is better!}

2009. The making of Rain’s part. (courtesy of BiRain love @YT)

2009. Big Bang (to Rain): “Why are you so late?”  Rain: “I stopped by Lotte Duty Free.”  Big Bang gets all excited about that and jump up to go shopping at Lotte.  LOL!  (courtesy of  MunPhoenix @YT)

2010. When JYJ joined Rain, Big Bang, Song Seung Heon, Park Yong Ha, Ji Sung, and Kang Ji Hwan for the campaign. (Rest in peace, dear Park YongHa. ㅜ_ㅜ) Courtesy of Leeya28 @YT.

2010. In Japanese! (courtesy of yulzaJP @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on November 4, 2012.

5 Responses to “Rain Ad campaign of the day: Lotte Duty Free’s “So I’m Loving You”, 2009-2010.”

  1. Yesss I love this Lotte campaign!!! I even have it in my Iphone so I can hear it whenever I want a pick me up song! Kekekeke That song is contagious! 😀


    • OMG I didn’t know that my boys of JYJ and Big Bang were in this campaign with Rain!!! Arghhh so many GEORGEOS MEN TOGETHER!!! I’m dying here!! Cuteness overload!! Did you see how elegant JYJ looked? Arghh Junsu’s hair kills me, Jae looks heavenly and Yochun soo cute! Melting here!! Also, Big Bang looks soo young in here!! Lol!!! GDragon look like a baby, Top look sexy no matter the age! Dae with black hair, he looks good too! Seugri’s running man is funny! Lol!! Of course, Rain is the most cute, sexy, adorable of them! I love this campaign!! 😀


  2. YES! I’M LOVING YOU!!!!!! 😀


    • ME TOO !!
      love his Voice how he can sing this to me with that passion voice and BEAUTIFUL he bring me with HEART warn TOUCH and FEEL how i wish that Rain can EXPRESS this to me one those Day just have to die awawaw 😛 we love u Rain and yes sing to me Kiss <33333


  3. This is a good campaign ^^ love the song!

    And yea RIP PYH… your drama Winter Sonata was the first k-drama I saw back then…


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