[ETA Eng trans][audio clip] Rain and KCM’s 질주본능/Speeding Instinct military radio show. (9/22)

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It’s time for the next installment of Rain and KCM’s need for speed! When an English translation becomes available, I’ll add it to this post. Thanks. Captain America and Gamma Ray Hulk, you’ve got the floor! LOL! ^@@^

(Source credit: 96.7 Friends FM / DEMA / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

120922 Friends FM 비 KCM의 질주본능 The Desire To Speed_Rain & KCM DJ.

[ENG TRANS] 120922 #Rain & KCM The Desire to Speed radio program. Translation follows the audio edit by Ratoka: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keVvKERocuM&feature=plcp

Source/credit: #Rain & KCM at Friends FM 96.7

English trans: 화니 / Tweaking: CloudUnite

Additional tweaks and asides: {Stephe ^@@^}


[Rain]&[KCM] : Rain & KCM’s “The Desire To Speed”!

[Rain] : They say that having a healthy & balanced diet, exercising moderately, getting lots of rest, and relieving stress are very important for a healthy life and longevity.

[KCM] : But, that’s difficult for most people to do.

[Rain] : Thinking positively is also one way of dealing with stress.

[KCM] : That’s just what I’ve been trying to tell you. Eojjeol! (A sort of “Oh my God!”)

[Rain] : Oh, no! Please don’t say such a thing. (laughs)

[KCM] : Sorry. Well, let’s get started!

[Rain] : Go go go go!

[KCM] : Listener ‘White Grapes’, “One day is really not long enough to enjoy the weekend break.”

[Rain] : I hope the time will go by quickly (so that I can leave the army soon.)

[Rain] : Listener ‘#2455’, “I’ve ended up buying food which is cheap when I’m out of pocket money.”

I think current prices are going up awfully fast as it is difficult to find cheap foods.

[KCM] : Food costs are very high outside the army; on the other hand, it is much cheaper here.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Candy Bar’, “I’ve lost my wallet and my valuables were in it.”

I hope you’ll find it soon. But I’ve never lost my wallet. (Note! He thought he had lost it once and tweeted about it. He found it again and complained of its smell. LOL His other dog had taken it.)

{Yeah, that was hilarious. » Someone was being doggone naughty that day. LOL! – S.^@@^}

[KCM] : Listener ‘#2214’, “Sometimes I want to go back to my childhood.”

[Rain] : I think trying to live in the moment is the most important. I believe we can live a fruitful life by starting living life (in) the here.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Love Rain’, “My wisdom tooth aches. I’m suddenly overwhelmed with sorrow.” (laughs)

[Rain] : I had 2 of my 4 wisdom {teeth} pulled at the dentist’s, but the dentist has not yet decided {if} the remains of the two other wisdom teeth need to be extracted.

[Rain] : Listener ‘When That Day Comes’, “Parents often make great sacrifices for their children. I thank my parents for their endless love.”

We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents.

[KCM] : The words “Parents often make great sacrifices for their children” truly touches my heart.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#3287’, “I really want to declare my love by gathering heart.”

[KCM] : I hope he’ll not hesitate to do so. And, please don’t be too discouraged even though he fails because the world is packed with nice men and women looking for their mates.

[KCM] : Listener ‘#6778’, “I’ve been prepared for a civil service exam, living alone in Seoul since I broke up with my boyfriend. It is a difficult and lonely time.”

[Rain] : There is a legend that I wept out my sadness for 24 hours when I said goodbye to my fans and friends.

[KCM] : I think Rain and I have all been there.

[Rain] : KCM, please don’t follow what I did. (laughs) I miss them so much. {Aw. We know, dude. We really feel for you, and don’t know how you bear it. That’s the truth. Chin up. Fighting! *hugs* – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : Listener ‘Ballet Dancer’, “I have no sense of direction.”

[KCM] : As people get older, they often get more and more forgetful.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Good Bye’, “I asked my mom to make gimbap. I was happy when I ate the one she cooked.”

[Rain] : Gimbap is best when I have it dipped in ssamjang.

