[post] Kim Sun Ah and Rain’s memorable picture.

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KpopStarz 8/11/2012 —

Kim Sun Ah & Rain Memorable Picture

Actress Kim Sun Ah posted a photo of herself and Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) from the past.

On Friday, she posted a picture on her me2day.

“2009 during ‘Butterfly Dance.’ Ji Hoon was my dance teacher and after another long practice, covered in sweat! But what a memorable picture. He is the actor to the upcoming movie ‘R2B’! You can see the sweat and tears of everyone in this movie! Yoo Jun Sang fainted twice while training! I hope it does well! Dae bak!”

‘Butterfly Dance’ was broadcast on MBC in October of 2008 and they showed off a great couple dance performance.

Internet users responded by saying, “2009, that’s 3 years ago! They look even younger!” “Kim Sun Ah’s tango skills shined then!” “World star and top actress in one picture!”

Rain’s ‘R2B: Return to Base’ depicts the Korean air force as they fight above the Seoul skyline and it will be released on the 15th.

~ by Cloud USA on August 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “[post] Kim Sun Ah and Rain’s memorable picture.”

  1. Here I am Aasha77. (Just Kidding) We do love our Rain and want the best for him


  2. I wish RAIN meet someone as nice as himself someone talented good looking awesome humble kind and beautiful ……….soon 🙂


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