[audio clip][Eng trans] Rain marks one year in the military as a guest on Friends 96.7 FM’s radiojumam. (10/17)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Here in Atlanta, Rain being interviewed by Kim JaeWook on JaeWook’s military radio show radiojumam aired between 8:00 and 9:00 am, and so I was quite sleepy and bleary-eyed when I tuned in. But it turned out to be great listening, especially with my Cloud sisters on Twitter. So much fun. Having all those Rain songs back to back was worth the price of admission right there!

(radiojumam’s tweet from 10/15, telling everyone that Rain was going to be a guest…)

Please do enjoy this clip and translation! ^@@^

121017 Friends FM – 김재욱의주고싶은마음듣고싶은얘기 (radiojumam) Edit Rain part. (courtesy of ratoka @vimeo)

The Musician – Rain segment on radiojumam, Friends 96.7 FM (10/17/2012)

English translation by: 화니 @The Cloud Media Board

Tweaks and asides: {Stephe ^@@^}


[Kim Jae Wook] : Today’s guest made his debut as a member of boy band “Fan Club” in 1998, but the band received little attention in the public. Since going solo in 2002, he has been a celebrity in the public eye, leaving many hit songs, “Bad Guy”, “How To Avoid The Sun”, “Rainism”, etc. He is a singer and movie star who’s an all-around entertainer. He has turned himself into the world star since he appeared in several domestic dramas and films and Hollywood films such as Ninja Assassin, etc.

In 2006 and 2010, he was chosen as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time magazine. It’s been one year since he joined the army. It’s corporal “Jung Ji Hoon” (Rain).


[Kim Jae Wook] : To be honest, I found it a bit too wordy. (laughs)

[Rain] : I was itching to talk back. (laughs) I think ‘Kim Jae Wook’s voice is well-suited to the calm atmosphere of the night. Seems like only yesterday that we were in this program six months ago. It’s so good to have you listeners back again.


[Kim Jae Wook] : How’s your physical condition?

[Rain] : Before my enlistment, I used to release the tension in the back muscles before and after my concert by receiving help from massagers, but when I was a teaching assistant in the army, I had to keep standing for over 8 hours without relaxing the tense back muscles, which seemed to increase my risk of developing back pain… and I could not feel my legs the next morning… Since then, I’ve taken to physical therapy in and out of the hospital and am well on the way to recovery. It’s not a serious illness, so please don’t worry too much.

{That is true. We’ve already seen evidence of the after-concert massages during RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 29. He came straight off the stage and plopped right down on a mat without missing a beat. – S. ^@@^

» Watch: RAINY DAY S. 3 E. 29: He’s just like a box of chocolates.

 And now, back to the interview! ^@@^}

[Kim Jae Wook] : Many of your fans are concerned about your health.

[Rain] : Thank you for your concern and support.

[Kim Jae Wook] : Really? (laughs)

[Rain] : Please believe me! (laughs)


[Rain] : I’m really looking forward to today’s radiojumam. I haven’t forgotten what I said – “Good night” – when I replaced singer and DJ “Sung Shi Kyung” in his radio program before. (laughs) I wanted to try it here as well. (laughs) (* This radio program is a night show.)

[Kim Jae Wook] : Come again?

[Rain] : Good night~ (laughs) Sorry. (laughs)


[Kim Jae Wook] : Can you please say hello to your fans by doing an imitation of “Sung Shi Kyung”?

[Rain] : It’s already October 17, 2012. I’d like to thank all my fans for their ongoing support. Unlike the initial forecast that I might not adjust in the army, I’ve fit in it, and more than one year has already passed since my enlistment. I’ll try harder from now on, and I’d like to thank the officials for arranging this wonderful occasion today.

[Kim Jae Wook] : I thought you were exiled to a far-off island like Napoleon. (laughs)

[Rain] : How could there be such sad music playing in the background? (laughs) It was as plaintive as a funeral dirge. (laughs)


{The edited version of the last broadcast Rain appeared on is played on the radio.}


[Rain] : It took place last March. (laughs). The year goes by so quickly. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already. You (Kim Jae Wook) will leave the army and I’ll last go on vacation after about six months. I’ll buckle down to work.

[Kim Jae Wook] : I should say so.


