Cloudy Day: Fan art, inspired by Rain.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Corporal Jung JiHoon/Rain and PFC Kang ChangMo/KCM for Speeding Instinct on Friends 96.7 FM radio! Penciled by artist Nao. Posted by raimy on The Cloud Photo Board.

Moonlit Rain Bi x2, by mang0l0v3r @DeviantART.

Thinking Rain by MoonAlissa @DeviantART.

Rain 2009 Birthday Tribute, by bluebunnyRAFI @DeviantART.

Rain Bi… Rejection, by zlatvic @DeviantART.

~ by Cloud USA on September 30, 2012.

7 Responses to “Cloudy Day: Fan art, inspired by Rain.”

  1. I love the art and the beautiful inspirations that make with the image of Rain. They are talented and this is a wonderful gift…..WONDERFUL ♥


  2. amazing!! i wish i could do that too


  3. He’s a good artist thank you for sharing it’s a beautiful art


  4. wowowwo Nao so amazing
    by mang0l0v3r @DeviantART.———-> OWOWO !!!
    so talent i very them all it so nice and beautiful work


  5. wwwoooww que bellas imagenes !!! GRACIAS POR COMPARTIRLAS !!


  6. You artists are fantastic!!! You all do beautiful work, Such talent


  7. Amazingly talented artists!


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