[ETA 9][images] Rain at Seoul Air Base for the R.O.K. Blackeagle Aerobatic Team air show. (9/1)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

» Our previous post on this event is HERE.

(Images credit: Yonhap News / News 1)

(With hyungs SooBong and SungTak. Images credit: Asia News Agency / 아시아뉴스통신)

(Image source: leebackgom @yfrog)

(Image source: Tomi / Rain_Angel @Twitter)

~ by Cloud USA on September 1, 2012.

9 Responses to “[ETA 9][images] Rain at Seoul Air Base for the R.O.K. Blackeagle Aerobatic Team air show. (9/1)”

  1. Great shots!!! thanks for sharing

    Listen up CloudUSAers, I found a the cutest person of JiHoon when he was a young man. I sent the picture to Let It Rain, because I do not know how to send to all of us.


    • We got them, Robin. Thank you.

      Yes, we’ve seen those pics. I’m pretty sure they are posted on the blog somewhere already. Have no idea where though. We’ve got a lot of material on the blog now. Again, thank you for sending them.

      By the way, did you know that you can post them on one of the threads on the forum yourself? Our forum is here: http://cloudusa.lefora.com/. Sign up as a member and then you can post them on the appropriate threads.

      Terri :-}


  2. This is the T-shirt “du-jour” I see. Hey, it’s pretty cool I must say.



  3. Oh yeah !!! Looking better,greater,glorious everyday………….undeniable . 🙂


  4. oh gosh hr so SEXY Z7 HOT here he just so STYLIST indeed……….. breath taking rain matter fact i LOVE OUTFIT baby boo u know what i love in right casual SO SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :P)


  5. Girls look how close they to the performance. Oh! How I wish I was there right in the front. Great pictures.


  6. Thank you so much Stephe^_^Well Rain always put his BEST effort for everybody…Good job RAIN & your the BEST!


  7. My goodness he looks soo hot!! Looking better every day! 😀


  8. wwwooowww cute pic !! thanks !! muchas gracias que lindo esta rain !!


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