[Kim Jae Wook] : Today, a special feature on Rain has been arranged. I think we’ll have fun on the show today. Actually, I’m a big fan of Rain’s.

[Rain] : I’ve been a big fan of ‘Kim Jae Wook’ since I saw a movie called “Antique” starring him. I was enslaved by his beauty at that time. (laughs)

[Kim Jae Wook] : We must have a karmic connection from a previous existence. (laughs) {Don’t let KCM hear that – he might end up a little jealous. LOL! Just kidding, playa. – S. ^@@^}


[Rain] : Listener ‘Yilhang’, “I request Rain’s debut single ‘Bad Guy’. To say nothing of singing, he is good at dancing even though he is tall. His hair was straight at that time. Corporal ‘Jung’, do you remember it? You were having your hair permed, right?”

I hadn’t gotten a permanent at that time. My hair’s naturally straight. I had nice hair in my rookie days, but now I’ve had such rough hair since I was through hell and high water. (laughs)

[Kim Je Wook] : My hair has been rough, too. Our hair may go white soon.

[Rain] : Please consider ourselves lucky we didn’t go bald. (laughs)


[Kim Je Wook] : Listener ‘Who Am I?’, “I’ve became a captive of love since Rain won my heart by his debut song ‘Bad Guy’ in 2002. I request his ‘Bad Guy’.”

I really like this song as well. Not long ago I asked Rain to give me a remix version of the song, but I haven’t received it from him yet.

[Rain] : So pay in cash. (laughs) {LOL! – S. ^@@^}

[Kim Je Wook] : How much do you want to for it? (laughs)

[Rain] : Just kidding. {Just serve me} a meal someday.

[Kim Je Wook] : Sure.


[Rain] : Listener ‘Terri’, “I’d like to listen to Rain’s ‘Hip Song’. It’s exciting rhythm makes me go wild. Will you please give me a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Consolatory Train concert scenes?”

[Kim Je Wook] : Listener ‘VrisR’, “When Rain performed ‘Hip Song’ at the closing ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games before, many of those athletes danced with joy. The memory always haunts me.”


[Rain] : After years in society, at first I was having trouble adjusting to Consolatory Train concerts, but during the concert I felt a strong sense of responsibility towards my fellow soldiers anticipating a pleasant respite from their demanding professions. They were happy, and I enjoyed myself. Because we are all in the same boat for the time being.

[Kim Jae Wook] : I think so. I’d like to participate in the concert when I get a chance.

[Rain] : Singer Psy was supposed to participate in the concert lately, but he was late for the appointment for personal reasons. I wasn’t there at that time. They say Corporal ‘Lee Jin Ho’ had a child paged at intermission, but his comic words weren’t adapted to the atmosphere where the distracted parents ran looking for his lost child. ‘Lee Jin Ho’ said later that he didn’t know that the broadcast was live, and he just did as he usually did. His words might be misleading, but they were not intentionally misleading. It was said the child was finally found.


(Bad Guy & Hip Song)


[Kim Jae Wook] : Rain is seen laughing. (laughs)

[Rain] : What a surprise! (laughs)


[Kim Jae Wook] : What kind of songs do solders like?

[Rain] : They like exciting songs which have quick tempos, but they prefer sexy girl groups to such songs. (laughs)

[Kim Jae Wook] : I can understand why they are really crazy about all kinds of girl groups as ‘Chae Yon’ was a big time singer among them.

[Rain] : A long time ago I was unpleasant to my ex-girlfriend, but now I have come to worry over why I was so defensive. (laughs) Hmm… let’s move on to the next. (laughs)


[Rain] : Listener ‘Type B’, “Truly, Rain’s ‘Love Song’ is a beautiful song, and its melodious sound is pleasant to listen to. Recently Rain sang the song (instead of Hip Song and It’s Raining) because of his back pain. Soldiers were delightfully singing along when Rain sang ‘Love Song’ at the concerts. A dancing otter with a fish in hand, a parody of Rain’s Love Song performance, was driving the internet into a frenzy a couple of years ago. I remember it as clearly as if it happened yesterday. I request ‘Love Song’.”

[Kim Jae Wook] : It brings back many pleasant memories. (laughs)

[Rain] : I performed this song when we had a {talent} show after I was transferred here. (laughs) {Yeah, we heard about that early in the year! Ahahaha – S. ^@@^}

[Kim Jae Wook] : Your performance was very impressive.

