[article] Word on the street: Is Inception Media Group the new CJE America distributor?

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If this article is on the up and up, it certainly is welcome news. Bravo! I am more than ready to get my hands on a copy of R2B. A LEGAL one, preferably on DVD, thanks. (Yes, that is heavy sarcasm you are sensing.)

Not to mention all the other movies that CJE is bringing to the States. Wow, cannot wait!


Screen Daily 10/30/2012 — Written By 

CJ Entertainment America to channel ancillary through Inception

Inception Media Group has signed a deal to act as the US home video and digital distributor of the CJ Entertainment America pipeline.

Upcoming releases through Inception Media Group will include R2B: Return To Base, starring Jung Ji-hoon aka “Rain” and Masquerade starring Byung-hun Lee.

“There has been a growing demand for high-quality, live-action content from Korea, particularly among younger demographics,” said Inception Media Group partner David Borshell. “Over the years, CJ Entertainment America has distinguished itself as a leading provider of top-quality, award-winning programming that has performed extremely well at retail and we look to build upon their prior successes.”

“Inception has broad-based expertise in marketing popular specialty genres to the American market.” said CJ Entertainment America VP of non-theatrical distribution Sam Maseba.

“This partnership enables us to effectively and efficiently expand the distribution of our unique film and television programming – digitally and on DVD and Blu-ray – to home entertainment retailers and consumers.”

~ by Cloud USA on October 31, 2012.

3 Responses to “[article] Word on the street: Is Inception Media Group the new CJE America distributor?”

  1. well, well, well…………someone is South Korea is listening! AMC Grapevine Mills showed R2B and Masquerade. This week they are showing another Korean movie “The Thieves” with yummy Simon Yam in it (gotta see it). Perhaps they have found out there is a market for Asian movies that aren’t in the martial arts catagory. #duh


  2. Yesss!!! Finally someone is paying attention!! I can’t wait to buy R2B. 😀


  3. R2B and Masquerade are SO on my list to purchase. When I like a movie a lot, I feel compelled to purchase it. If I’m truly honest Masquerade is edging out R2B for me……..sorry (*Honey boo boo….umm…Bi*……Kekekekeke….). Although, I will buy both of them I enjoyed Masquerade better.

    Still love YOU Sweetness!


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