[GIF][images] Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain About Town: R2B Mini Cooper! Haha. (Source credit: the official R2B movie Facebook)


Baby Boy’s got some “business going on in the back” there… Even as a soldier, he’s going to make sure he has cool hair, yo. We noticed it a while back, did you? Maybe one day, he’ll let us see it in its full glory. *fingers crossed* (Rain WCC Navy Band Concert Jeju captures courtesy of pollyanna)


JiWoo in the dark… JiWoo in the light… JiWoo on the run… JiWoo as your .gif. (Images courtesy of pollyanna)

~ by Cloud USA on September 11, 2012.

11 Responses to “[GIF][images] Rain check.”

  1. Can’t stop watching that last picture. Glad it repeats itself


  2. Ohh man I remember seeing that scene in the trailer of Fugitive and almost falling from my chair!! LMAO!!! I even had that pict of Rain in my cell phone as wallpaper, walking with that shirt open and all those perfect muscles showing. God have mercy!!! I showed that pict to all my friends and they were like O.O as soon as they saw it!! I had so much fun with it!! 😀


  3. Good Lord!!! That gif.


    • Yeah. I KNOW. !!!

      I about had a stroke. I think I deleted it two or three times by mistake before I finally found the “publish post” button. ahahahahahaha

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Brotha has one LONG torso. Lots of space between his navel and the buried “treasure.” Any other average joe’s pants would have had them “exposed”…on the next hard copy….Kekekekeke remember that show? How LONG does a belly have to be??? That damned stomach of his will take you on treasure hunt….for real. That waist band…..Good Gravy!!


      • Ahahahahahaha! Just spell it all out, yo.




        • Hey….look, sometimes you have to. It just is what it is. Now do you REALLY want me to spell it a-l-l out? I don’t think so……cause I can. We noonas and ajummas try like the dickens to keep it clean, but it’s hard out here for a “pimp” sometimes. It’s not my fault….He’s the one with his shirt all flung open showing the “V-spot” like it ain’t nutin’ honey. (SMILES)


  4. actually R2B Mini Copper are on their way to ship my R2B T-Shirt and i am at the door waiting for rain STOOD out that mini cooper and touring around in SEOUL ahahahahahh


    • pic 10
      OH GOD !! i would want to snuggle allover his lip nose and kiss him all day ahahahah :P)
      GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!! JIWOO the sexy bouncing chest body about to make my finger itching HOT HOT HOTTTTTTTTTT!! wait sexy sssssssss SEXY


  5. Kamsahamnida!


  6. cute gifs thanksss !!


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