[Eng subs trailer][movie dates] R2B: Return to Base English promotions by CJ Entertainment.

— Written and compiled by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

If I sound a little disjointed during this post, dear Clouds and fans, it’s because I’m doing round-off back-handsprings in my Sunday best down a church aisle somewhere. I am having an Out of Body experience. I am floored.

Behold,the R2B English site, trailer, and the North American movie dates they have so far, with more to come.

Next Friday, JiHoon’s movie will be one hour from me and Terri, at the AMC Colonial 18 in the Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville! Terri did get confirmation earlier today from Kjel, the AMC general manager, that R2B would indeed be opening there on August 24, but I’m only now getting the chance to do a post. Hey, it is what it is. And you all know what this means, don’t you? CLOUDBURST! Bwahahaha.

R2B: Return to Base is 1 hour and 53 minutes long and, according to AMC, not rated in the U.S.A. (NR, MPAA). It is rated 15+ in Korea, according to CJ Entertainment America. Show times are: 10:30 am, 1:20 pm, 4:10 pm, 7:00 pm, and 9:50 pm.

*holy rollin’*

*shuffle dancing*

*Running Man* *Roger Rabbit*

» The R2B English site by CJ Entertainment America is HERE.

» The R2B North American movie dates they have so far are HERE. LA, Philly, Jersey, New York, Seattle, Dallas, San Diego, D.C., The ATL, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, and Honolulu… with more to come.


R2B Official Main Trailer w/ English Subtitles. (Source Credit: CJ Entertainment America / CJEntertainmentUSA @YT)

» R2B is promoted IN ENGLISH on the CJ Entertainment America Facebook page (Asian Movies n More) HERE

» …and on the CJ Entertainment America Twitter (Asian Movie Buzz) HERE.

If you haven’t already, go show R2B some love.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on August 16, 2012.

35 Responses to “[Eng subs trailer][movie dates] R2B: Return to Base English promotions by CJ Entertainment.”

  1. 1982Rainlover! Email me! I’m in Concord and looking for any fans near! rain4flowers1@yahoo.com. Maybe we can get together and catch R2B between us. If I read correctly there is a showing in Vacaville and I am trying to confirm that!


  2. 1982Rainlover!! I’m trying to find R2B showings in my area as well! I’m in Concord CA! Email me! I’m trying to locate as many Rain fans in the Bay Area as possible! rain4flowers1@yahoo.com


  3. […] CloudUSA Thanks for rating this! Now tell the world how you feel via […]


  4. Anyone want to see this with me in NJ or NY???? Pleeeezzeee? 🙂


  5. hi


  6. Clouds and USAers who can really should get casually together in your R2B locations and make a good time of it. The thought of that warms my heart. One of the things JiHoon is best known for is bringing people together across the world who never would have met otherwise. But it still seems like that sure is NOT happening physically in North America yet, and I am stumped as to why. (They even get together in Germany. Peru. Turkey…)

    Thank god enough English buzz was made and numbers in North America compiled to where we’re getting this Golden Opportunity to see R2B subtitled! Do you want to know how they chose those cities? I can tell you that.

    NUMBERS, the thing Terri and I have been harping on for forever. The Powers That Be are trying to score direct hits on the states where the most Rain fans seem to be gathered or can drive to, to justify enough movie success to continue on. And our own Cloud USA numbers are backing them up big time.

    When I took a look at our Statewide Unique Visitors chart yesterday, near the bottom of our blog sidebar, I saw that all ten of the states where R2B will be playing are in our Top Fifteen. When I took a look at our Worldwide Unique Visitors chart, out of almost 200 countries, Canada was in our Top Five, and is second only after the U.S.A. as far as western countries go. This can’t be coincidence.

    We have got to come together as a force and create a demand everywhere for Rain the way Korea, Japan, and China do, or we will never have anything but scraps, and showings that are few and far between. Even though a lot of theaters that were called by Rain fans requesting R2B may not show the movie, you better believe that CJ knows about those calls. 🙂

    (One thing that I hope comes out of these North American showings are plenty and PLENTY of casual fan movie accounts and/or fan photos that can be posted, to rack up more points for Rain as a world star. If everyone who goes waits on someone else to do it, then we are sunk!)

