[ETA update 9/5][article][images] Corporal Jung JiHoon/Rain in an exclusive interview. (9/1)


Nate News / 공감코리아 Sympathy Korea 9.3.2012 — [Compiled by and English translation by 화니 @The Cloud Rain News Board]

Rain In An Exclusive Interview

Corporal Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) posing in front of the F-15K he had flied in the film “R2B : Return To Base” starring him.

Corporal Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) posing in front of one of F-15Ks which are the most powerful airplanes in our air force.

They could not stop clicking the shutter at his splendid performance.

Corporal “Jung Ji Hoon” sending his greetings to the audience before his special performance.

World star Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) performed in public on the day when he was promoted to corporal.

Corporal Rain or “Jung Ji Hoon” put a special performance at “Black Eagle Show With The People” held on 1 September. He performed as a soldier, not as an entertainer, but his passion and the cheers from the audience have not changed over the years.

Rain’s starring in film “R2B : Return To Base” shot before his enlistment, provided an opportunity for him to perform at this air show. He showed a high degree of aerial action acting skill in the film, playing a fighter pilot who belongs to Black Eagle team and who flies a F-15K.

— Q & A with Sympathy Korea and Rain — (article writer’s remarks are in parentheses)

Q : Where do you belong? What have you recently done?

Rain : I’ve been fulfilling my military duty as a PR soldier belonging to the Defense Media Agency. That’s all.

(But they say Rain is still popular as more than 300 fan letters are sent to him per week.)

Q : “R2B : Return To Base” starring you, is now playing at the theater. What are the main points to ponder in this movie?

Rain : This is our country’s first attempt at aerial action film. Indeed, there’s often so much to take in.

Q : I’ve heard this movie is a remake of a 1960’s movie called “Red Muffler” which had become very popular at that time. They say this movie is Korea’s version of ”Top Gun”. What do you think about this movie?

Rain : Thank you for comparing this movie with Top Gun, but I think it is our country’s own aerial action movie. It’s a Korean aerial blockbuster.

Q : I heard you had received a G-test drill for the movie. Wasn’t it hard to be trained?

Rain : During the G test, a force that’s over nine times my weight was applied to my body. Actually, it was too hard to bear, but I felt rewarded after doing it.

(It is said he was the first ordinary person to do it in Korea.)

Q : This movie got 4 and 2.5-star ratings from the audience and critics, each. What do you think of the film?

Rain : I watched the movie when I had a vacation a couple of days ago. To make a long story short, that was a very interesting movie. Nothing in this world is perfect, but I’d like to give it four out of four.

Q : If you were to choose between “Black Eagles or “Air Wing”, which one would you rather prefer?

Rain : I like both of them. Soldier is soldier, does not matter whether I serve in “Black Eagles or “Air Wing” or the Army.

Q: Your flight suit went well with your sunglasses. Have you regretted not joining the air force?

Rain : I tried to join the air force, but one thing came to another, and the opportunity arrived for me to join the army. But it was never meant to hate the army.

Q: There are lots of PR soldiers in the Defense Media Agency. Is there anybody you want to model yourself after?

Rain : There is nobody I want to model myself after. I’ve been serving in the army in my own way. I’ve been getting along with Sgt “Park Hyo Shin”, Pfc “Kang Chang Mo”, etc.

(Rain seems to hate it when he is compared with someone. He is still a very conceited individual, despite being a soldier)

[*Stephe’s Note: And to that, I say this: When my son was a very young teen, I asked him if he wanted a Big Brother, so that I could get him into the program. But he didn’t want a Big Brother. He wanted to BE a Big Brother. And that’s what he did, mentor to younger children who needed him and helped them grow up. Not everyone wants to be led, and few people like being compared to someone else rather than being accepted on their own merit. To this day, my son marches to his own beat the same way Rain does, and does not appreciate comparisons. I don’t know where this person gets conceit out of that, if indeed that’s what they meant. Perhaps they meant proud; Rain is that, and he darned well should be. Some people want to examples to follow, and some people want to BE an example. All that is, is being human. Folks need to give that some thought. ^@@^]

[*Stephe’s Note 9/5/12: Since I posted this article, there has been some talk across the landscape about the article writer’s sentences in question (이전 질문에서도 느꼈지만 정지훈 상병은 누구와 비교하는 것, 또 비교 당하는 것을 꺼리는 듯 했다. 군인이었지만 스스로에 대한 자부심은 여전해 보였다) and, in particular, the word 자부심 (jabushim) or 자부심은 (jabushim-eun). There was concern that perhaps this was a lost in translation problem, and that the writer may not have meant to insult Rain. There were even a few other translations of said sentence offered. Example: “I felt it in my previous question that comparing Corporal Jung Ji-hoon to anybody else is a taboo. Although he’s a soldier, his self-confidence seems undeniable.” Example: “Rain seems to be uncomfortable being compared with someone. He is still very much his own person, despite being a soldier.” Example: ” Rain is a soldier now, but his self respect, self confidence is the same as ever.”

Which is why I pointedly said in my earlier note, if indeed that’s what they meant. Going from Korean to English and vice versa is very tricky because one word in either language can have umpteen different meanings, depending on context. It is nerve-wracking, and we are so grateful to 화니 for her hard work translating Rain news.

