Do you know what this button leads to…

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

…in the official Cloud Community Fan Site sidebar? {*Edited to Add: Er, that’ s the long orange thing down the left side of the home page, by the way. Side. Bar. ^@@^}

Here’s a tip from Cuckoo, on the Cloud English Talk Board today…

Hello All,

Not sure if you [are aware of] the link in the front page of Cloud-Rain (the link below the RAIN official Homepage). The quotation book is posted there.  The book was actually prepared by a group of World Clouds few years ago.  They worked on this project for over 2 years.  Rain actually has an actual hardcopy on hand.  Now, the softcopy version is posted by Rainy Entertainment on this fans community website.  All fans might access the link without login.

Please check it out!  The book [does quote] all Rain’s words…this is a good chance to know more about him.



This Rain life/quotations diary contains several different languages, of which English is one. So what are you waiting for? Go CLICK the widget and read Rain in his own words, and enjoy. It is quite awesome!

(*NOTE: Clouds worked on this for a long time, put their blood, sweat, and tears into it for Rain, so please don’t abuse their work. I’m sure you know what I mean. Thanks.)

— Stephe /

~ by Cloud USA on September 7, 2012.

8 Responses to “Do you know what this button leads to…”

  1. I just spent almost 2 hours reading the book in depth..well..the english part of it anyway and I just wanted to say thank you for making such a wonderful book..for spending most of your free time on it..You guys are the best. I really felt like I got to know Rain better! Great job guys!!!


  2. Reblogged this on christina27b.


  3. the link so amaing all his


  4. ~all giddy~ I found it!!!


  5. I am about to loose my mind. Curse my inability to navigate this morning. Help!! Where is the wigit??


  6. thank you very much for all your work! Hopefully, one day this also in Spanish! a hug


  7. I just happened to find that link and the book yesterday believe it or not it looks great but I didn’t have time to read it in depth. I look forward to the opportunity. BTW there a Magnificent picture of Rain doing NAN in that book I about died when I saw it. It’s near the back I believe. (GASP)


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