[fan made] Loving Rain from 2002 to 2012: How many projects can you name?

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

This is simply AWESOME, everybody, one of the best Rain 2002-2012 career time lines I’ve ever seen. Great job, Yuko! Thumbs up! How many of these Rain projects (shows, CFs, dramas, movies, etc.) can you name, dear fans? Are you up to date on your JiHoon Trivia? ๐Ÿ˜€

I Love Rain 2002๏ฝž2012.ย (Credit and edit: koyukityan0909 @YT / Source: Rainstorm, Osaka / PLEASE do NOT re-upload to other video channels. Thanks!)

(capture courtesy of pollyanna)

~ by Cloud USA on August 11, 2012.

6 Responses to “[fan made] Loving Rain from 2002 to 2012: How many projects can you name?”

  1. This was absolutely awesome!!!! Great job Yuko . Our Rain has done so much! Love that man!!!


  2. yeah she OUTDONE this vid she add every detail mix and capture all the image she put in one vid i saw that Last night as soon she post in youtube it was ONE OF THE BEST O fanamde i have ever see in her making i very love the tribute and compilation of this just make even happy watching i been replay all over again and again LOVE IT THUMP UP to her effort


  3. thank you I feel so happy when I watch this video about rain


  4. 2003 MBC Top 10 Singer Award Performance- 2003 Samsung Kenox V4CF- Awesome pic doing some sexy yoga thing (lolz)- Bad Boy MV (sexy chair part)- Fanclub MV Search for a Dream (I brush my teeth and drive you crazy)- Bad Boy MV (sexy jail part)-Bad boy in the making JYP style (cute baby bi)- Yes I can dance, and I know it so I show it part – 2004 KBS MUSIC AWARDS T.T (he won for his mother *proudsoproud*- 2006 MTV TRL New York (got to say he looked so, so, soooo asdfasdasfsaf)- It’s raining OH YEAH and live! (the one with the back leather cap it’s from a SBS Gayo show- Rains World…I’m coming (perfect title, it describes perfectly what happens whenever you see any video from that time =P=P)-Gangsta looks good on me, Military look…i make it work part- Rain’s Coming World Tour Japan (Tokyo Dome)- Rehersal time, let’s make sweat look manly and grrrrrrr- Drama time… Sang Doo let’s go to school (with a classmate like that I would even go to summer school, morning, afternoon, evening, night…) – Lee Young Jae Full House, pulling the Miami Vice look wayyyy better than Don Johnson lolz)- Kevin Costner who???? best bodyguard everrrrrr A love to kill (when I learn to cry while crying…seriously)- Love is the strongest force, how you can overcome your fears when someone loves you just the way you are… I’m a cyborg but it’s ok- Love story, who needs guns when you have a pineapple, b**ch please!- Love song… the last part of that video should come with a warning… HOT is not even close, you have all the chemical reactions in your body that produce heat- Taejo Speed Racer (the first time I saw Rain)- Weakness compels strength. Betrayal begets blood….Ninja Assassin… (yes a ninja that assassinate you with a sick 8 pack, yes 8)- Plan B: The Fugitive (and I will like to take a moment to thank the person in charge of wardrobe, from this fan’s heart THANK YOU!)- Ok Because you are worth it Loreal hair time, from NA, Sunglasses Magic (I think it’s a Cf not sure), Working out asdsafasfdsafafas-not sure but Esquire Magazine November 2008- Albums time… Back to the Basics ( thank the person in charge of wardrobe, for not using any =)..)- I’m gonna be a bad boy… I’m gonna be a bad boy… RAINISM- RAINISM- Rain The Best Show Concerts… it makes me feel a little bit melancholic… MISS HIM- R2B: Return to base, like he needed something else to become even HOTTER… he bet he though..mhmmm I’m not HOT enough maybe I should make a movie and be a badass rule-breaker pilot, THANKS Ji Hoon… my crazyness level went to 1o thousand millions…lolz can’t wait- The Best Show and Japan Charity Concert-

    Yes I know I let the cloud in my get out hahaha…so sorry for the long post, but you asked hehehe thanks for sharing Yuko’s great vid, it’s so nice to remember good Rainy moments, thanks for the blog YOU GUYS ROCK and you know it!!!!!!


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