[Rain] : It might well be so, but that is an episode in my life that I wish to forget. (laughs)

[Kim Jae Wook] : Recently private ‘Lee Jun Hyuk’ also performed the song at our talent show, even showing his naked upper body by lifting up his coat. (laughs)

[Rain] : I think he was better than I thought he would be. (laughs)


[Rain] : Listener ‘Julle’, “I think Rain’s song ‘Only You’ is more fantastic when I take the expressway. In particular, I strongly recommend you to listen to the song while you drive when the mountain is covered in trees bearing yellows, reds and oranges.”

[Kim Jae Wook] : Listener ‘Yun Jung’, “I always marvel that Rain could sing and dance at the same time during his ‘Only You’ performance. His physical strength {at running} two times a day, is surprisingly marvelous. Can you please tell me your secrets?”

[Rain] : There’s nothing I can’t do as long as your payment deposit is confirmed. (laughs) {Wow. LOL! You are so silly. 🙂 – S. ^@@^}

[Kim Jae Wook] : The renowned muscles of Rain’s upper legs are the source of his unlimited power.

[Rain] : No matter how hard I try I cannot get rid of the muscles on my upper legs. The more I exercise the more I get the muscles, I think. (laughs) So I’m trying to restrict exercise. (laughs) {I will just say YUM here and keep it moving. 😛 – S. ^@@^}


[Rain] : So I’m planning to swim every day so that I can stay healthy after I leave the army.

[Kim Jae Wook] : That’s a good idea.

[Rain] ; I’m good at swimming all kind of styles, Crawl stroke, Breast stroke, Back stroke, etc. but I’m not class enough to swim Butterfly stroke.

[Kim Jae Wook] : So am I.

[Rain] : Good looking and nice guys are not much at swimming Butterfly stroke. (laughs)

[Kim Jae Wook] : Really? But, actor “Gong Yu” is good at swimming Butterfly stroke. (laughs)

[Rain] : I’m good at all kinds strokes (except Butterfly), especially at Crawl and Breast strokes. {Once again, I’ll just say YUM and keep it mooooving. – S. ^@@^}

[Kimg Jae Wook] : I guess you swim well because you have a strong lower body.

[Rain] : It’s nice, I look sexy while swimming Breast stroke. (laughs)

{Okay, that’s enough. I’m trying to concentrate here. @__@ – S. ^@@^}


(Love Song & Only You)


[Kim Jae Wook] : Listeners have bombarded us with letters unusually. The present climate of the studio is really hectic because of Rain’s appearance.

[Rain] : I’m sorry to trouble you with this, but I think you have to learn the hard way sometimes. (laughs)


[Rain] : Listener ‘Simple Rain’, “I was hypnotized by Rain’s electrifying performances and intoxicating moves during a band version of Rainism. I request Rainism.”

3 guitarists used to play the guitars in harmony by writing a new arrangement of Rainism during my live performance. ‘Go Tae Young’, one of them, is especially plays well.

[Kim Jae Wook] : ‘Go Tae Young’ and I went to college together.

[Rain] : But, there is one problem. I’m planning to work with ‘Go Tae Young’ again after I leave the army, but he has to join the army when I leave the army. (laughs) He should have joined the army earlier. (laughs)

[Kim Jae Wook] : He’s so set in his own opinions that he won’t listen to what anyone else says.

[Rain] : He is that kind of guy as he is genius by constitution. (laughs) It’s the same with us. (‘Kim Jae Wook’ and me) (laughs)


[Kim Jae Wook] : Listener ‘Mon Cher R’, “Rainism is Rain’s most famous song as he makes people think of the song. But I heard that Rainsim song wasn’t almost the title track of his 5th album.”

[Rain] : At first Rainism received a poor reception in my pre-qualification tests, but when visual performances were added to it later, a more enthusiastic response was received. I’m not afraid to say that if I meet the expectations of women who want auditory effects and of men who want visual effects, I more than exceed {their} expectations. Like ‘Michael Jackson’ or ‘Beyonce’. And, like Psy. (laughs)


[Rain] : If Rainism wasn’t the title song, we would choose ‘Only You’ or ‘Love Story’ based on my true story as the next best thing. When I separated from JYP, I asked many composers to make my songs, but the songs they made did not meet my expectations. That’s why I wrote my own songs, and Rainism took one month to complete. I had come to create the song that could cause a symptom, the so-called “Rainism”.

