[article][interview] Rain: “You can cheat on me for two years.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Kekekekeke! What a character he is. 😉

Lordy, as I recall, » our cheating on Rain with Jay Chou kinda/sorta happened during one of our weaker moments, and we TOTALLY blame Jay… *wink* I also recall Terri alarming somebody on Twitter, before Rain went into the military, when she was over there gettin’ her K-Pop-Idol-on and staunchly standing by her right to cheat if she wanted to. LOL! Go, Terri! And a few days ago, I kinda/sorta went on a SHINee/HoMin video binge, yes, on my Twitter… ahem…

But hey. Does not matter. Rain knows and WE know what the score is. His boots are the only boots in our foyer. It says CLOUD USA on this here marquee for a reason. 😀

Do enjoy this article, dear fans, written with information from a Celestial Movies interview transcript with Rain. ^@@^


K-pop superstar Rain wowing fans on stage at his last concert before his army enlistment in Seoul last September.

AsiaOne Showbiz 9/22/2012 — by Tan Key Yun, The New Paper

You can cheat on me for two years

Any act of betrayal is traumatic, hurtful and emotionally draining.

But K-pop superstar Rain, who is going through the South Korean equivalent of national service, has magnanimously given his legions of supporters the go-ahead to fall in love with other idols during his temporary hiatus from showbiz.

“I will let you cheat on me during these two years,” the boyish-faced 30-year-old singer-actor told his Singapore fans, in an interview transcript provided by Celestial Movies.

“Just make sure you come back to me when I’m back from the army.”

Rain is widely recognised as one of South Korea’s most successful and all-rounded entertainers.

He had sold-out concerts in 2006 at New York’s Madison Square Garden and roles in Hollywood action flicks Speed Racer (2008) and Ninja Assassin (2009), and he was at the peak of his career when the call to serve the nation came.

He donned the green uniform last October and is now in the midst of completing his 21-month national service, which is compulsory for all South Korean men.

This was his first interview with local media since his concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in May 2011.

Fans who are curious and worried as to whether their beloved poster boy is adjusting well to the regimented, rigorous life of a full-time soldier, can be reassured that he is doing more than just fine, Rain said.

“Serving the army is my solemn responsibility and it is my honour to be able to become part of the military,” he said.

“I always get to experience new stuff and I’m happy when I manage to overcome challenges.

“My life as a singer, from 2002 up to the moment I started military service, is Act 1. Army life is Act 2… I look forward to Act 3 of my life when I am discharged.”

The heart-throb who is known for his nifty footwork and jaw-dropping six-pack abs has definitely not been lazying about as part of South Korea’s military personnel.

Performing for army

He performed at the Black Eagle Air Show at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport earlier this month, reported Chinese news portal Sina Entertainment. The event was a celebratory event for the Black Eagles, the air force’s aerobatic flight display team.

“They (the Black Eagles) were awarded at an international air show in Britain in June. I’m extremely proud of them,” said Rain.

Last weekend, Rain also sang and danced at the 9th Korea Defence Daily Comrade Marathon, which was attended by more than 5,000 soldiers and members of the public, reported Hong Kong’s Singpao Daily News.

YouTube clips of that event showed him in his army uniform and cap, being mobbed by reporters and photographers, and also singing and dancing onstage.

His hectic schedule comes after he was “appointed the publicity ambassador of the Military Manpower Administration”, said Rain.

“Aside from my daily duties, attending orientation ceremonies for newcomers has become part of my work.”

» You can read the rest of this article and see it in its entirety on the AsiaOne Showbiz site HERE. ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on September 25, 2012.

35 Responses to “[article][interview] Rain: “You can cheat on me for two years.””

  1. OMO, my list is getting longer………how could I forget Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon from Vampire Prosecutor (seasons 1 and 2)…………….LOL


  2. Oh dear!

    It looks like the cheating is worse than we thought! :-}

    Yo, Ji-Hoon! You’d better get back as quickly as you can, so you can get rid of all of these fellas who are trying to steal your Clouds away from you. (But not right NOW, ’cause you’re in the hospital and we want you to rest and recover well…)

    Terri :-}


    • Terri,

      Jihoon does need to hurry back to us cause I need to get my raingasm on lmao..but his healthy is more important to me then anything, so yeah he better rest up and recover cause its going to be one hell of a ride when he gets back kekekeke 😀


  3. I’m currently cheating on Rain with a bunch of Kdrama actors: Song Joongki, Jung Illwoo, Lee MinHoo, Lee Minki and Joowoon are all keep my bed warm until my ultimate bias returns.


  4. well, I guarantee the people who have encouraged us to cheat (yes, I said people=more than one)—Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin, Xia Junsu, Lee Byung Hun, insert your choice here ________—will be receiving “Dear John” letters on or about July 10, 2013! Everyone of ’em will be kicked to the curb when Big Daddy gets home! bhahaha


    • Ahahaha, you got THAT right. My dear Oh JiHo… I have truly enjoyed those killer dimples of yours, and honestly there are none like them, but yo, Rain is Back. Rain is coming down and it won’t stop. Gotta run. It’s been real. Love, Me. 😛

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Stephe, I wasn’t aware of Oh JiHo by name, but I knew him (in my mind) as DIMPLES from Fugitive: Plan B. When he and Rain are sitting at the table in the restaurant flirting with the ladies…0:14 below…OMGoodness! New addition to the list : Oh JiHo (written in BIG letters….with a red crayon)


        • Gurrrrrl, I was all over that in CHUNO. He had long hair and was swinging a sword too? Oh, hell to the yezzle!