    Just my buck-fifty.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Ah Stephe, you make it hard on a Cloud! (*just kidding*).

      I think I have convinced my back-up “road dog” to go with me to Dallas on the 24th. I hope I can find out show times before hand. We would probably go to the earliest show possible so that we can head back to Houston after. I totally get what you’re saying about getting together. I can’t speak for anybody else but here’s my deal.

      (1) I live in a huge spread out city and the people who live here will not travel to any place unless it can be centrally located. Traffic and constant road construction sucks (being honest) which is a minor deterrent.

      (2) even in a city this size finding out who actually is a Rain fan is hard to know.

      (3) I have no one around me who is as “enthusiastic” about Bi as I am. My peeps don’t knock me for liking Bi and don’t dislike him, but they are not fans like I am. Therefore, (for instance) they don’t see why we need to drive to another city to see a movie (from their perspective)….real talk. Try talking “Bi talk” in a house with hubby all the time…as a wife you must find the “balance.” (SMILES)

      (4) It’s been said somewhere before that some laziness is going on. If I’m honest this may pertain to me a little bit. I do try to participate in all the Cloud projects and donate when asked however.

      (5) This is probably the truest thing and is my opinion only. There are still some “closet” Rain fans. Heck, we can’t even get a guy to comment along with us on this blog. Some people may feel uncomfortable showing their “love” openly.

      (6) Lastly, for myself I know I “talk” a lot through writing and commenting but not in person. I’m not really a chit-chatter. This would make for boring group time with me unless there is a “talker” among us. I’m just not good with it…..well until I’ve known you for a while at least. It’s not easy mingling when you’re an introvert like me. (SMILES) Over the phone, I might do some damage (*wink*)……(SMILES)


      • Yeah, I hear ya. And that’s why JiHoon will have a hard row to hoe over here, unlike in Asia — we are a totally different culture with a different way of doing things. Clouds in Asia (on the whole) will move heaven and hell to get to that man in whatever form he takes, wherever he takes it (and they get huge payoff for what they do… you notice how many times he went to Japan in the past two years? I rest my case). Us, though we love him dearly… not so much. The U.S.A. covers a vast amount of ground, and it is what it is. (But I hope this improves, somewhat, for JiHoon’s sake.)

        Oh gurrrl, please. I am one of the SHYEST people on the planet. PAINFULLY SHY. Terri can tell you, that’s no B.S. I’ve had counseling for that ishhh. LOL! The magic about Clouds getting together is there is ALWAYS a talker (or 20) in the bunch so there’s never any pressure to do anything but enjoy yourself however you like. And talking about Rain is soooo EASY. Like Sunday morning. LOL

        Rain has helped me better myself, by urging me to make myself more social and comfortable with people through Cloud USA. This was — and still is– a HUGE step for me. I know that there always is the chance of a bad experience sneaking up, and they DO, but that’s life. You know? You just try to be careful, take care of yourself, have some kind of judgment, and keep it moving. 🙂

        Stephe ^@@^


        • BiA,

          No kidding. Stephe is REALLY shy. I know that is difficult to believe, but it’s true. Not that you would know it when you meet her. She’s so friendly and open and willing to try very hard to get along with others.

          As for me being shy? Um…no. Not so much. Right, Stephe? LOL.

          Oh, by the way, Cloud USA has LOTS of Rain goodies to give away to people who are coming to the R2B: Return to Base opening here in Atlanta. Who is going to join us? Surely there are a couple of you who can be there.

          Unfortunately, I don’t think our R2B merchandise that Heidi mentioned sending all of the fan clubs who participated in the ticket donation project will make it by next week. So, our giveaways will have to be Fugitive posters and things from the past. Still, I don’t think that matters too much, do you?

