[Cloud USA] New on the Block.

* NEWLY ADDED: As some of you are aware, RAINY Entertainment has begun providing a monthly schedule for Rain’s military activities so that Clouds know, for the most part, what’s what.

Today they posted a September schedule calendar—in Korean—on the official Cloud Fan Community site, which has since been translated into English by 화니. (This development is in its infant stages with tweaks to be worked out still, so let’s be patient with them and see how it goes.)

RAINY, we are impressed.

Here on Cloud USA, Rain’s monthly schedule from RAINY Entertainment, in English, will be posted right where it belongs—on our Rain On The Horizon page. Which brings us to the next bit of news…

* REFRESHED: Our Rain On The Horizon page, which is now TWO PAGES instead of one. Terri has separated it, to make the information more manageable for her and easier to read for you all. So, for the current month, please consult our Rain On The Horizon (He’s Coming) page, and for previous months, consult our Rain On The Horizon History page, which at the present time goes back some two and a half years, to Cloud USA’s inception.

Both of these pages are proof positive that our man never, ever, sits down.

Thanks, all. Until next time. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on September 7, 2012.

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