Terri’s Take: PSY’s Gangnam Style

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Okay, okay.  I know the world has gone crazy over PSY’s Gangnam Style and that there have been more articles about that one song and its success lately than there have been Beliebers tweeting about Justin.  So, right about now, you’re wondering why in the world I might want to write another article of my own on the same subject?

Well, because for all that has been said about PSY and his scrumptilicious song, there are still a few things that haven’t been said.  Like what, you ask?  Like the fact that although people all over the world have been philosophizing over and dissecting that song ad nauseam, they have been forgetting the most important point:  PSY himself.

Which brings us to my first point:  Who the hell is PSY? And why does he matter?  Well, he is a South Korean rapper and he matters a lot.  To me, he does anyway.  What matters even more is his recent success in the U.S.A. and what it says about my peeps here at home, which is that there may be some hope for them on the international music consumption front after all.  I know that may sound a little harsh and judgmental, but from where I’m sitting, as the co-founder of Cloud USA and the Chief Editor of hellokpop.com, it’s not judgmental at all.  It’s realistic.

Apparently, most people in the West, particularly in the U.S.A., live in an odd isolationistic bubble—a bubble where popular entertainment and culture from other countries simply does not exist.  For that reason, until the Gangnam Style music video hit PSY’s YouTube Channel and American celebrities started talking about it all over the Internet, many people where I live had never even heard of PSY.  Friends, all I can say is if you didn’t know who PSY was before Gangnam Style became a worldwide hit, then you really need to get out more.

We live in a global society, and we live in that global society whether you like it or not.  We are connected to other countries in more ways that the average American citizen would care to admit.  When the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 hit, it resulted in the total collapse (and bailout) of large financial institutions and downturns in stock markets across the entire world.  It was a global financial crisis, not a local one.  When OPEC raises crude oil prices, our gas prices in Atlanta, Georgia are affected.  Via social media like Twitter and Facebook and using services like Skype, we can talk to neighbors and friends not just down the street, but also in Asia and Europe at a moment’s notice.

Yet, even in this advanced day and age, the entertainment industry is still using mainly local marketing methods to peddle its wares and consumers are still in the mode of consuming only what feels safe and familiar to them.  I have my reasons as to why that is still happening—much of it having to do with territorialism, the intrinsic nature of capitalism and marketing and corporate greed, but I don’t want to wander away from the main point of my article.  So, I’ll just leave it at that for now.

My point is that while most of the rest of the world’s music consumers have spent years not knowing who PSY was, South Korean music fans knew very well who he was.  Well, of course they would, you might say.  They would know him because he is from their own country. While that may be true, how do you explain the fact that if you ask any music fan in South Korea who Rihanna or Justin Bieber or Usher or Katy Perry is, most of them are at least going to know who those artists are—even if they may not be familiar with all of their music?

The problem is you can’t.  Frankly, neither can I, because personally, I just don’t get it.  I am a person who loves the world-at-large so much that, even though I am a proud American, I have still spent much of my adult life learning other languages and studying other cultures.  My parents raised me that way and I have raised my children to be of the same mind.  So, my boys frequently listen to music from around the globe on their own, without my coaxing.

The problem is not all Americans are like me and my family.  And you know what?  That’s really sad.  Why?  Because to me, really living means escaping the artificial boundaries set by prejudice and ignorance and stepping out and exploring a world that is larger than myself and my own country.  The idea that only music, art, and or culture from my own country is worth listening to, looking at, or appreciating is as ludicrous to me as is the idea that people of a different race, religion or national origin are somehow inferior to me.  It’s just plain stupid.

Which brings me to my next point.  Will PSY’s success in the U.S.A. last?  My answer is:  that depends.  If PSY is willing to continue his career as “court jester,” then he will likely do very well here in The States.  Why?  Because people of other countries who are funny aren’t threatening.  If he ever tries to step out of that mold, though, all bets are off.

Which brings me to my final point.  What made Gangnam Style so popular?  The main reason that people here in The States like Gangnam Style has very little to do with the symbolism or social commentary.  No matter how you slice and dice it, the main reason people are loving the song so much is because PSY is really funny in the song and the song itself is just plain fun.

