[article] The Best Sharp Shooter Out Of The Celebrity Soldiers Is?

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Wow, look! An article about celebrity soldiers and their leave time that doesn’t bash Rain. Maybe because there was no reason for that dingbat Korean newspaper to bash Rain in the first place, except to sell its rag.

An informative write-up on the many celeb-soldiers serving the ROK, in my honest opinion. Thank you, KDramaStars. 🙂 (Sergeant Yu Geon is out of there come December 1. Amen!) ^@@^


KDramaStars 10/7/2012 —

The Best Sharp Shooter Out Of The Celebrity Soldiers Is?

Out of the celebrity soldiers, who has the best physical condition, and who is the best at shooting?

According to the report that Kim Jin-pyo, a National Assembly Defense Committee member from the Department of Defense submitted on the 5th of October, singer Choi Jin(Mithra Jin) and actor Kim Ji Hoon are the ones who were classified as the special class soldiers when it comes to the physical fitness test. This was out of the list of celebrities since 2010. Out of the celebrity soldiers, singer Jung Ji Hoon(Rain) and Kang Chang Mo(KCM) and Kim Kyung Hoon(The Cross) were selected as fitness kings. In one minute, they did 72 pushups, and over 82 sit ups. They ran 3km in 12 minutes and 30 seconds.

Out of all of the celebrity soldiers, the best shooter was Lee Joon Gi. Out of 20 targets, he shot 19, and showed that he was the king of shooting. Out of the beginning celebrity soldier stages Lee Hyun Gyun(Jae Hee) Lee Dong Wook, Lee Sun Ho(Shinhwa Andy), out of the active duty soldiers, Jung Ji Hoon and Jo Jung Ik made 18 targets and made it to the expert shooter level. Jung Ji Hoon is one of the only ones that had an overall excellent transcript for his physical fitness test, making 90% of the shooting, and finished 30km march in 8 hours.

The celebrity soldier that went out on vacation the most was Lee Min Ho(Boom). Out of the 665 days of service, he received 150 days of vacation. Kim Yoon Sung(Dynamic Duo) had 116 days, Choi Jae Ho(Dynamic Duo) had 108 days, Lee Sun Ho(Shinhwa Andy) had 103 days of vacation.

Ordinary army soldiers are given 32 days of vacation and have a maximum of 50 days of break. However, the 30 celebrity soldiers that were discharged after year 2010 had an average vacation that was 76.4 days. However, since last year, the special leave has been decreasing. Now the celebrity vacation leave is similar to ordinary soldiers.

The celebrity soldier that is closest to discharging is actor Jo Jung Ik(Yoo Gun, December 1). Other than him, the other celebrities are discharged next year.

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