[KCM] : It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

[Rain] : Me too.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Listen To My Heart’, “I almost study all night at the library because I’m job hunting, so I’ve been under a lot of strain. I hope I get a job soon.”

You may have a lot of stress at work even though you find a job.

[KCM] : I think this stress is a terminal disease to modern people.

[Rain] : KCM, what are you saying all of a sudden? (laughs) Please be sensible! (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Boundless Charm’, “I went climbing alone. I’m crazy about my hobby.”

We soldiers go jogging mornings and evenings, and I think it’s a great habit.


-Talk with Pyo Ju Yeol about music-

[Rain] : Welcome, Pyo Ju Yeol. I think it’s been a long time since we last met.

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : I guess you’re right.

[KCM] : I’ve regained my other half. (KCM is referring to Rain) (laughs)

[Rain] : But, KCM’s contribution comprises less than 20/100 of the total contribution. (laughs) Therefore I’ve become an essential part of this team. (laughs) I just want nothing but the best for myself. (laughs) {Ouch, KCM! LOL – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Pyo Ju Yeol, do you like to watch performances?

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : Of course I do. I like all kinds of performances.

[Rain] : What is your most memorable performance?

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : It was pop group ‘Wild Chrysanthemum’s performance.

(1) Singer Jang Hye Jin’s ‘Bad Person’

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : Jang Hye Jin has a powerful voice and outstanding singing ability. She is staying in the public’s good graces, quickly making her way up once again. She was a vocal trainer before her debut as a singer, and she went to the USA to study at {Berkeley} College Of Music in 2002 while working as a singer. Recently she even participated in the O.S.T. for the famous drama ‘Shiny’.

[Rain] : I think Jang Hye Jin’s unique voice and laid-back style are striking a chord among music lovers.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#4572’, “The song lyrics are pathetically touching. How nice to hear her voice!”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Maron Doll’, “There is an indescribable charm in her music.”

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : Listener ‘#9725’, “Her music brings back old memories.”

[Rain] : In my rookie days, I often saw her husband, who is at the helm of an entertainment agency.

[KCM] : She also has a wonderful personality and is extremely hospitable.


[Pyo Ju Yeol] : They are good singers and are very good at writing and composing songs. This album is to gain FTISLAND recognition as good musicians and composers.

[Rain] : I think they are so admirably equipped for their task as musicians.

[KCM] : Listener ‘#3012’, “This song makes me feel better.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘Gentle Breeze’, “I think they are good guitarists and trumpeters.”

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : Listener ‘#3782’, “It’s nice to listen to their new song after a long time.”

They even had concerts in Busan and Seoul’s Janshil on September 2 and 3, each.

[Rain] : It has been nearly one year since I had my concert last. I really want to have a concert again. {Really missing it, huh? Maybe you should get a quick tour in before Hollywood… And yes, I’m including the STATES in that.  – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : I feel the same way, too.

(3) One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : They are enjoying a tremendous popularity as they’re sweeping the awards, and have been a major force in terms of boy bands. They have sold over 12-million records worldwide.

[Rain] : The fact is that things that you could do in the past can’t now be done. But, they’ve made the impossible possible.

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : It is said their 800,000 concert tickets were sold out in 12 minutes.

[Rain] : I really envy them. I can’t hide my eagerness to have a concert. {You can take the man off the stage, but you can’t take the stage out of the man, heheh. We hear you, Hoonie. – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : This music produces a desire to go to the beach with my beautiful girlfriend while I’m driving a wrangler car with a hamburger in my hand, but then I cause a traffic accident. (laughs) This song is really great! {ROFL! What an image. Gives new meaning to Free Way. Come on and ride with me – Not. 🙂 – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Listener ‘Yellow’, “Listening to the song, I get excited.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘#2171’, “The contagious sounds of One Direction has me dancing in aisles.”

(4) The Script’s ‘Fall of Fame’

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : By releasing Celtic-style music, the band from Ireland has broken new ground. Also, they have much pride as musicians as they’ve even declined the offer of a big US entertainment agency.

[Rain] : It’s time to wrap things up. Thank you very much for coming in.

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : Time really goes like the wind.