          I’m going to e-mail the theater’s general manager here in Atlanta and see if he has some merch he can share for R2B. Maybe CJ Entertainment sent them some. In fact, maybe I need to e-mail CJ Entertainment too. Let me do that today before I forget. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

          Ya’ll really need to start coming out to some of these events. Really. :-}

          Terri :-}


          • Hey, I can believe it. That is me as well. The funny part about me is that I was more of an extrovert as a child, then puberty happened (I guess). Yeah, when quiet/shy people get angry it’s not pretty. People have a tendency to think that because you’re quiet/shy/nice that anger is an emotion you’re not capable of and then one day…..it happens! (*Kekekekekeke*)


      • Bia I hope u can make the trip to Dallas to see the movie. I am in Dallas for a couple of weeks. I m trying to meet up with cloud member bithatway to see the movie together. It would be nice for more of us to be together for this big event. Believe me ask Terri and Steph I can talk enough for a few of us. (Smile) Feel free to call me with what time show u can make. We clouds must meet and stick together. 504-415-1258 Gee


        • Well Gee, that’s the goal. (SMILES) I have written your number down. Hope to see you. Since we will be coming from Houston and going back the same day, I would try to see the earliest show possible. I haven’t been able to get show times for Dallas yet. If you have please let me know. If you haven’t, I plan to call the theater later this morning to see. I didn’t see any on the theater web site at yet. I could have been looking in the wrong place. (SMILES)


        • I just called the theater and the young lady said the movie schedule is not out yet (for the Dallas theater). They usually get it the Tuesday before the movie begins. I was told to check back on the 21st. So that I shall do.


          • Yeah, same here. It won’t “officially” be “coming” here to the theater until the 21st. Which, in my opinion, is STUPID. A movie needs as much advance marketing as possible, WTH. But I adore the AMC folks for at least letting us know verbally. Thumbs up. !!!

            Stephe ^@@^


      • My temper’s pretty hairy, though. Shyness flies out the window when I get really mad. It’s like the incredible Hulk. Just get out of the way. lol

        Stephe ^@@^


    • Hear hear!

      Terri :-}


      • u know u very have u point here and i think it sound fair to read this but i NOT HAPPY coz to be honest like i said before in this site i live in SMALL town and yes………. as in Asia girl like me i ONLY person who follow Rain and be his cloud & fan until today i talk into my cousin as well but she to style in her life that i could talk her into period me ahahah so it hard to even i know that R2B it not going to release any small place like where i from that what said if i live CLOSE to any this city 15-30 or 2 hrs drive i will goes see it i don’t care but LOS ANGELS is close place i live by but it 6-8 drive O_O
        i hope they do think about SAN FRANSISCO that city is BIG & BUSINESS place oh yeah their a lot fan love Rain and know him can they or change get to release in San Fransisco ???


  7. I am sad also because I live in Pittsburgh, PA which is about 5 hours from New York. Once his movie does good in those other cities maybe it will come to Pittsburgh. If not, Ill just order it from EBAY but I would love to see it at the theatre. Also, I hope Rain does a concert in NewYork or Las Vegas when hes discharged July 2013, LOVE YOU RAIN.


  8. i am actually SAD for myself i live in Northern America but in California i stay in small town STOCKTON their is DOWN THEATER why can R2B expose in their i mean all this city are big AND business place to been see how LUCKY they are i want to see the close it it in LOS ANGELE but i don’t want to drive 6-8 or less just see R2B i mean why can it show here by where i live i am sad and i LOSS word about this i loss hope now i don’t if i have to wait this long to watch OH SNAP!!!
    Noooooooooooooo!! i so disappointment THAT i was on list gawd!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦
    i guess most of u are so LUCKY !! u get to see Rain R2B i hope to hear encounter of u soon Stephe & Terri !!

    @ Stephe
    please ………check u Emil thank dear


    • Oh, Kongsao, SOOOOO sorry that the movie is playing so far from where you live… aw 😦 I guess they could only take a chance on the huge cities first, to test the waters and not lose money so they can hopefully go to smaller cities later… Keep your chin up! 🙂 Terri and I are shocked, because we NEVER get any of Rain’s projects where we live or anywhere close, and we’ve really lucked out with this…!

      Stephe ^@@^


    • We will do our best to do a good write-up of our adventure for you ladies.

      Terri :-}


  9. Yeah, yeah……..quit rubbing salt in my wounded heart (*sniffle, sniffle….pout*).



  10. I am screaming!!! I will be in Dallas for the 24th and my daughters and I will be able to see my (our) baby on the big screen. So excited. Thanks for the heads up. This has made my morning.


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