[info] Rain The Best Show Premium Limited DVD package for overseas fans.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As we understand it, fans outside of Korea and Japan will also be able to pre-order this DVD package. Efforts are underway at this time to provide a proper website for us to do so. Please be patient and wait for further details from the Powers That Be. Thanks!

~ by Cloud USA on September 10, 2012.

9 Responses to “[info] Rain The Best Show Premium Limited DVD package for overseas fans.”

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted! Can’t wait to get it. Also, looking forward to R2B on DVD!


  2. i hope it is for USA ordering and make easy for us too as what i mean in ENGLISH for example Yesaisia ect that would be AWESOME anyway i will wait for this coz i do want a copy as well it goo new to know they finally decided to give oversea some order thank god finally


  3. This is good news! Would love to get my hands on this. English subs would put it over the edge but I’m not picky!


  4. will that comes with english subs? I am not hurry, I can take time


  5. I can’t wait! hahaha Okay! I’m just joking! I hope we will have it!


  6. I’m just praying the shipping isn’t as crazy as those diaries were, I really would like to buy a copy of this DVD.


  7. I hope that an overseas cloud can reserve this DVD safely.(^▽^)


  8. Ok my dearest Stephe,we will wait^_^I am hoping i can order & to have that copy^_^Thank you for your information…


  9. thank you, Stephe! I will wait~ ^^


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