[Rain] : See you next week.

[Pyo Ju Yeol] : Thanks. I’ll see you then.


[Rain] : KCM, I want to ask you just a little favor. Please don’t make noise while we are on the air! (laughs)

[KCM] : I’ll try not to do that.

[Rain] : Please take my words {seriously}. Ok? (laughs)

[KCM] : Ok! (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener ‘#8932’, “I won a gift certificate for free food. When I gave my parents a nice dinner using the certificate, they were very pleased. I’m going to often spend time with them, eating out.”

[Rain] : Listener ཮Dumplings, “In football, he is someone who never admits his shortcomings and doesn’t tolerate even a tiny mistake.”

That’s the way the cookie crumbles. (laughs) The World Cup will be held soon. I have something to tell you. I have good news for me… Well, I’m supposed to work on a large-scale project in 2014, so I think I can visit Brazil to watch the World Cup football match during the project. {Haha, Brazilian Clouds, be on alert! – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : I’d love to. {attend the World Cup match in Brazil}

[Rain] : Listener ‘Constant Mind’, “There was such a clamor from my baby nephew that I slept early and played with him.”

If I had a nephew {or niece}, I would dress him or her in hip-hop style clothes and take him or her to all the award ceremonies. (laughs) {And introduce him or her to the Media as Mini MC Thug Life or something-or-other, I’ll bet. ahahaha – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : I have four grown-up nephews, but they underestimate me. (laughs)

[Rain] : You should have been always nice to them. (laughs)

[KCM] : (Cutting him off when Rain is talking) (laughs) Listener ‘Adolescence’, “I guess I am going through puberty these days. I’m getting all steamed up about nothing. Will time solve the problem?”

Everyone goes through a stormy period of adolescence, so please don’t worry too much.

[Rain] : Our family’s fortune was on the wane during my puberty, so I wasn’t allowed to experience puberty. Just thinking about that time makes me feel sorry for myself. I was already forward for my years and never wavered from my desired goal at that time. I heard KCM was in the same situation.

[KCM] : However, I think I experienced puberty. I’m way off base? (laughs)

-Miss A & Mr. B-

[Rain] : Nice to meet you.

[Kim So Jung] : Nice to meet you.

[KCM] : It’s turned cold, hasn’t it? Kim So Jung, how do you maintain your health as a singer?

[Kim So Jung] : I try not to use air conditioners or electric heaters to protect my throat.

[Rain] : In particular, the heat from the dryer is actually very bad for singers’ scalps and skins.

[KCM] : Rain seems to know a lot about everything. (laughs)

[Rain] : Recently, I have a secret worry. KCM and I seem to be utterly incompatible with each other. (laughs) The very sight of him makes me sick. (laughs)

[KCM] : My mother is listening to this radio show. (laughs)

[Rain] : My father is listening to this radio show, too. (laughs)

[KCM] : No matter what Rain says to me, he is just adorable. (laughs) {LOL! – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : I like KCM, too, but I guess I can’t hide my feelings very well. (laughs)

[Rain] : By the way, recently it is not a surprise any more that actors make their own music recordings or that singers become thespians. Kim So Jung, what would you do in this situation?

[Kim So Jung] : If I get the chance, I would like to launch an acting career within the year.

[Rain] : I can help you to debut as an actress. {I’ll just bet you can. Kidding. Heheh. – S. ^@@^}

[Kim So Jung] : Really?

[Rain] : A military drama is on the floor. (laughs)

[Kim So Jung] : I’ll accept the offer with alacrity. {with willingness and readiness} (laughs)

[Rain] : Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. Starting work at the bottom of the ladder can lay the foundation for your success.

[Kim So Jung] : I’m in full agreement with you, Rain.

-Story 1 –

[Kim So Jung] : Listener ‘Ukulele Carol’, “I have a boyfriend, going out for three years, but I’ve never received even a little gift from him. Even though I always give him a present on his birthday, he just pretends not to know it. It’s my birthday. As if he didn’t know. Actually, I just want him to be always very considerate of my feelings. However, I really want to receive even a little gift from him.”

