[Cloud USA] Road Trip for Rain: On the hunt for R2B Return to Base in Atlanta.

Written by Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

Hi, Clouds and Rain fans! What’s shakin’ in your part of the world? Let me tell you what’s shakin’ in mine.

Ever since the Shot Heard Across North America (the wonderful news of Korean blockbuster R2B: Return to Base coming to select theaters in the U.S. and Canada) and the various R2B movie promotions for English speakers that have hit the Internet, we’ve been moving about in a fog of ecstatic disbelief. Truly, we did expect Rain’s film to make its way to our shores at some point, but never this soon, and certainly not outside of L.A. or perhaps New York City. That we’re going to get to watch Jung JiHoon/Rain getting his Top Gun-on in Atlanta, beginning this Friday, August 24 (along with 12 other cities, so far), though confirmed, still seems the stuff of wildest dreams.  But that didn’t mean I could just sit on my duff and wait around, oh no. I had to hit the road.

It was time for a (mini) Road Trip for Rain and R2B. Oh, yeah!

Round One. Video 집으로 가는길. The weather cooperated beautifully this past Saturday afternoon. It was gorgeous. So I hopped in the RainBuggy and took a leisurely ride out to Buford Highway, several suburbs over by expressway. It’s always a pleasure shopping at On The Way Home Video (Video 집으로 가는길)(jib-eulo ganeungil). It’s neat and clean, and stocked to the brim with everything you could ever think of on disk. There’s always something playing on the Big Flatscreen—Gag Concert, Vitamin, or whatever K-Drama is on TV at the time. And they’re really nice folks, as helpful as can be, despite the language barrier. Our broken Korean + their broken English = Both Sides Win! And so the conversation when I blew into the door went a little something like this:

Me: “안녕하세요! Hello there! How are you today?”

Them: “안녕하세요!” (annyeonghaseyo/hello/good day/hi, how are you) Young Guy and Ajumma look up and see me. Their eyes get wide. Young Guy practically leaps from behind the counter and towards me. “Can I help you? Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes. I’m looking for 도망자 (Domangja). The Fugitive Plan B. You know 비? Rain?”

Young Guy: “Sub… title?”

Me (nodding): “네.” (neh/yeah)

He shows me where it is on the shelf, waits for my nod of approval, grabs the 20-disk *no-frills set lickety-split, and voilà, I’m at the counter to pay for my little bit of heaven. While I’m paying:

Young Guy: ” You like 비 ?”

Me: “Oh, yes. I’ve been a fan for six years. Very talented entertainer. 몸짱.” (momjjang/athletic body) Don’t laugh, y’all. I had no idea how to say The Sexiest Asian Man of This Decade And The Next, so momjjang had to suffice. Young Guy runs off, and brings Ajumma an extra *no-frills item to put in my bag.

Ajumma: “Rain. Last Concert, for you.” It took me a moment to realize it was a complimentary gift. And when I did, before I knew it, I had done a couple of little leaps in the air.

Me (clapping and laughing and all silly): “Oh my god. 감사합니다 ! (gamsahabnida) 고맙습니다 ! (gomabseubnida) Thank you! 고마워요! (gomawoyo)”

They looked mighty pleased with themselves, and laughed and nodded.

Me (catching my breath): “Did you know Rain’s movie is coming here? 알투비, 리턴 투 베이스?” (R2B, Return to Base)

Them: “Yeah, Rain. 영화 ! (yeonghwa) Movie!”

Me: “At the AMC Colonial in Lawrenceville. Starts August 24. Friday.”

Them: “Okay!”

Me: “Have a good Saturday. Bye-bye now!”

Them (waving): “Bye! Thank you!”

The last time I dropped by On The Way Home, before this visit, I bought period K-Drama Il JiMae, and movie Sector 7, and got a complimentary gift of the movie The Chaser, subtitled. Running your business like that will keep folks like me and Terri coming back for more. Trust. 🙂

(*no frills: Direct from the producer/distributor without all the bells, whistles, and pretty packaging. They do have that, if you want it, but it costs a pretty penny.)

Round Two. It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Rain in the newspaper! I left the store as happy as a clam. It’s a wonder I remembered to pick up a few newspapers to check for R2B ads. And I tell you, I could not believe my luck. The very first one I looked at, The Chosun Daily News Atlanta (one of the major publications) had an article about R2B right on the front page.

