[Eng trans][images][fan cam] 20 minutes with Soldier Rain at the Chuncheon Enlistment Eve Event. (8/13)

Compiled by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Our previous post with images from this event is here:

» [images] PFC Jung JiHoon/Rain at the Chuncheon Enlistment Event. (8/13)

(Fan cam credits: charlotte / rainlu @youku / ratoka20126 @YT)

(CLICK for larger view)

~ by Cloud USA on August 30, 2012.

5 Responses to “[Eng trans][images][fan cam] 20 minutes with Soldier Rain at the Chuncheon Enlistment Eve Event. (8/13)”

  1. Thank you so much for the translation :)!!


  2. He is very smart and, smooth indeed :). Winning a women’s heart over with just a little bit of inspiration, support, listening. With his charm no wander he is loved so much :). Love you sweet Rain ,my jung Ji he ha :).. Thank you for what you have done for me so far. I look forward to the future :).


  3. Thank you for sharing my question is now answered. I am happy as long as he is . Good job baby 🙂 Jung Ji you will always have people to fallow you because you have a shinning personality. I love you baby, your the best. Jung Ji Hoon , I can not wait for your release :).


  4. Reblogged this on christina27b and commented:
    I was hoping this would come out


  5. it good Rain keep friendship of meeting in his Army and give good advice to them that what i like about his always share his warm heart to other like best buddy and friend … i glad Rain keep his physical in shape and excise and keep that body in shape as long he are i am happy at lease i know Rain is type active and keep himself who he is want to be ekekekek
    i love what he said s
    still i planing return with Quality work and album once i complete the service ahahahahha that my Rain i looking forward oh yeah~~
    and yes he does feel bad for his R2B come out today but he could be at the PROMO i would feel the same way if that were me aha… Rain sure does Learn what going around him and he sure have a lot different experience from just being WORLD STAR that good actually i am impressive of that at lease what leaking him it what the true environment he learn .. LOVE what he said here too it lead u experience staring out the bottom and working your way to TOP actually it not easy to all mean and it took effort and point to deserved all this pride and i SALUTED rain for served his COUNTRY and son of Seoul.. and he grow as leadership and everybody should took that as advice look like some got LUCKY have some sweet and chocolate eklekekek happy for u Rain
    that all it took keep up the
    ENCOPURAGE rain love this interview he so smart and he sure know what to answer !! 🙂


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