[quickie][clip] Look what we just shared on Facebook…

In this amazing Road For Rain (2006, in Cuba) dance break, Baby Boy was working it so HARD that he appeared to pull a muscle/pinch a nerve/throw himself out of joint. And you know Rain—he “don’t play that.” The show must go on regardless, until he gets it done and gets it right, and thanks everybody in the crew! ^@@^ Rain (bi)_Road for RAIN _Break Dance +BTS [the neck pain]. Courtesy of Rainrunway629 @YT.

~ by Cloud USA on September 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “[quickie][clip] Look what we just shared on Facebook…”

  1. Ayyyyyy I’m hurting for him!! I know how that feels!! I’ve had my share of neck injuries in the past and let me tell you it’s horrible! 😦 Rain’s perseverance is amazing, he’s so strong minded! I’ll probably be running to any chiropractor’s office nearby asap but not Rain, he stays until he’s satisfied with the video, thanks everybody and take photos! He’s unstoppable! My admiration for this man keeps growing every day!


  2. I was so surprised for this video,Rain never stop to amaze me, he seemed to have a lot of pain, and even so he tried his best, without matter all the suffering he was going through. He’s really an example of perseverance, a real inspiration.


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