It is fun for me, a K-Pop lover, who has been a PSY fan for years.  It’s fun for my son’s girlfriend’s teenage brother who, for some reason last week, couldn’t stop himself from watching the video over and over and over again and driving his family crazy.  It’s even fun for PSY himself, who is enjoying one hell of a run here in the United States with this thing.

All I can say is I hope PSY’s run lasts a long, long time—and not for any other reason that simply because he deserves the attention.  For many people in the know, PSY is a smart and talented musician whose music deserves to be heard and appreciated not just by people in South Korea and Asia, but also by people everywhere.

There are a lot of other artists across the world who are similarly deserving.  Like Rain, for example—and BoA and The Wonder Girls and 2NE1 and Se7en—some of the other Asian artistes whom have been working so hard to break into the U.S. without much success to date.  So, my hope is that with the success of Gangnam Style, perhaps some of the people who liked that song will be more receptive in the future to other Asian artistes.

Oh well.  A girl can dream can’t she?  :-}

Just for fun, here’s MY favorite video of Gangnam Style.  It’s PSY performing the song at his Summer Stand Concert in August 2012, in Seoul, Korea.  What a crowd!

Terri @CloudUSA :-}

Sources: KBSWorld, PSY’s YouTubeMTV

~ by Cloud USA on September 10, 2012.

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  1. @Lotus,

    I just looked further into the Tiger JK incident. The following article is pretty and worth a read I think. I think Tiger’s anger was justified. He could have used a cooler head, but he was still justified in being pissed off.


    Also, this article speaks to how the world of K-Pop is taking the Gangnam phenomenon. Some are happy, some are fearful. Again, I think it’s another interesting read.


    Both these articles touch on the comments/points I was trying to make on this post. The bottom line is Bi will have a tough row to hoe when he gets here, but if he’s willing to work hard and do what he has to do I think he can make some headway against at least some of the deep-seated stereotypes against Asians.


    • pretty *good*


    • I’m glad you saw these and you posted them. ^_^ girl there is so much I could say but won’t . Hell if their using step and fetch it in regards to the president of the united states still I’m hoping the Koreans know just what to expect in general I mean JiHoon. And I’m not saying any more cause I’m feeling a little blush coming on and you know what I mean.


  2. Email is acting up! Ugh….>_<

    Anyway, BiA, Bruce Lee was not taken seriously that's why he went back to Asia to make movies and only after his death and last movie, Enter the Dragon because he died before Game of death was finished. But still I feel anger when I remember how he was treated in hollyweird. Bruce Lee (RIP) was the MASTER! And a very intelligent, talented man that died before his true genius was recognized….smdh.

    White hollyweird is threatened by gorgeous Asian men. It's so political! As Rain4flowers said unless they play a fool their just to threatening for Hollywood.

    But I have all faith in JiHoon that he will stand his ground and command respect. Hell if he doesn't I'm going to send him one hell of a letter. Hahahaha
    All jokes aside during his interviews I hope he screens the questions in advance after all he is on the same level as Will Smith or Brad Pitt just because his fame is mainly in Asia doesn't matter when it comes to respect and accomplishments. And for the the first year of his interviews he should have a translator just until he get familiar with all the tricks of the trade. So they don't make him look foolish in anyway. And hopefully his politeness won't stand in the way of someone getting out of pocket. Because its not bad manners to correct a rudeness.


    • One other thing the Psy backlash as already started for some who follow tigerjk on Twitter you know what I mean. Not all Korean men are going to jump up and down and play the fool.
      Nothing personal against Psy, but out of all the Kpop music isn’t Not so funny which song as stroked Americans?


      • Honestly, I’m not surprised that this is the one song that has caught the attention of Americans. It’s “age old”…..it’s how the mainstream is. It took some kid (IMO) watching that video a gazillion times on YT for it to be noticed. But American kids are always looking for something they deem silly/funny/comical to get a rise from.