[Rain] : I used to be very good to my ex-girlfriend, getting her gifts regardless of our anniversary. The amount of gifts is not important, and I think that all the gifts exchanged between lovers have a lingering potency even though they split up and go their separate ways. (laughs)

[KCM] : I couldn’t make my ex-girlfriend feel happier and more abundant due to my hardscrabble life.

[Rain] : My ex-girlfriend was thankful for my careful attention. I think a present was not always good to her just because it was expensive.

[Kim So Jung] : Receiving small unexpected gifts can be a pleasant surprise to women. My ex-boyfriend couldn’t play the piano at all at first but he diligently learned how to play the piano and made it after all in order to please me. I was impressed by his sincerity.

[Rain] : I used to hand her a letter of love, singing a song of love. (laughs) You know what I’m saying? (laughs) I feel proud of myself. (laughs)

[KCM] : I thought listener ‘Ukulele Carol’s boyfriend might be financially embarrassed. {For THREE years? He could have even bought her a $1 bag of chips in that time, and sweetly fed them to her or something. Come on. – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : We have to know that the listener takes the view that how much he loves her is more important than money. I want to advise her to write a letter to him with her heart, which can become the major catalyst in understanding each other better.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Movie Lover’, “It’s the thought that counts, not the price-tag.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘#1104’, “She can ask him to buy her a gift using her childlike charms.”

[Rain] : But, it would be unrealistic and misleading to do so.

[Kim So Jung] : Listener ‘#6704’, “His kind word can move her deeply.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘Peach’, “As a woman marries a man expecting that he won’t change but he does, she needs to watch the guy more whether he is an OK person.”

If I get married, I can become a lot more domesticated. I really want my future wife to become the happiest person in the world. Actually, it is my entire life’s goal, and my family living a content life is the reason for my happiness.

[KCM] : Well..

[Rain] : (Interrupting KCM) (laughs) Let me read the next story. (laughs)

-Story 2-

[Rain] : Listener ‘The Stump Of A Pencil’, “I’ve dated with her since I dropped across her at the reunion in 15 years. I really want to marry her, but she wants to stay single forever. She (28 years old) is hanging tough so I’ve failed in persuading her to marry me. What can I do?”

Please don’t force her to make a decision. She can be far too young to get married, and I think time will solve the problem.

[KCM] : As a woman has a maternal instinct, surely she’ll want to marry and have a baby someday.

[Rain] : Just dating with her can make him happy, don’t you think so? (laugh)

[KCM] : You’re right!

[Rain] : Don’t you thing? (think so?) (laughs)

[KCM] : OK, don’t you thing. (laughs) {LOL! Silly. – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : I’d like to give the couple a piece of advice. Please love each other happily.

[KCM] : By the way, Kim So Jung, do you believe in remaining single?

[Kim So Jung] : Not at all. I really want to get married.

[KCM] : I can’t understand why there are such people who don’t want to marry in the world.

[Rain] : As each {person} has a different identity, I think we should accept diversity.

[KCM] : If they don’t marry, surely they’ll live to regret it.

[Rain] : (Interrupting KCM) (laughs), the next song is Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#5780’, “I’m sure she’ll dearly love to marry after she is 30.”

I think so, too. Women change their mind with the change of seasons, as they change their mind easily.

[KCM] : Listener ‘#7011’, “I think he should read her mind because she may be a two-timer.”

[Rain] : As time goes on, their friendship may deepen into love over the years and marry. I think he should let time shape {the situation}.

[Kim So Jung] : Listener ‘#2745’, “My mother wanted to stay single forever. She says that people change whether they decide to or not.”

[Rain] : I also change my mind many times throughout the course of a day as sometimes I think I like KCM; other times I don’t. (laughs) However, KCM is like a girlfriend to me. (laughs) I’m uneasy and feel something’s missing in my heart without him. (laughs)

[KCM] : I feel as if I have Rain watching over me. (laughs) So I’m also uneasy without him. (laughs) He has no equal as a hulk of a protector who can watch over me. (laughs) {Awww, y’all so s-w-e-e-t! *hearts and kisses* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ LOL – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : Anyway, I want to advise listener #7011 to give it some time.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Walnut Cereal’, “I believe that marriage would diminish me, reduce my options.”

