[article] Word on the street: Has R2B Return to Base also been sold to…

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… the U.K., France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and Mongolia? This Screen Daily write-up sure says that it has. Keep your fingers crossed hard for these and even more countries, global fans! The movie has already premiered in Korea, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and VietNam, and is heading towards, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and the London Korean Film Festival 2012.

*NOTE: This article was published back in May, just before Soar Into The Sun became R2B: Return to Base. ^@@^


Screen Daily 5/16/2012 — Written By 

CJ Soars with broad set of sales

CJ Entertainment has unveiled a raft of sales on its two upcoming high-concept action pictures, Soar Into The Sun and The Tower, and K-pop documentary I Am: SM Town Live.

Soar Into The Sun, an aviation war film starring Jung Ji-hoon (aka Rain), has gone to Entertainment One for the UK and Canada, Wild Side for French-speaking territories, Splendid for Germany and Benelux, Encore Films for Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Flash Forward for Taiwan, M Pictures for Thailand, Movies Now for India, Horizon International for Turkey and Jonon Source for Mongolia.

Set against the backdrop of tensions between North and South Korea, the film features aerial battle scenes with jetfighters and was produced with the assistance of the Korean Air Force which granted access to its air bases and jets. Directed by Kim Dong-won, the film also stars Cho Seong-ha (The Yellow Sea) and Shin Sae-kyung (Hindsight).

Meanwhile, disaster movie The Tower has been sold to Entertainment One for the UK, Splendid for Germany and Benelux, Zylo for French-speaking territories, Horizon International for Turkey, Rainbow Entertainment for Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, and Jonon Source for Mongolia.

Directed by Kim Ji-hoon (Sector 7), the film follows the chaos that ensues when two helicopters crash into a luxury apartment building during a Christmas party.

Soar Into The Sun is being readied for Korean release this autumn, while The Tower will open during the Christmas season.

CJ has also sold I Am: SM Town Live to a raft of Asian territories including Singapore (Golden Village), Taiwan (Avex Taiwan), Indonesia (MT Entertainment), Thailand (M Pictures), Hong Kong (Intercontinental) and Malaysia (First). Due to the growing popularity of K-pop in the US and Europe, CJ is also expecting to close further deals on the documentary – featuring the roster of leading Korean talent agency SM Entertainment – during Cannes.

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  1. R2B figthing!! 🙂


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