        Now, because of it PSY is seeing a popularity over here that he probably never contemplated. I just hope he can take the momentum and parlay it into another hit that is not so campy. I have to admit, I am not completely familiar with his music, so I don’t know if “campy” is his normal thing or not.

        What plagues Asian artists trying to cross over is what has always plagued ethnic entertainers in general. There is a certain segment of our population that goes out of it’s way to “tone down” ethnic sensuality/sexuality. Sexiness/sensuality is something that simply comes natural to us. There’s a “fear” of it by some. As singers, many a Afr-A artist has had to “tone down” their song delivery, because it “puts off”, “scares” some people. However, once again it comes natural to us. When, the mainstream decides to let us in on the “trade secret” that is the reason why they “fear” ethnic sex/sensuality/sunday-go-to-meeting style singing, I hope I’m still alive to get the answer.

        I would tell you my true opinion, but this is not the proper forum for it.


        • BiA,

          Psy’s usual style is actually–well–a little psycho. In other words, he’s crazy as hell. But he’s also really smart. Remember he is a rapper, so his work is real and gritty and sometimes unnerving to listeners. (And actually really cool to Korean youth who like rap and hip-hop.) His work would likely be considered very tame here in the U.S., but in Korea he is considered so rebellious that every album he makes usually pisses the Korean government off in some major way. Which makes the fact that Psy is THE Korean singer who had become a global sensation even funnier when you think about it. That is also one reason PSY seems so amused by this whole phenomenon. LOL. Frankly, I hope he’s laughing all the way to the bank. :-}

          While Gangnam Style is funny and strange and sarcastic, it is actually not the best work on his most recent album (Psy’s Best 6th, Part 1). My favorite on that album is actually “Never Say Goodbye,” which features Yoon Do Hyun. I also really like the title track, “Blue Frog,” which features G-Dragon. (Note: a Blue Frog in Korea is a rebel, someone who is known for not doing what he/she is told. The term comes from an old Korean fable about a blue frog who finally does what his mother tells him to do (when she dies) with disastrous results. The fable says a lot about human nature.)

          I have been a fan of PSY’s just about as long as I’ve been a Rain fan. He was one of Rain’s friends and colleagues and was mentioned several times, and so I looked him up and found I liked his work.

          I truly wish him all the best and hope his run lasts a long, long time.

          Terri :-}


          • Well, I’ll have to check out PSY’s music even further. That’s what makes it even more cool that PSY is the first one (maybe not the first one….I don’t know) to go “global” out of Korea on this kind of grand scale. It’s cool because he’s Bi’s friend and the U.S. will be “ripe” for the picking by the time Bi gets out of “jail….umm…the military….*SMILES*….tongue in cheek people….tongue in cheek.

            Anyway, the U.S. will have gotten used to seeing all these Asian faces. Remember the next movie out of the American movie making box is “The Man With The Iron Fists” starring Lucy Liu, Rick Yune and Russell Crowe. A Quentin Tarantino production with Rza (of Wu Tang fame) debut directing (*I can’t wait to see this movie*). So, really Bi will be coming out at very much the right time.

            I know the American music and movie scene goes through cycles of what they deem “hot” at any given time. Right now seems to be that time for Asians or at least we are coming upon that time. So Asian artists out there wanting to cross over and what not……you better make it. Because Bi will “shut it down” when he gets out……as in he will be THE one America will fall in love with. That’s a wrap. Case closed. *SMILES*………………………………….


    • Oh Lotus, one more thing. I’m sure Bi will be as careful as he can during interviews and I’m sure his handlers will try to screen what they can. However, always remember even though Bi is HUGE in Asia and Korea’s world star, in the U.S. he is still in affect a “rookie.” Many Americans will see him as a newbie to the American film/entertainment industry, so he can’t go around being too cocky and making too many demands or it will be over before it gets started for him. You know how we Americans do. Americans believe in “paying dues” and he will have to pay some on the American side. Some people may be mean and rude and condescending to him at first but if he can endure the bulls__t, I think he will really surprise some of us “hard to please/snobby” Americans.