When a woman gets married and has babies, it is hard for her to relax and take time for herself. As actually there has been a complete role reversal with the man staying at home and the woman going out to work in many marriages, they can shuffle the cards. I think KCM can take good care of his baby and do 100 percent of those jobs at home. (laughs) Moreover, he can chat with middle aged women. (laughs)

[KCM] : As far as chatting with middle aged women is concerned, I’m by far the best. (laughs)

[Rain] : I am too embarrassed to lift my head up because KCM really has a cool cheek. (laughs) He is like a middle aged woman. (laughs) He also likes to put his finger in others’ pie. (laughs)

[Kim So Kung] : I think KCM has a certain charm about him. (laughs)

[Rain] : His attractiveness is just due to his firm body. (laughs)  {That whole exchange was like… wow. *picturing  KCM’s finger in someone’s pie* O.O – S. ^@@^}

-Story 3-

[Kim So Kung] : Listener ‘Gallery Park’, “I have an unrequited love for someone older from my major department. He seems more interested in me and even does light petting romantically, but I’ve found out he has a girlfriend whom he has dated for a long time. I can’t decide whether to reject him.”

I think he is a low-rent guy. (laughs) He must approach her with bad intentions. (laughs)

[KCM] : In my opinion, he’s approached her on purpose since he heard a rumor that she loves him.

[Rain] : She’d better make a clean breast of it, and he must offer definite answers concerning whom he will date with.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#2074’, “Please put it to him straight.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Princess’, “If I were her, I would choose friendship, not love.”

[Kim So Kung] : Listener ‘Morning Bread’, “One-sided love is just unreturned.”

[Rain] : In my case, my one-sided love has come about as I’ve won KCM’s heart. (laughs) I wanted to tell this story. (laughs)

[KCM] : Rain, you are playing around with me, aren’t you? (laughs)

[Rain] : I mean, I hope we can be good friends as I really value him as a friend. KCM is a very nice guy and works hard, even at odd jobs. (laughs) He is older than me, but he has a big heart and has grown up fine. (laughs)

[KCM] : I feel terrible. (laughs) {LOL! – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : Anyway, I want to advise listener ‘Gallery Park’ to put it to him straight like me. (laughs)

It’s time to wrap it up. Thank you for coming in today, Kim So Jung. And, KCM, you’ve gone to so much trouble for me today. (laughs) Let’s wrap things up here for today.

Thank you.

[Rain] : Sharing your feelings with someone you trust can help you feel better. I hope you’ll have a nice day while being with someone.

[KCM] : Small gifts will be provided for ‘Gallery Kwon’, ‘The Stump Of A Pencil’, and ‘Ukulele Carol’.

[Rain] : This has been Jung Ji Hoon.

[KCM] : This has been Kang Chang Mo.

[Rain] : Bye!

[KCM] : Thank you!


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  1. I think the reason why Jihoon doesn’t want a son is because his son will get all the attention from the women cause he will look just like him lol…Now if I was the girl in the car with Jihoon while he is driving with a hamburger in his hand, I would so be staring at both of them trying to figure out which one I should nibble on first..kekekkeke 😛


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  3. [Rain] : KCM, please don’t follow what I did. (laughs) I miss them so much.
    ————–awawwa is THAT SWEETIE thing of rain word he miss us so much so do i miss him so much i just the ARMY FLY………….. fast asap i can’t wait for him discharge man !!

    [Rain] : I also change my mind many times throughout the course of a day as sometimes I think I like KCM; other times I don’t. (laughs) However, KCM is like a girlfriend to me. (laughs) I’m uneasy and feel something’s missing in my heart without him. (laughs)
    ——————ahhhahhahah LOL…. so that mean it confirm KCM your girlfriend uh?????? about me waiting for right here NOW!! NOW!! KCM …. be easy to rain or he kick u butt ekekeke *sigh* so silly u BOTH ekekek 😆


  4. Well, hmm Really Bi just ask KCM on a date, already..ahhahaha


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