15 Responses to “[Cloud USA] R2B Return to Base account: A Tale of Three Ajummas.”

  1. I L.O.V.E. YOU, S.T.E.P.H.E.!! ^^+


  2. That was so cool!! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Aww that was soo sweet of them!! Great account Stephe, thanks for sharing. I’ve only known two koreans in Puerto Rico. One is the owner of Tako, a korean restaurant and my korean teacher. Both of them were really nice to me, so sweet and hard working. My teacher is a beautiful young lady, full of wisdom, always a smile in her face and she worked really hard with me so I could learn the language. I couldn’t learn as fast as I wanted and for economic reasons too, I stopped going to class. I was so frustrated! But I learned other things from her cuz she talked about her life in Korea, their traditions, history, food, music and of course, dramas. It was an amazing time and I enjoyed it very much! 😀


    • You’re welcome, Mari. 🙂 And thanks for sharing the story about your teacher! From your description, I would love to know her.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Aww You would love her inmediately!! She’s amazing! Her name is Jian Lee, you can find her thru my facebook. You should see how she bows in the traditional woman’s way! I looked at her doing it and I was like O.O cuz she looked soo beautiful!! It requires iron legs, great balance and selfcontrol otherwise you’ll fall in your face! Lol!! She traveled alone thru Europe, USA and ended in Puerto Rico cuz she was working as crew in a boat that came from Florida. She’s single, paints beautiful portraits and speaks spanish, english, some chinese and of course Korean. She works in the computers department at LG in Puerto Rico. I would love to travel with her to Korea someday. That would be awesome!! 😀


  4. Thank you Stephe for sharing^^ maybe they are clouds and did not talk about it!!, hope we can meet for Mascarade!!


  5. @stephe
    u sure have good experience with ajummas i glad think turn nice and sweet
    I realized that, with the being loud, I could catch some their reactions. They were quiet when Rain came on screen for the first time, but chuckled and laughed at his antics and those of his cast mates’ throughout the film.

    ahhahhaha that make me smile knowing ajummas is enjoy our Rain excited to watching is R2B Movies too i bet lose ladies must have got some fever back home with them ekekekekek *sigh*
    is that sweet of her gave a pack of Orion Gosomi premium biscuits. “For you. They’re are such comfortably friendly that what i like been around stranger but instead thy are nice to u just like i would welcome them and please to meet them too it very sweet of her really


  6. Love it! thanks for sharing Stephe, the ajummas you met seems to be really nice people, and I love to read how proudly they talked about Rain and how amazing he’s, lovely story! 🙂


  7. A beautiful story!


  8. LOL!!! Thank you for sharing, Dear Stephe ^^
    Today I read about R2B will be in Singapore on Oct 25, Malaysia will have R2B on October too. I hope I will get to see it soon!


  9. Love your account. I know you had a blast with the ajummas and got to see Bi a total of 5 times……SMILES!


  10. priceless! so funny! i had the same thing while filming our Fresh woman flasmob video. some korean tourist came and ask us, “do you know Rain? Really? How do you know?” etc. no wonder we call him as “world star” =)

    by the way, we still couldnt watch movie! i’m dying of curiosity!


  11. Ah ha ha.

    Hearing this story on the phone was precious, but seeing it is writing was even better.

    Thank you for sharing, Stephe.

    Terri :-}


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