[interview][MBLAQ check] MBLAQ on BNT News: Biggest mountain to climb, singer Rain? (9/26)

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Loved this interview. Our talented baby boys have grown up well, and we are so proud of them. (Our source: absolutemblaq.wordpress.com)


TRANSLATION:  afrah!@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.

Interview #3: HERE

3 years since debut, MBLAQ had gathered to announce information next month under the topic of bubbling popularity rather than a sharp increase in popularity. MBLAQ’s latest interview with bntnews “Though it’s been 3 years since our debut, we still wonder if we can still climb the huge mountain that is Rain. Before we debuted it felt like that, even now it’s still like that” they said humbly. MBLAQ’s knife dances and overflowing charisma in the world of popular idols truly is appealing. Idol singers’ individual and group image branding is very important. It’s not about different members divided to be in charge of different things such as acting or gags but the fact that one person can show these different skills is essential.

From head to toe styling and an interview during a broadcast would either be win or a loss to the group’s image. At present, K-pop is bubbling. Since years ago artistes had took upon the task of glocalization and this is why junior artistes enter the industry easily. MBLAQ, however, survived solely on contents of Southern undiscovered aspects. These guys made it amongst other male idols primarily due to the ‘German Asian Music Charts 2010-2012 Special Top 20’ with Mona Lisa ranking at #1. ‘This is War’ of course clinched the 5th position. ‘Mona Lisa’ especially, was in either 1st or 2nd place from August to December last year, and even ranking 1st this year in January proving their immense fame. In this chart included other K-pop idols such as Big Bang, 2NE1, SHINee, B2ST who all too had favorable ranks.

Not forgetting, recently from the opposite side of the world in Brazil, our nation’s idols had appeared on their television. MBLAQ had never wavered to a bad path and neither had they taken a step back but instead they showed their close-knit camaraderie, not even leaving out one member, which is still evident now.

We received insight from each member. Let’s see MBLAQ’s 7 honest answers to 7 questions.

Q. [Scenes in Movies] MBLAQ’s favorite kiss scene? ‘Kissing in the rain’ with a lover

(Photo source: Stills from the movies ‘Notebook’, ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Titanic’)

Mir: A kiss scene? I don’t particularly like kisses. (haha) If I had to choose from the list of movies I would say from the movie ‘Notebook’. Next would be ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The third would be from ‘Titanic’.

G.O: (When watching the scene from ‘Notebook’) “Personally I’m not so sure about the emotions during kisses in the rain like this. I’d like to try a kiss scene in the rain though”
I would place ‘Spiderman’ in the top spot as the scene was very unique. Second would be ‘Titanic’. The pose seemed like only people in love could do it. I watched this movie when though I couldn’t since I was a minor. (Laughter)

Lee Joon: ‘Spiderman’ would be first. Second ‘Titanic’ and third goes to ‘Twilight’. The actor really portrayed a spider really well which made the kiss scene exciting to watch. In ‘Twilight’ the scene was like the actors facing each other normally then falling in love during the shoot. (haha)

Seungho: I too found the kiss scene in the rain very pretty from the ‘Notebook’ so that’s first. Second would be from ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The scene in the movie was very pretty. The third would be Titanic.

Cheondung: First is Spiderman. Second is ‘Titanic’. Third would go to ‘Twilight’. The lead couple in this movie seemed like they were very compatible.

Q. [Ideal Types] Mir’s ideal type “Rather than Kim Tae Hee it’s of course SNSD’s Taeyeon nuna” 

(Photo Source: Stills from ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Dark Night Rises’)

Mir: No one from the list is my ideal type. I’m only for SNSD’s Taeyeon nuna. “I don’t have a second place” There’s no one but Taeyeon nuna because “her face is pretty and her personality is really nice, everything’s good” (Laughter)

G.O: For me, Kim Tae Hee. I like girls with angelic styles. “I believe that girls should really be feminine” That’s why I don’t like hippie styles. Secondly, it would be Megan Fox. She was really charming when I watched ‘Transformers’. Third would be Anne Hathaway. When I watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ it left with lingering emotions.

Lee Joon: Kim Yuna the figure skater. “I personally like oriental people” (laughter) The fact that she works very hard in whatever she does and endures through the hardest times is very good. Also though she’s at that level, she very humble and I believe that’s the most charming aspect.

Seungho: I like Olivia Hussey. No one else is my ideal type. When I first saw her I thought “She’s pretty” (laughter)

Cheondung: In first place is actress Anne Hathaway. Second is Megan Fox. Third would be Kim Tae Hee. Personally it’s not that I like sexy styles, but not long ago I watched the newly released movie ‘Dark Night Rises’. Anne Hathaway’s concentration and tough persona made it even sexier. The third is Kim Tae Hee. I believe she’s universally everyone’s ideal type.

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