Some of the translations for the terms 자부심 and 자부심은 are: pride, self-conceit, self-esteem, great pride in oneself/ourselves, self-importance, self-confidence, high opinion of oneself, thinking highly of oneself, and self-respect. So, I’m afraid what this means is that only the writer and Rain know exactly what the writer meant here. With this information, you can all decide for yourselves what your own opinion is concerning the writer’s intent. Frankly, if Rain had not seemed as tight as he did to us, and the tone of some of the questions not been off-putting (I would think Rain not being in DEMA yet when “Cool Guy” came out would be common Media knowledge, for one example), we would have been less inclined to think anything of it. As it is, the human thing to do is give the writer the benefit of the doubt because of the language barrier, although, make no mistake, I do stand by my earlier note. ^@@^]


Q : Recently, the department of defence made a military music video called “Cool Guy”, and it was very popular with the people. You wasn’t asked by the department to appear in the video, so didn’t this offend you?

Rain : When the video was shot, I wasn’t in the Defense Media Agency yet. I was serving as a teaching assistant at that time. I think good soldiers such as Sgt “Park Hyo Shin” successfully completed the work.

Q : If enemy planes show up in the sky over Seoul like a scene from the film, what should you do?

Rain : If I were a fighter plot, I would fly a combat plane and fight with those enemies, but I think I should boost soldiers’ morales as I am a PR soldier.

Q : What will you do to do fine as a soldier?

Rain : I’ll do everything I’m obligated to do. Personally I’m eager to be promoted to the rank of sergeant like every other soldier. By having first hand experience of how hard soldiers have worked, I’ve realized their dedication is so admirable, and I’m so proud to be a soldier.

~ by Cloud USA on September 4, 2012.

13 Responses to “[ETA update 9/5][article][images] Corporal Jung JiHoon/Rain in an exclusive interview. (9/1)”

  1. Of course I disagree with this critic about R2B but I find it interesting he compares Rain to Tom Cruise. The critic wouldnt want to agree butTo me he gives Bi a complement. Progress? http://twitchfilm.com/reviews/2012/08/review—r2b-return-to-base.php


  2. Amen Stephe, Thank you


  3. Thanks Stephe. As usual, you go out of your way to make sure what we read is as accurate as possible, as well as making clear the intent behind what we read on the blog.

    It seems this article should be categorized in ye ole “mountain out of a mole hill” category. (SMILES)


  4. Well the interviewer can say whatever he wants but the truth is one and only one, Rain as a soldier is an example for every Korean man in or out of the military. He’s doing what is required of him without complain, he’s fullfillling his duty to his country and he’s showing that performers can be excellent soldiers too. What more you can ask? Jeezz I can’t wait for JiHoon to finish the military service and be on a stage were he belongs!


    • You know?

      Ji-Hoon could be the biggest and best super soldier the ROK Army has ever had in their entire history and it would never be good enough for Korea, I don’t think. If that idea is so frustrating for me, then you can imagine how frustrating it might be for him.

      Terri :-}


  5. BTW kudos to your son for being leader instead of a follower. Although there is nothing wrong with following someone else’s lead, especially if they are blazing an upright path. However, there are those who are ambidextrous enough to be both a good leader and a good follower (a true team player), even though it’s not an easy thing to do. Cause hey, there may be times when roles have to be switched. *IMO*………SMILES


  6. Dear Stephe!

    When I translated this interview from English to Hungarian, I was very surprised about the ‘conceited individual’ phrase too. In my opinion it is very impolite, and I thought it was only a wrong translation from Korean.
    First I translated it to Hungarian so ‘self-respecting individual’, but after I saw your note, I asked for help to understand the original korean version. The result was quite surprising:

    “I felt it in my previous question that comparing Corporal Jung Ji-hoon to anybody else is a taboo. Although he’s a soldier, his faith in his individuality (or: in himself) is unquestionable. (Or: Although he’s a soldier, his self-confidence seems undeniable.)” /These sentences are written in Super Formal level./

    So our Ji-hoon is still a modest and autonomous young artist and there’s nothing wrong with him. But this translation is really problematic and maybe an apology is needed to Rain and to the journalist.

    Of course this was only a little mistake. Many thanks to 화니 for her enthusiastic work. I am so very grateful to her many up to date information about Rain.

    Love Harudo11 from Hungary


  7. Thanks Stephe for sharing your thoughts in the matter. I was getting confused on who was making the doing the comments.


  8. Uh…I’m going to assume the interviewer meant that Rain is a “proud” individual despite being in the army. I would much rather believe that than believe this interviewer wanted to make a jab at Bi’s expense. But, you never know, the interviewer could very well think that Bi’s confidence is conceit.


  9. Congratulations to Jung JiHoon on becoming a Corporal, onward and upward to becoming a Sergeant now.


  10. Hi!, the Korean fans are really lucky as throughout the time Rain has been in the service they are still able to see him perform live from time to time. Can you imagine the possibility of going almost two years without any events, videos, pictures or news. I am extremely grateful as although I do not live in Korea we still have these amazing great dedicated fans who share so much. Thank You! The movie R2B was great especially the aerial action was thrilling, I have been reading some of the reviews and I do share same feelings on some of their opinions. I would have loved to have seen it one more time, I will definitely buy the DVD once it comes out. Overall all the actors including the supporting actors did a super job, I connected with all of them ( Eng subtitles) once they do their job its up to the rest of the producers, editors to make the movie into a huge success. About the interviewer comment above maybe it got lost in translation. I love this quote ” do not follow where the path may lead – go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” . I think this is exactly what Rain is doing and its admirable. Good day to all.


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