[article] Moviegoers totaling well over 200K see R2B on South Korea’s Independence Day.


Money Today / My Daily — [Brief translation by 화니]

‘R2B : Return To Base’ draws audiences totaling more than 200,000 people on the first day of its release.

High altitude action film ‘R2B : Return To Base’ came 4th at the box office during the Independence Day holiday, drawing audiences totaling 207,044 people.

Total audience (including preview audiences and audiences on the eve of the opening) was 260,261. Judging just by Rain’s absence due to his military service, it gets off to a smooth start.

‘R2B : Return To Base’ is an aviation action film about the 21st Fight Wing who carries out an informal military operation in order to repel unidentified planes flying over Seoul.

World star “Jung Ji Hoon”(Rain) serving in the army and actor “Yu Joon Sang”, one of the nation’s top actors, play the title roles in the film, and ten billion won has been invested into the production of this movie, which has attracted the attention of the public.

The nation’s first Asian Premiere for the movie was held on the eve of its release, and it has been sold in advance to 30 overseas, UK, France, German, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, India, Turkey, Mongo, etc., which has caused a sensation.


~ by Cloud USA on August 16, 2012.

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