“Korean ‘Top Gun’ invites you to thrilling aerial action.” I’ll say! LOVE that headline. — ^@@^

Round Three. R2B is going to land where? From there, I went one exit up on the expressway, hit the 316 going east, and after three exits was right at the AMC Colonial 18 theater in Lawrenceville. Altogether, it’s a little over an hour from my home. Not bad! Make no mistake, though, I would have driven longer and farther. This is an opportunity that I shall not miss but for an Act of God. Believe it.

The AMC general manager told Terri last week that they couldn’t officially advertise R2B until Tuesday the 21st, so I didn’t expect to see anything about the movie posted anywhere. I just wanted to make sure I knew where it was, take a quick look around the joint, and revel in the knowledge of what was to come.  The theater is in a nice, open suburban area where there are plenty of places to eat and shop, and isn’t hard to find at all.

Terri, Jim, and I and our party will be shooting for the 7 PM showing on opening night. I do hope that some of you will join us in Atlanta on this very special occasion.

I’ll be road-tripping again on Tuesday the 21st, to see if any other R2B goodies are to be had. I’ll let you know what I find. For you PSY (싸이) fans out there, of which I am one, I found Mr. Gangnam Style on the cover of Kstarnews.  🙂

Until next time, peeps. For right now, I’m going to relax with a cold beverage and Rain’s Last of the Best.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on August 21, 2012.

14 Responses to “[Cloud USA] Road Trip for Rain: On the hunt for R2B Return to Base in Atlanta.”

  1. @stephe
    that was very great adventure u make and have such a experience detail of this and got back us some R2B new pager too how coolis that i envy you both Ladies alway give amaze ecounter when u did some hunt for a trip ekekkeek i regret that i could even watch R2B nowhere my place near me SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦
    i know it hard for many out their DIE to watch i guess i am out LUCK for this US MOVIES that i Could even watch …. TOOKING A DEEP BREATH 😥
    however i just saw new paper in NEW YORK wowowo they are get close to Theater and fan & clouds just be excited to see this Movies
    i read also the ranking still number #4 place so when it release update??
    if they do chance to RELEASE in BAY AREA SF i diffidently going to watch this and hopefully they can provided me some goodies too just saying


  2. Awww these days are tough on me! I never regreted coming back to Puerto Rico but lately, darn, I soo want to go back to New York!! There’s Rain’s movie coming out that I’m dying to see, 2NE1 gave a concert recently, there’s Big Bang concert and Xia Junsu’s concert coming soon, both of them are gonna be amazing and I’m gonna miss them! No fair!! 😦


    • Aww, Mari, honestly I know how you feel. Rain’s planned world tour stop in Atlanta in 2007 (that was canceled) was the only Rain-related thing ever scheduled to come here, and it didn’t. We’ve had nada. (He did come here specifically for his concert press conference, but no one knew about that until he was gone.) Terri and I have just sat here in our little corner of the world, keeping our chins up. So thank GOD for R2B.

      We didn’t expect it to come here, much less a week after opening in S.Korea, so that tells us that anything is possible. So you keep your chin up too, chica. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. That was a great adventure. I found out the times for the R2B movie in Dallas. 10:20am – 6:50pm – 9:40pm – 12:30am.
    I will probaobly go twice. At 10:20am and again with my daugters at 6:50pm. The 12:30am is triping me out. That’s pretty late for a movie time. I guess because I should be sleeping by that time. Damn, I’m getting old. LOL


    • I’m know I’m definitely going twice! Though not on opening night because I’ll be at the 7 PM showing then and I want to eat and bask in the afterglow after the movie, ahahaha. All I know is for the time R2B’s in town, I’m going to be in and out of that theater at least 2 or 3 more times. I just can’t help it. My Rainitus is acting up BIG time. Gah.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Hey Gee,

      I found out show times yesterday as well. My mom and are shooting for the 10:20 am showing. Since, we’re coming from Houston and going back the same day we thought it would be best to get to the earliest showing possible. Hope I get to see/meet you there!

      Oh and if this movie comes to Houston, I’m am SO going to see it again! BET on that!


  4. This is fantastic news! I am planning my roadtrip down to the ATL to see the movie. Hopefully will be doing it on Saturday.


  5. Sounds so cool! Hey, I would go back to ANY business that treats me with respect and courtesy like they did. We are on the same page with that one.

    Well, I have taken Friday off and convinced my “umma” (I’m sure I “effed” that up…Smiles!) to go with me to Dallas. So……………………..


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