      I don’t worry too much about him though. He’s proven to be a “tough cookie” and he will just see it as another hurdle to jump over. He will also go into “I’ll show them” mode too. You know how Baby Bi is. Given the right opportunities, he WILL prove he is talented and one to be respected for it. I have absolutely no doubts about that. I for one can’t wait to hear his English again. He did say he was practicing while in the military now, as well…did he not? (*can’t remember, but I think he did) So he IS getting himself prepared and ready. So don’t worry too much about him. Besides, he has his Clouds backing him….Korean and American alike. *SMILES*……………………..


      • Girl I think I know you well enough by now to know your true opinion, hahahaha…..and on that we are on the same level.
        Your right JiHoon did say he is still practicing his english and American business. It’s just I still remember what happen before and how rude they were to him and it really hurt my feelings and pissed me off. I’m not worried about JiHoon handling himself I know he’ll be fine I just know how dirty they can be over here. Also I don’t think its cocky for him to screen questions actually I think its just good business sense. And with JiHoon’s good looks and great personality I have no dought he’ll win over even the worst of them. It’s just me, I do worry to much.


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  5. PSY is a hit even in Puerto Rico!! Lol!! He’s making puertorricans speak Korean! Is amazing! To say the truth, I didn’t know about PSY till Gangnam style became a hit but I’m really happy he made an impact in the american market. I think that Psy made it cuz he’s funny and mostly cuz he fits in the stereotype americans have of an asian man. He’s not a threat so they accept him like they accepted MC Hammer with Can’t stop this or the macarena, etc. I hope Psy gets all the spotlight he can get from this cuz it probably won’t last. I hope I’m wrong and I would love to see the american market opening up widely for kpop. At least kpop is getting recognition, that’s better, I mean, we’re getting somewhere! If Kpop keeps getting attention, eventually it will become part of the mainstream culture. I’m seeing more asians in marketing promotions and that’s good! The more we see asians doing daily life stuff in ads, the easier it will be to see them doing the same on the big screen. I know in movies is gonna take some time cuz Hollywood plays it safe, they’ll keep giving asians the “action hero parts” or “Geeky/funny parts” till they find an asian man or woman who gets enough attention or become a money maker by himself. You know, I feel hopeful that Rain can be the one who breaks the myth and becomes legend. 😀


    • Hey Mari, I’m with you. It would be nice to see K-pop go mainstream, but like I said in one of my earlier comments American arrogance is going to be a tough “nut to crack.” As much as I hate to say it Americans, as things stand right now, will not accept K-pop sung in Korean….they just won’t. Those of us who like it will, but Korean artists will have to perfect their English skills and put out K-pop/R&B in English. If you think K-pop artists will have it bad, think about K-R&B…..this is when “street/hood cred” is involved.

      Vanilla Ice….remember him? American rappers “ripped” him a new @hole, because he wasn’t considered an authentic hip-hop artist at the time. Of course several years later Eminem comes along and suddenly he’s accepted. Why? since both are Caucasian rappers. IMO, Americans want to feel a certain level of authenticity from any artist that comes on the scene. If Americans feel like somebody is just a carbon copy of someone else they won’t accept you. It really does boil down to a “feeling.”

      I’ll give you another example, Teena Marie….remember her? She was a Caucasian singer, yet Afr-A accepted her music from day one. Why? IMO, because they felt a certain level of authenticity coming from her and also a true appreciation for the culture her music came from.

      K-Pop/R&B artists need to fully understand this before they try to break into the American market. (1) Their English skills must improve…..(ex: listen to singer Se7en) I know it sounds harsh, but that’s just the truth (2) Americans must feel a certain amount of authenticity coming from you and a TRUE appreciation of the culture the music comes from (3) Try not to be so “cookie-cutter”…..another problem is that the American mainstream will by in large see K-Pop/R&B artists as carbon copies of what we already have/listen to here.

      Having said all that, if anybody…..ANYBODY can navigate this entertainment “mine field” Bi can. I do think he’s the right Asian male for this time right NOW. He will make his way into the movie scene and then slip a couple CDs (English) on us after that. I just have a sneaking feeling. Sorry for the long comment. You know me. (SMILES)…………..