          (And his name is really easy to holler. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, JiHo dear… you’re killing me, son.”)

          Stephe ^@@^


    • (*Scene is set*…… A tall figure in silhouette appears like an apparition. Then as the figure in silhouette starts to sing…..at THAT moment….reality hits like a ton of bricks!!……….*queue music*)

      “How I’ve waited for this moment to be by your side, your best friend ran and told me you had teardrops in your e-eyes…yeah….Daddy’s home, your Daddy’s home to stay-ay…yeah, yeah, yeah…Daddy’s home to stay…I’m not a thousand miles away….Daddy’s home to stay”)

      For me:

      Dear Lee Min Ho
      Song Joong Ki
      Micky Yuchun
      Lee Byung Hun
      You lovelies are all wonderful and it’s been real….BUT…..like Vicki says Big Daddy will be home in a few months. You “gots” to go….so sorry.


      • Dang BiA, now I have to add Micky Yoochun to my list! I had already watched Rooftop Prince, so why, why, why did you suggest SungKyunKwan Scandal? His intense looks and regal demeanor got me…………gurrrrllll, yes! BTW, 2nd viewing of Masquerade was Sunday, 5:50 pm showing…..LOL #missingBigDaddy


        • LOL! See…..Micky is one of those cuties that’ll “sneak up” on ya. It was definitely Sungkyunkwan Scandal that made me go….”oh well, well, well….SMILES. It’s also where I became aware of Song Joong Ki for the first time too btw.

          Masquerade…..(*sniffle, sniffle….jealous*). I wish I could see it again. Oh well, this one will be on my dvd wish list for sure. (SMILES)

          Now, if you want a little “modern day” Micky….check out pics from his High Cut magazine shoot. (*just scroll down and enjoy*)


          Below….the 2nd pic in Nature Republic ads….Beautiful (IMO)


          Now, does he have a body like Big Daddy?….in a word “no” But, Micky has his own brand of sexy, which I have definitely come to appreciate. SMILES……………………………


  5. Baby Boo is my #1 forever and ever! But since he’s in the military, well, I’ve being checking out kboys bands like JYJ, Big Bang, Shinee, Dalmatian, Mblaq, Super Junior, Exo K and Ukiss. Also some great kdramas’ actors like Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Song Joong Ki, Joon Il Wo, Kim Bum, No Min Woo and Lee Seung Gi. I’m sure JiHoon don’t mind! Kekekeke


  6. I know Rain has given his fans permission to cheat on him while he is serving the milittary. For me, NOT A CHANCE!!! Rain will always be my One and only, ring bologna (that’s a little private saying meaning can’t no one top Rain, he is at the top all by himself in my eyes). I will wait for his release in 2013 and I hope he does a concert in New York or Las Vegas. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA but he has performed in those cities before so I know he is familiar with those places, so I will travel to one of those cities when he comes back to perform. Rain please come to the U.S. (Las Vegas, New York), we love you.


  7. Hi, My name is Cherrie and yes I have cheated on Jihoon with a few different men (looks away), so don’t judge me!!…. LOL. I may have cheated on you boo boo but they will never have my heart like you do sugar plum :*…I love you Ji Honey (Hoon) 😀


    • ahahahaha! 😉



    • (*BiA acting as Cheaters Anonymous couselor*)……….

      “So Cherrie, please continue to share with the group about your cheating escapades. I’m concerned that you have ‘others’ in your heart competing with your affection for Bi. I’m concerned because I too am a ‘recovering’ Bi cheater myself, therefore I’ve been there….done that. Please group let’s give Cherrie our undivided support and send happy thoughts her way.”

      *Kekekekekeke*……I couldn’t resist!


      • Well couselor BIA, I have been watching alot of Kdramas and the korean men are looking very sexy to me but it has not been only them, there also have been some American men too like, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, LL Cool J mmmmm when he licks them lips..oops sorry flash back lmao….oh yeah and many more. As you see when these men come around I offen have to tell myself that Jung Ji Hoon is the only one for me and that no other man can’t have me..well God can!! (sorry Jihoon God comes first then you dear :D). I would like to know how can I stop this cheating? LMAO KEKEKE…BIA dear you made my night!! love you!!


  8. Hmm have I cheated? Never….well maybe I have been with a Lee Joon. But I think Bi fault for bringin MBlaq and introducing them, then asking us to support them so I’m just supporting Lee Joon’s um work 😉


  9. nope !!!!!!!!
    rain i won’t cheating on you …..awawawawaw …………… IS THAT CUTE…………what A precious Moment READING THIS !! ekekeke well. be honset i not the only one have rain in mind LOL…. i also like Jay Chou Jacke chan Peter Ho, Lamond,

    “I always get to experience new stuff and I’m happy when I manage to overcome challenges.
    ———ahahahah LOVE WHAT HE say…. IT THE TRUE !!!!!!!!!! that is him and is him!! who would know how challenge he can be this man strong and well be succeed what he do he excel everything he what can’t he do uh? amazing he is 🙂


  10. Nope I’m not cheating. I love all kinds of music and kdrama’s but its only JiHoon/Rain for me.


  11. Well actors……except for Micky….but other than that I’ve been “good”….Honest! (*crosses fingers behind back as she winks, she grins*)……….


  12. “Cheat” on you boo??…..well…only maybe a little bit. But….but….but it’s Only been with actors Sweetness. Lee Min Ho and Micky Yuchun and Song Joong Ki have been “calling” to me lately, but “Shawty YOUR the One, one, one………………….

    *Don’t say it Terri*……….you know you haven’t experienced my “cheese” for a while now. (LOL!!!!)


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