[Kim Jae Wook] : Did you reach a satisfactory result?

[Rain] : Of course I did. The result was a huge success. The song reached number 1 on various music charts five weeks in a row. But, the biggest problem was whether or not I could stay alone because there was a two-year gap in my work story after my separating from JYP. During my two-year-long hiatus, I was filming ‘Speed Racer’ and ‘Ninja Assassin’ abroad.


[Kim Jae Wook] : Your figure was in good shape at that time.

[Rain] : If you (Kim Jae Wook) gain a little more weight, your figure will be quite similar to what I used to be. But, if you build up your body as I did it, the body cannot cope with sudden exposure to severe stress and your days may be numbered. As already noted, please consider ourselves lucky we didn’t go bald. (laughs)

[Kim Jae Wook] : I want to be like ‘Zinedine Zidane’ or Jason Statham if I go bald.

[Rain] : But our facial hairs don’t tend to grow as fast as they have. (laughs)


[Rain] : Listener ‘Simple Rain’, “I’ve been a big fan of Rain since I met him real live at a visual show in my middle school days. I request the song “How To Avoid The Sun” I heard in 2003.”

9 years have passed since then. I think she has been 26 years old. I have a fan who is the same age as me, and she’s been one of my fans since 1998 and been married with one child in elementary school. Recently I met her and her child when she visited me after I performed at a Consolatory Train concert. Then, I thought I would also get married soon. The time sure flies. {Don’t get excited, anybody. (and I do mean “anybody.”) “Soon” in Korean obviously doesn’t mean the same as it does in English. If it did, Baby Boy would have been married about five years ago. LOL! Just let that roll of your backs like water off a duck. – S. ^@@^}

[Kim Jae Wook] : The child will be 20 years old and we will be 40 years old ten years later.

[Rain] : The thought suddenly makes me feel so tired. (laughs)


[Kim Jae Wook] : Listener ‘Jarim’, “I remember Rain singing ‘How To Avoid The Sun’ to a guitar at an award show on TV in 2003, which was the emotional zenith of the night. I request ‘How To Avoid The Sun’.”

As far as I know, the song was a smash hit.

[Rain] : It was too difficult for a dance singer to perform such a ballad song by singing and dancing at the same time. A spark in my eyes had to be seen during my performance, like that of singer ‘Yu Seung Jun’ or ‘Kang Tah’, but it wasn’t seen because of my small eyes. (laughs) That’s why I used sun glasses and an unique stage costume to get a more visual effect, and they made a splendid and harmonious ensemble. I bought a leather jacket (used for a stage costume) at a vintage shop which sold ladies’ clothes in USA, and its price was $20 and was made in 1965.

[Kim Jae Wook] : I’ve been your fan since the song.


(Rainism & How To Avoid The Sun’ )


[Kim Jae Wook] : Our producer is praising highly on the song by saying , “Its lyrics have such depth and meaning.”

[Rain] : One day, JYP {spun a yarn/told a long tale} how the song was made. His explanations are always too lengthy. He said. “The sun means your girlfriend who has betrayed and dumped you. No matter how hard you try to set yourself free from her, you can’t avoid seeing her. How can you avoid the sun?” That’s how he got all the ideas for the lyrics of the songs. I admit JYP is good at writing song lyrics. When he wrote the lyrics of my songs, I thought he must be a genius.

[Kim Jae Wook] : I think it is not too much to say that he is almost a genius.

[Rain] : He must be a genius because he’s discovered me. (laughs) {ROFL! – S. ^@@^}

[Kim Jae Wook] : I wanted to hear that from one of your close associates instead of you. (laughs)

[Rain] : Sorry. (laughs)


[Rain] : Listener ‘#1426’, “Exactly 2,000 days have gone by since I and my boyfriend had our first date. Seems like only yesterday that he sang Rain’s ‘I Do’ song for me at our first event. The weather is getting colder and I hope you will be careful not to catch a cold, that I hope Rain’s back pain gets better soon. I request ‘I Do’.”

[Kim Jae Wook] : That’s great!

