DramaFever: You know you’re a Cloud when…

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

ROFLMAO! Yep. You’ve got us pegged.

Big thanks to CloudUSAer RaRa (a.k.a. Robin) for the tip on this cute bit of fun. 🙂

(Source credit: DramaFever @Facebook)

~ by Cloud USA on September 27, 2012.

12 Responses to “DramaFever: You know you’re a Cloud when…”

  1. Love the picture, it is so funny and so true….my brain definitely has a one track mind. LOL! My younger son laughs when he comes into my woman cave and see all the Rain stuff….my husband just rolls his eyes and backs away. AHAHAHA! Yep, he’s definitely #1 on my desert island list.


  2. Thank you Stephe for posting for me. My daughter sent that picture to me. Ladies I am with you, I get the silence treatment from my hubby. Too bad Rain is the man


  3. LOL!


  4. What makes me laugh is that my hubby every time meets an Asian and finds out is Korean, he starts saying that his wife (me) is a fan of Rain.


    • LOL! I’ve said this before, but when my hubby sees an Asian…any Asian usually male, he’ll say “there goes your people” or he’ll say something like “I know you’re ‘lusting’ after him” but then goes to my closet and proceeds to pull out item after item and then says….”but who bought you this and this and this and this?”……LOL!


  5. Yess that’s true!! LMAO!!! My hubbie gets jelous too but he knows that Rain is thousands of miles away and the probability of me getting to actually Know Baby Boo is like 0.00001% so he’s ok with it. He knows that Rain is good for my mental health so he gets the benefit of having his wife in a good mood. 😀


  6. Ok


  7. Yes this is true and lucky for me that I’m not married nor do I have a boyfriend. SO TAKE ME NOW!!…..Jihoon!! lol kekekeke


  8. You are so right Bia!!!!! My husband is actually jealous of Rain 😍. Unfortunately for him, I found out about Rain before I met my husband so he has just to deal with it!!!!! 😉


    • LOL!! My hubby gets a little jealous too at times (although he would NEVER admit to it). Even so, I try to keep my “Bi zaniness” to a minimum. He knows I like Bi, but he’s the ultimate #1 in my world. (SMILES)


  9. See, somebody’s really trying to get us married Clouds in trouble. I plead the 5th!


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