[article][poll][mblaq check] Who is the real Rain 2.0?


Yahoo Philippines / eNewsWorld 9/14/2012 — By Nancy Lee | CJ E&M enewsWorld

[K-Pop Battle] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon vs. 2PM’s Junho

They’re both in two of the hottest K-Pop boy bands, and they can make any girl melt with their half moon eye smiles, but that’s not why MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and 2PM’s Junho are facing off in this week’s K-Pop Battle.

Not only do Lee Joon and Junho both have close connections to Rain, they are the two idol stars who are most often compared to the singer and actor.

We don’t want to take away from what Lee Joon and Junho have accomplished in their respective groups and on their own, but the Rain comparisons are what helped put these two in the spotlight way before they made their debuts.

So this week, we’re out to settle, once and for all: Who is the real Rain 2.0?

Lee Joon

Lee Joon may be driving the girls wild on stage with his shirt lifts as one-fifth of idol group MBLAQ and cracking us up on variety shows with his “bumbling idiot” character, but he entered the spotlight as an actor in the Hollywood film Ninja Assassin.

He garnered attention early on in his career for playing the younger version of Rain’s kickass character in the film. As a rookie actor, Lee Joon certainly had big shoes to fill, but Rain sure seemed to be impressed.

“Despite it being his first time acting, I think he did a great job,” said Rain of Lee Joon in an interview. “As an actor, his facial expressions when he acts are really good. I didn’t think he’d be that good. Because he was a child actor, I thought he’d be okay, but he did so well.”

Kicking ass one moment then wooing a girl in the rain the next moment? No wonder Rain was proud.


Before Junho made his debut with 2PM, he was known among the trainees as Rain’s look-a-like.

When we first caught a glimpse of Junho on the old school audition program Superstar Survival, we were shocked by the close resemblance. From the singing and dancing to Rain’s signature half moon eye smile, Junho, in his pre-debut days, could have easily passed for Rain’s younger brother.

They even talk alike.

See what we mean below.

Rain is excited. Junho is excited. And thanks to the YouTuber who put the above clip together, we’re excited.

Now, are you excited for this week’s K-Pop Battle? Hurry on over to the K-Pop section and vote!

~ by Cloud USA on September 14, 2012.

10 Responses to “[article][poll][mblaq check] Who is the real Rain 2.0?”

  1. oh yes of curse i vote for JOON
    he deserved that coz he bring hole nee level of razio character that what make me proud of him such good actor we know i very love the sword move on joonie he so good acting that part


  2. Mmmm this is too hard. They both look good!!!


  3. I voted for Joon.


  4. i alway be for Rain & Mblaq who so whatever is we here to supporting them matter fact i love Joonie acting skill he does did a good job on his talent action i think he should play another HOLLY WOODS with Rain again so that why he can be more EXPOSED to republic in U. S. but when come to interview Joonie please be claim and predsent yourself open ok !!!!!!!! but of curse he is the good actor known as little RAZIO ekekek i just love the style of Run u better Run… Run… Run that MV MBLAQ are so amazing why not give him another open door in USA uh ???????
    I JUST SO PROUD who bring mblaq to us i sure the BOY are loving their mentor of who give them a lot support an helping them with some SONG and raping ekekek
    i MISS RAIN wondering how he doing in ARMY ??


  5. I’m a Joon fan so I know what I am voting!!!!


  6. Joonie all the way baby! I think Junho looks like Bi, but I give it to Joonie because he SOLD Raizo’s character for me. It was Lee Joon’s portrayal of a young Raizo and all he had gone through that sold the Raizo adult character. Joonie made you feel the reasons why Raizo was the way he was. That to me was some damned good acting AND it was his first time too.

    Voted for Joon!


  7. me parece queel mas parecedido Junho!! voto por Junho


  8. Reblogged this on A Journey TO Rainism and commented:
    Although I am still picking up on the internet supper high way. I am thankful for cloud USA. They Know their stuff. Thanks for your hard work


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