[trailer][Seoul showtimes] KPop Cinema: Rain The BEST Show 3D movie trailer.

^@@^ [KPOP CINEMA] RAIN The BEST SHOW 3D MOVIE TRAILER. (Source credit: » www.kpopcinema.co.kr / courtesy of GregoryMovie @YT)

(Image Credit: The Pink Fashion Ninja @Facebook)

(Image Credit: www.kpopcinema.co.kr English page)

~ by Cloud USA on August 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “[trailer][Seoul showtimes] KPop Cinema: Rain The BEST Show 3D movie trailer.”

  1. since my wish came true for seeing R2B in the USA (per one of my earlier posts)—–here goes another into the universe! Perhaps we will be able to purchase Rain The Best Show 2011 on DVD at Christmas 2012 or the first quarter of 2013……#fingersandtoescrossed


  2. Amazing!! That concert series was epic not only cuz Baby gave his all, he left his body and soul in that stage but also cuz Clouds also showed the love for JiHoon in a spectacular way! So much so that he couldn’t take it and ended up in tears. A moment to remember forever!! 😀


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