[fan cams][images] Revisiting May 2010: Rain and PSY make the grade.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

When Rain dropped in on PSY and Kim Jang-Hoon’s joint concert at Seoul’s Olympic Main Stadium (shortly after Rain’s performance that evening at KBS’s charity concert), everybody pert near passed out, and you just knew something was afoot with those two “comedians” in the same place. And indeed, the fans in attendance got not only a Rain performance out of this world, but some PSY hyung fun that kept us all (and Rain) laughing for days.

» To see lots of images and an additional fan cam from PSY’s concert, you can visit our previous post from May 2010 HERE.

» To see Rain at KBS’s Love Request charity concert, before he rode across town and invaded PSY’s stage, you can visit our previous post from May 2010 HERE. His voice, during “Love Song”, will give you chills.

(fan cams courtesy of B4marie1 @YT)

(on KBS turf)

(on PSY’s turf)

~ by Cloud USA on October 2, 2012.

4 Responses to “[fan cams][images] Revisiting May 2010: Rain and PSY make the grade.”

  1. LMAO!!!! Oh Psy, man you’re hilarious!! Rain couldn’t help it, he started laughing even though the song is supposed to be serious! Lol!!! Rain looked absolutely stunning in this video! OMG love, love, love that suit, the shirt, the cufflinks ahhhh when he starts to take his clothes off, my heart starts beating faster! I don’t know why!! Lol!! 😀


  2. hahahah Psy is crazy but they are so funny together! What a gangnam style hahahah!!!


    • i know right !!! ekekekekke 🙂
      they are so crazy i very love PSY he so sunny very have such a character in him i wish how they can do at lease one MV together that must be so hilarious to see ahahahah i am actually watch PSY gangnam style & RIGHT NOW ekek i thinking buy his ALBUM i want to dance to gangnam style look so much fun hey….. sexy ladies …


  3. So hot and elegant Rain! 😀


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