      • Yep, you’re right! It all comes down to have good luck, a unique style and good timing. That’s the beauty and the tragedy of the american market, that sometimes people with real talent gets nothing while others, with poor or no talent at all gets the spotlight. I think Rain can do it cuz he’s creative, he know how to work an audience, he has the charisma and the perseverance to achieve anything he puts his mind into. 😀


      • BiA,

        Somehow I missed your comment when I wrote my article. I actually came back here because the article had been linked to another blog and I was curious as to what it was. And that’s when I saw your comment.

        With regard to how a K-Pop/R&B artist might break into the U.S. music market, I think your three points are valid.

        The biggest sticking point for Rain, though, is his English. Seriously, he is great at English pronunciation in his songs, but that’s not going to get him through promotions here in the States.

        Which brings me to my second thought. Promotion. Not a single K-Pop artist or Korean Entertainment event has ever been properly promoted here in the U.S. Not one. I don’t know if it’s because the acts don’t have the right connections or if it’s just a money thing. I know that promoting an artist here in The States costs a ton of money. And you also have to know the right people to even get a shot at the big time.

        Does Rain have those connections? Um…maybe. I don’t know. He has connections in Hollywood, for sure. But will he be given the chance to show what he can do? I’m not so sure. Which makes me a little sad.

        I think Rain could do it if all of the planets aligned correctly. But will that ever happen? Who knows?

        All I can say is Cloud USA will be here regardless. At least all of you Clouds can count on THAT. (Well, at least while Stephe and I are around anyway. I guess at some point, we may be too old and decrepit to carry on, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. :-})

        Terri :-}


        • Terri,

          Speaking of promotion of Korean artists, I think it’s going to be really interesting to see how they promote PSY when he releases his upcoming English single in the U.S. Apparently, he has said it will not be an English version of Gangnam Style but it will be another song entirely.

          It will be interesting to see how his management and U.S. promoters treat his new found fame on this side of the ocean. Will he be able to move the Korean wave forward? or Will they treat him as just another novelty act?

          It seems the U.S. hasn’t been serious about an Asian entertainer/actor since Bruce Lee….without that Asian actor being considered campy/comedy. I’m talking true bonafide, matinee idol, sex symbol type of magnetism. So I’m hoping the time has come again for an Asian male to be taken seriously as a serious “make-the-ladies-swoon-and-the-dudes-want-to-be-like-him” idol.


          • BiA,

            So far it looks like Scooter Braun is going all out with PSY’s promotions here. He is everywhere these days. I’m actually more curious as to what PSY will do as a follow up to Gangnam Style. That has got to be daunting, eh? LOL.

            I’m with you in hoping that the time has come for an Asian male to be taken seriously in U.S. Entertainment. I guess you know who I’m hoping that Asian male will be, huh? LOL.

            Terri :-}


  6. Oh I have one more point then I’m done…..I hope. (SMILES) The American mainstream will only begin to change its views with regard to accepting artists from other cultures when demand to see/hear those artists is created. Case in point, this blog/fan site for Bi. This is the only way. Also, doing what rain4flowers did by emailing radio stations and calling them to the carpet on their “ish”…(way to go rain4flowers). Unfortunately, in this country demand has to also translate into “greenback” for the entertainment establishment. They’ll get behind Satan himself if it means making money. Sadly, that’s the nature of the “entertainment beast” also.


    • Actually, BiA, you are right. But even e-mailing and calling radio stations sometimes won’t help if the radio station is used to getting money under the table to promote musicians’ wares.

      Everybody in the industry knows that promoters frequently “pay” radio stations (in gifts as well as in money) to add songs to their playlists and even to keep songs on their playlists longer. However, it has been going on so long that people just take it for granted and very little is done about it even though, “technically,” it is illegal (except the radio stations’ attorneys are usually good at finding legal ways for them to accept gifts, etc.) Here are two articles about the situation:

      http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/top-403.htm (Don’t miss the link for the Joint Statement on Current Issues in Radio at the bottom of the page on this article. It is intriguing reading.)

