[article] Rain’s latest movie R2B: Return to Base sold in 30 countries.


(R2B image credit: CJ Entertainment)

Rolling Stone Indonesia 8/17/2012 — [English translation by Rain’s Little Cloud]

Rain’s latest movie R2B: Return to Base sold in 30 countries

Will be aired in various countries in Asia and Europe.

By:  Hwangteja

Seoul – The movie entitled, R2B: Return to Base featuring Rain’s final performance in a movie role prior to serving his mandatory Military Service (MS) has managed to attract many international film distributors. Its rights to release has already been sold despite the fact that the movie has not been officially released in South Korea (at the time of sale).

The film has managed to sell its international airing rights to a total of 30 countries around the world so far.

As reported by Kstar 10 on Tuesday (14/8/2012), the film’s distributor, CJ Entertainment stated that RAIN’s last acting performance (before MS) R2B : Return To Base, was shot before he entered his two year leave to serve his mandatory Military Service. They indicated that the movie has been sold to 30 countries in both the Asian and European Regions.

CJ Entertainment also clarified that due to RAIN’s immense popularity in certain Asian countries, such as Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, they were able to secure agreements with these countries well in advance.

Meanwhile, European release buyers are also planning to release the movie in England, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. They have also expressed how impressed they were by the action scenes in R2B: Return To Base which they likened to many popular Hollywood movies.

As a display of the high expectation of Asian countries toward the movie, a special screening in Seoul (the Global Preview in CGV Youngsan) was organized by CJ Entertainment on Tuesday (14/8/2012). At this preview, CJ Entertainment invited approximately two thousand fans from around the Asian region, to watch the movie a day before the premiere with subtitles in English, Japanese and Chinese.

The movie, R2B: Return To Base, also stars Yoo Jun Sang and Shin Se Kyung. It tells the story of love and life of combat pilots in dangerous situations in South Korea.

This long awaited movie starring RAIN will be released on August 15th in South Korea.

~ by Cloud USA on August 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “[article] Rain’s latest movie R2B: Return to Base sold in 30 countries.”

  1. Aishhh and none of those countries is Puerto Rico. Buahhhh!!!! :”(


    • WELL they didn’t share in my Place either i am sad as well and i have no idea when i get that good new or not well as long they show in San Fransisco i Death HAPPY and fly myself over it only 2 away from driving from my house i pretty sure i goes see it i have family down their as well oh Rain i hope u read this and let them release in Bay Area San Francisco too pleaseeeeeeeeeee


  2. yaaayyyy! I will be buying this the minute it comes out in england =) Hope the wait wont be too long!


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