[images] R2B: Return to Base Global Preview Asia premiere. (8/14)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Images credit: RAINY Entertainment)

(Images credit: chuuta8)

(Images credit: DC Rain Gallery)

(Image credit: the official R2B movie Twitter)

~ by Cloud USA on August 15, 2012.

24 Responses to “[images] R2B: Return to Base Global Preview Asia premiere. (8/14)”

  1. Goch, you two are lucky it’s right in Atlanta..looks like I’ll have to travel to Chicago hmmm who can go with me,,,


    • Patrice,

      I KNOW. I was so astonished. You should have heard me stammering at Stephe about it. LOL.

      OMG, a Rain movie is opening here in Atlanta. With English subs. CAN YOU FRIGGIN BELIEVE THIS???

      Luckily for her (and for all of you, actually), I’ve calmed down a lot since then. Ha ha.

      It doesn’t help, though that my nephew is running around South Korea texting me every damned time he sees Rain on a billboard or on an ad on TV. I’m SO jealous. LOL.

      Terri :-}


  2. Wow!! I soo wanna see this movie!! They did a good job with the promotions. I asked for R2B in Puerto Rico with some other fans but haven’t hear a word from the theather. Sighhh 😦


  3. Alright it’s coming to New York City!!! Thanks for the info


  4. today in Seoul are their Primer and their a lot fans their to SUPPORT R2B it would be CAMERA all over if Rain where their rig
    ht ??? but even without him their always his fanclub their to
    make it possible to share and support they love to Rain and support R2B Movies i just hope it SUCCESS in theater in ASIA i know a lot his friend ans
    fans will support it no matter i hope they have best action in watching Rain Movies and excited to even give us back
    encounter and feed back to R2B Fighting … also i read NOT just show in Asia but 30COUNTRY WILDE of Northern American too GOOD to those are very get to see it about time they final give eye catch US theater geseeeeee………… i know American will thrill by Rain for the fact he good ACTOR quote: from Ninja Assassin ahahaha they should expose more by him i hope they are enjoy watching coz it does have subtitle in so !!!!!!!!!!
    i am piss that director DELETE the KISS SCENE complete out i am looking forward to watch that but then it was delete i just don’t understand why HECK he have SSK & Rain filming first place and then cut it just want his film look simple what got to with Kiss scene i think it even more VIEW AND rating ON THIS !! oh u miss big touch here ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! 😦

    COUNTRY RELEASE August 24th 2012
    Atlanta, GA: AMC Colonnial
    Dallas, TX: AMC Grapevine Mills
    Washington D.C.: AMC Hoffman
    Los Angeles, CA: CGV Cinemas and AMC Atlantic Times Square
    San Diego, CA: AMC LA Jolla
    Ridgefield Park, NJ: AMC Ridgefield Park
    NYC, NY: AMC Empire
    Philadelphia, PA: AMC 309
    Seattle, WA: AMC Alderwood
    Toronto. Canada: Cineplex Odeon Yonge & Dundas
    Vancouver, Canada: Cineplex Silvercity Coquiltam


    • Yes, we saw the list.

      Thanks goodness Atlanta’s on the list, or someone would have been in big trouble. LOL.

      Terri :-}


    • I’m highly annoyed. I was in Seattle, WA just a month ago (timing sucks) and BiThatWay I hope you enjoy the Dallas premiere. One of these days entertainment entities will give the 4th largest city some love.


    • MAN, I had hoped that R2B would be in the US by the end of 2012, then BOOM—-August 24, 2012 is the big day here in Dallas and you better believe I will be at Grapevine Mills AMC with a big cheesy grin on my face! BiAlamode, Grapevine Mills is like Katy Mills, so that will be a shopping excursion as well! I am certain the “H” will be included in the locations “coming soon”! I know CloudUSA will have a thread for all our movie premiere “experiences”…….If R2B does well in America, perhaps the concert video of Rain: Last of the Best will be shown in the USA too…….”so excited” #BiOnTheBigScreen


      • I don’t know. People seem to forget or not realize just how big Houston is. This city is huge and there is a sizable Asian population here as well. Not that that really matters. Personally, I just think the city’s size alone warrants it…..BUT I’m a little biased I must admit. (SMILES) I hadn’t seen or heard anything from the movie requests I put in so…………………………………..

        Katy Mills is on the opposite side of town as me. I really need a reason to drive all the way to Katy Mills. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there. Now, if I hear of R2B coming anywhere in this city. I Will have a reason. (SMILES) That’s what’s good and bad about Houston. Each side of town has everything (restaurants, movie theatres, shopping malls, grocery stores, etc.) There is not one thing I need to leave my side of town for…..not one. I have access to just about everything I need on my side of town. Sometimes, we just drive around the city on the weekends, just spending the day out and about. So like I said a city this size is a blessing and a “curse.” However, it’s home and I love it! Hot as hell, but I love it! (SMILES)


        • Is it about 4 hours to get to Dallas from Houston, BiA? Sounds like when I drove to Savannah for some R & R once, I think that was about 5…

          Stephe ^@@^


        • I’m in total agreement with you, Bia 🙂 I’ve lived here since ’07 and I still haven’t been to all parts of Houston. Houston is so large and I hate driving anywhere other than my side of town. Everything I need is where I’m located. I’m soooo disappointed that there won’t be a showing here. But maybe in the very near future they’ll add more cities. We can always hope:-)


          • With Houston being so big, I’m hoping they’ll add it to the list too…

            Stephe ^^@@^


          • LOL!! Don’t feel bad Talitha. I’ve lived here all my life and there are still parts of this city I have Never seen. You are definitely a Houstonian now because that’s exactly how I feel sometimes. Here you have to “think about” driving on the other side of town, especially if you don’t really need to go. SMILES!!


        • That’s the way Atlanta is too, BiA. Huge urban sprawl. We don’t have to leave our side of town for anything either. Saves a lot of $ on gas, but sure does tend to make a person stick closer to home.

          Terri :-}


  5. I want one of each of those cardboard cutouts 😉 awesome!


  6. como me gustaria vivir en corea y poder ver la pelicula !! gracias por subir toda la informacion sobre la pelicula y su estreno !!


  7. Now that’s pretty damned awesome. You can just go to the theatre subtitled especially for you….LOVE it!!


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