      Film promotion is a little different in that almost all of the promotion done for a movie is paid promotion and everybody knows it.

      So, I guess the bottom line is really this: If Rain really wants to make it big in the entertainment industry in the U.S.A., then he’d better make sure his English is impeccable and he’d better be prepared to fork out a helluva lot of money (for the first 5 years at least).

      Terri :-}

      P.S. So, yeah. Now you know why you keep hearing the same damned songs on the radio all the time. Because most (not all, but most) of the DJ’s are getting “paid” to keep them on top of their playlists.)


      • Yes and it’s ridiculous. It gets to the point sometimes, that you turn from one station in hopes of hearing something different only to hear the same damned song playing At The Same Time on another. At that point, I just turn the radio off and play my own CDs.

        I have heard of the ole “payola” before so I am not surprised even a little bit. I’m about to check out the links you provided in this comment right now.


  7. Quote from Miss Terri: Which brings me to my next point. Will PSY’s success in the U.S.A. last? My answer is: that depends. If PSY is willing to continue his career as “court jester,” then he will likely do very well here in The States. Why? Because people of other countries who are funny aren’t threatening. If he ever tries to step out of that mold, though, all bets are off.

    On that note I felt the same hearing the local popular radio station bring up Psy. I felt that they were somewhat thinking K-Pop was a joke. That is why I emailed in and let them know that K-Pop was serious with serious singers. They actually listened and put a little bit of Rain on air as they were curious as to who he was.

    I think while other countries are hip to American music and its quite popular there the U.S. is not opening up to other countries and their popular artists. Makes me shake my head.

    But well said Terri!! I hope for Psy’s continued success here as well and I hope that the U.S. does not take him for a fool. ^_~


  8. @Terri
    I AGREED what u said all you have your poin of view and u know what i am with on this as well i am NOT person who to BIAS on any ARTIST but i have thank RAIN for it why???
    here why FIRST i have no CLUE of SPY but i watch his v show love note 2010 that what bring new atetion who SPY is i start to enjoy his MV DANCING and move an his style are so funny which good way get thousansd of fan


    • geseeeeeeeeeee
      they even show this TEENS REACT TO GANGNAM STYLE and let them watching and next questionnaire well u know USA learn how be HOOKED by something u have see it and know open to some new K-Pop !


  9. AMEN!!


  10. Terri, excellent article. You make awesome points and you hit the nail right on the head as they say. I am one of those “got to get out more often” type (lol!). I only discovered Kpop this year.
    Have to admit that I only heard of Psy thru Rain on the radio show and if those shows didn’t get translated to English I would not come to know of the many artists they talk about. So many Thanks to everyone that collaborates in the translations.
    Once I started to watch Kdramas a whole new world opened up to me. You are absolutely right there are some really talented artists with amazing voices in So. Korea and all around the globe. Even in the USA there are super talented artists that deserve to make it in the music industry and don’t. Without naming names, sometimes it makes me go uhmmmm! why did this one make it and this other didn’t who is just as good. All you need is a HIT song and then it spreads like wildflowers.
    We just need to keep spreading the word!
    Many Thanks for all you do.


    • @Toni, I have asked myself the same question at times. The entertainment industry is a funny thing. Marketing goes a long way in that industry, but the question is…why do some artists get marketed out of the “hoo-ha” and others not? I’ll use Britney Spears and Tamia as examples to make my point (I’ll say upfront…no disrespect is meant to those who are Britney fans). Britney IMO is not that great of a singer, but the entertainment marketing machine “rev-ed” up after “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and it was off to the races for her. Tamia IMO is a much better singer, her voice is smooth like silk. Ballads are her forte (check out “Loving You Still”, “Stranger In My House” and “You Put a Move on My Heart”) and she does uptempo well also (“I Think I’m Falling For You”). This young woman has put out album after album with moderate radio success and no marketing machine behind her. Few even know of her and I think it’s a colossal waste of amazing, Amazing talent. Just blows my mind. Would we even be talking about Nicki Minaj if she hadn’t created this black barbie doll persona that, once again, has a marketing machine putting her on every magazine cover? It’s also about an image the “machine” feels it can create and market as well. The “machine” has to find a niche market to “sell” it’s artists to and once it does, that market gets bombarded. Meanwhile, the “plain jane” artist who just wants to sing and maybe do a small concert tour gets stuck at the back of the line but is probably the artist with more depth and talent. Go figure.


