[article] R2B: Return to Base is sold in advance to 30 overseas countries.

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News Naver 8/13/2012 — [English translation by 화니]

‘R2B’ starring Rain is sold in advance to 30 overseas countries.

“CJ E&M” Film Studio & Distributor expressed on the 13th, “Movie ‘R2B : Return To Base’ that singer Rain (his real name, Jung Jo Hoon) filmed before his enlistment, has been sold in advance to 30 overseas countries such as UK, France, German, etc, in Europe, USA, Canada in North America as well as to Thailand, Taiwan, India, etc. in Asia.

‘R2B : Return To Base’ is a movie about Air Force pilot “Tae Hoon” (the main character ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ plays in the movie) and The 21st Fighter Wing who carry out an informal military operation to hold off an enemy attack when unidentified fighter planes make sorties against South Korea’s capital.

Overseas fans will be invited to Yongsan CGV Theater on the 14th before the grand opening scheduled for Aug 15th, and it’ll be subtitled in English, Japanese, and Chinese for them.


~ by Cloud USA on August 14, 2012.

7 Responses to “[article] R2B: Return to Base is sold in advance to 30 overseas countries.”

  1. Is Australia included in this 30 country list?


    • Hi, BiPi. 🙂 As far as we can tell, Australia has not been added yet. But the list isn’t complete. There are more locations to be added, and we hope Australia is one of them! *fingers crossed*

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. Wow, glad to hear it. Certainly not surprised by it either. Can’t wait to “feast” my eyeballs on the English version. (SMILES) This is one foreign film I will actually buy upon it’s availability.


  3. ~clapping~ Oh this is very hopeful!!


  4. Today for them is the big day, Congrats to them all Much love I give out to you all for working so hard.. From what I have seen movie looks fantastic by the you tube videos 🙂 … Fighting Aja Aja! My favorite saying from Full house .


  5. “been sold in advance to 30 overseas countries such as UK, France, German, etc, in Europe, USA”…………that’s what I’m talking ’bout! Tae Hoon in the USA…….Wah! 대박 / Daebak / exciting! I think someone finally figured out that he is truly a WORLD STAR and needs to be seen everywhere!


  6. I`m so happy and proud. Since always Rain is the King Midas!! All the persons who join with him to realize a project, they become successful. 🙂


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