[Kim Jae Wook] : Listener ‘Jin Eun Ju-Eun Gu Seul’, “My younger sister is a senior in high school. She says Rain’s ‘Friends’ song is her strength when she is weak. Me too. I request Rain’s ‘Friends’.”

I am unfamiliar with the song, but I find that ‘Tiger JK’ participated in this song as a chorus singer.

[Rain] : A part of the earnings from the song has been donated to the needy through World Vision.


[Kim Jae Wook] : Listener ‘Newt R’, she often visits this site and posts her messages.

[Rain] : I know her, too. She is one of the more prominent names in the radio program site hosted by me. Her participation is very high. I really like this kind of a person. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Newt R’, “When I felt all alone in the world, Rain’s ‘Friends’ was my strength whenever I listened to it, and still is. I want to request Rain’s ‘Friends’.”

It turns out that many of my fans have listened to most of the military radio shows since I hosted a radio program. I’ve found out the truth by their fan letters to me. And, they like ‘Kim Jae Wook’, too.

[Kim Jae Wook] : Is it true?

[Rain] : It’s natural that my fans also like you because I like you.

[Kim Jae Wook] : I feel funny. (laughs)


(I Do & Friends)


[Kim Jae Wook] : It’s time to finish off. Thanks to many of you who have participated in this show.

[Rain] : Small gifts will be provided for ‘Jin Eun Ju-Eun Gu Seul’ and ‘#1426’.

[Kim Jae Wook] : How do you feel?

[Rain] : Good. But I’m not sure whether or not ‘Kim Jae Wook’ will host it six months later.

[Kim Jae Wook] : I won’t be here then. (laughs)

[Rain] : Can you visit here as a civilian then?

[Kim Jae Wook] : It will be possible only when I stay in Korea. (laughs)

[Rain] : Suddenly I feel terrible. (laughs)


[Kim Jae Wook] : We’ve had a very nice time.

[Kim Jae Wook] : This has been corporal ‘Kim Jae Wook’.

[Rain] : This has been corporal ‘Jung Ji Hoon’. Good night~ (laughs)


(Love Story)

~ by Cloud USA on October 18, 2012.

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  1. Jihoon loves talking about himself doesn’t he? *SMILES*…………….

    I’ll just say embrace the upper thighs baby boy, embrace the upper thighs. Lord knows many a Cloud would love to embrace them even if you don’t. *SMILES*

    Oh and the “I can do all kinds of strokes”……(*I’ll just bet you can my brotha….swimming be damned*). *SMILES*…………………………….


  2. LOL, Rain sounds like his usual talking about himself, but we love it. These guys are too cute together. I sense another bromance happening.


  3. @steohe
    ya…. i just saw Update [English Notice] RAIN THE BEST SHOW DVD Overseas purchase application name list and payment information
    and who i see their my name and your also check it out i am happy see my name list their now i just waitng for payment confirm by them and really set to ship to us ahahahhah


    • Yes, the have posted the purchase application list. And in English too. Wow. I’m impressed.

      I’m also glad to see the U.S.A. is well represented. Good job, Clouds!

      Terri :-}


  4. @STEPHE
    is our teri ???

    Rain] : Listener ‘Terri’, “I’d like to listen to Rain’s ‘Hip Song’. It’s exciting rhythm makes me go wild. Will you please give me a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Consolatory Train concert scenes?”

    ——- standing 8 hrs i imagine that very hurt i have back pain before and i know just standing or even seating for 8 considering hurt I DO agreed…. 😦
    sense Rain speak for his own WORD say he well be recovery fast i hope he tooking a very GOOD care himself esp his health as well and yes fan does worrier ….

    ——————— honestly I THINK he WELL i bet he well KCM well do anything just get Rain attention LMAO~ 🙂

    So I’m planning to swim every day so that I can stay healthy after I leave the army.___ really Rain that is GOOD idea and i would say YES i though he love swimming by the way ekekeke 🙂

    [Rain] : He must be a genius because he’s discovered me. (laughs) ahahahahahah………………..Rain u git me craking here ……..ROFL


    • LOL.

      Unfortunately, no that “Terri” listener wasn’t me. I was at work during the show, I believe.

      Although that was a great request she made, wasn’t it?

      Terri :-}


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