  11. I had a really long profound comment earlier but then the computer started playing tricks and wouldn’t post it. So I’ll just say this. I hope PSY is able to parlay his song’s success into something long term within the U.S. market. However, I have a sneaking feeling that this song while catchy and fun and a definite party starter will probably be put into the same category as “Macarena”, “Whoop There It Is” and “Come on Ride The Train” to name a few and sail off into the sunset.

    Acceptance/non-acceptance of artists from other other cultures outside the U.S. is directly correlated to the kind of exposure to other cultures ones has at home. I was exposed to other cultures from an early age. Through books (great grandma was an English literature teacher) then films and television documentaries. Then as I grew up, my father’s own interests opened up my young mind even further to other people, places and things outside of my cultural bubble (African-American). It gave me and appreciation of other cultures without even being really aware of it. It made me curious. I’ve had appreciation of the Asian culture from the time I was a small child. Listening to music from other cultures is not strange to me either.

    American arrogance is going to be a hard “nut to crack” when it comes to the mainstream culture accepting PSY and other Asian artists. Why? Well, IMHO is boils down to the age old belief in stupid stereotypes and keeping one’s self blind to the possibility of actually being to see Asian artists as sexy and entertaining without them having to act like the “class clown” in order to make an American audience feel comfortable. AA have struggled with this too….for MANY years. Everybody loves Will Smith..the comedian but when the Will Smith’s of the world drop the comedy routines and take off the shirts and show the glistening 6-pack abs with a come hither stare on the movie screen then there’s a collective…..”Uh Oh.” When ethnic men/women want to entertain and show and be sexy it makes the American mainstream uncomfortable. When will they become comfortable? who knows….still waiting to see.


    • Hear, hear, BiA!

      Awesome comment. And I agree totally with you.

      I tell you two of my favorite movies of Will’s were The Pursuit of Happyness and I Am Legend. What an awesome actor he is. Whew.

      Terri :-}


      • Although, great grandma is looking down right now “cringing” at all my typos. Sorry, I was typing too fast trying to remember everything I wanted to say. SMILES…………………


        • The movie where Will Smith blew me away with his performance was in Seven Pounds”. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.


          • I haven’t, Lluviakor3ana. I will look for it.

            Terri :-}


          • Yes, I’ve seen it. I think I’ve seen just about all Will’s movies including Bagger Vance. But, I just used Will as an example. My actual point is that the American mainstream is only comfortable with ethnic people on screen/on stage who appear “non-threatening” and this is just the truth. Ethnic sexiness/sexuality can “feel” threatening to those who haven’t experienced it under normal circumstances. The mainstream doesn’t know what to do with all that hip thrusting (SMILES)……..but Clouds do.

            For the record….for THIS Cloud, it would be nice to see some “honey-tinged” or “caramel-tinged” apple bottoms across the big screen at least Sometimes. I mean Kevin Bacon, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are good looking and all but personally I get a little tired of seeing “snowflake” apple bottoms on screen….you know. *Just Saying*


  12. He came to amercia to sing and I saw the news, they are non stopped talked about him PSY.. funny, one of news lady even dance like him.. he is popular here in america.. I knew him quite awhile.. he is good singer but I wonder if he have anymore new song, gee, I hope not he sings same song forever


  13. Im with you Terrie. Although I wasnt familiar with his music very much was knowledgable of him as a person. I agree fully with your take on his sudden success but I honestly hope that it benefits him and all other artists greatly. I was ecstatic when I saw 2ne1 on that Adidas commercial but its not enough. Not by a long shot for true Kpop lovers ^^


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