[#8] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.

When I’m rolling in my Maserati Hyundai and listening to my very favorite songs, these are the sounds from my playlist—whether he were to do an occasional cover or match the vibe—that I think would have Rain lighting up our airwaves like a Christmas tree. (JiHoon, are you listening?)

What’s on your fantasy Rain playlist, dear fans? Why?

» Numbers 31 through 35 on my fantasy Rain playlist are HERE.

— Stephe @CloudUSA.org ^@@^


#36. Harry Connick, Jr. – Between Us. Courtesy of GeorgeZip2007 @YT) I’m dead serious. Get your Jazz-on/croon-on, Baby Boy! “I strolled onto the platform, girl, there you stood…”

#37. Surface – The First Time. (Courtesy of smooch231 @YT) Mmm-hmmm.

#38. Jamie Foxx – Overdose. (Courtesy of luckygirlz305 @YT) Wahhhhhh…

#39. Nelly feat. P. Diddy and Murphy Lee – Shake Ya Tailfeather. (Courtesy of Blackmusic1111 @YT) This was suggested in Playlist #7’s comments and I say absolutely. Have fun swaggering around with this one on stage, Hoonie, because it’s right up your alley. An audience would straight jam to it, and if Nelly ‘nem were there, it would be even better!

#40. Spice Girls – 2 Become 1. (Courtesy of emimusic @YT) Again, I am so serious. This is already a gorgeous song. A male version of it would floor me.

#41. Jill Scott – So Gone. (Courtesy of missjillscott @YT) This was suggested in Playlist #1’s comments, and I just remember my brain on the verge of exploding at the thought of it. A male version of “So Gone” would be EPIC. (Sorry, Paul, your explicit self would be OUT. No offense.) “Why does my body ignore what my mind says…” Sing it, Jill.


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding: “But I Love You” from Rain’s Vol. 3 album It’s Raining (2004). (courtesy of lany68)


~ by Cloud USA on August 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “[#8] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.”

  1. Yes, we love all music but Rain is our favorite thanks for sharing


  2. Well the song choices this go round would suggest romance. I can say that this first song brings back many memories for me. When hubby and I were dating he played this song for me and the words touched my heart so that l felt like a lightning bolt hit my chest. JiHoon this is a beautiful song that a man in love or any one in love would sing to their special someone. In a male range it’s also beautiful. Still makes my eyes tear up. (SMILES)

    I also like this one by Ms. Shanice Wilson. This song is grown up, sexy, mellow groove. A beautiful melody and would make a sexy video and/or stage performance.

    Another one of mine and hubby’s favorites is UK artist Mica Paris. I like this funky re-mix of her song Contribution. This would be so slick and cool for Bi perform on stage or on an interpretive dance video.

    Another one from Mica Paris written by Prince. A sexy, hot groove that JiHoon would put some “heat” to, sung from a guy’s perspective. I had some “fun” to this one….I gotta say. (Big Smiles!)

    This one just cause it’s different vibe for Bi, just like the Harry Connick song. Different is good…not typical, but still sexy crooning Bi when he wants to take it slow on stage and get acoustic.

    This one is just cause….I like it. Incredible lyrics, incredible melody. I’d like to see Bi do an acoustic type, MTV kind of Unplugged concert. This is the kind of song that would be perfect for that kind of intimate performance.

    This song would be HOT with Bi performing. I’d really like to see his version of this song on video. I’m seeing Bi more “grown up” musically this time around.

    I like this Sade song mainly for the reggae, island type feel. This song was written for her daughter, so I can’t really see how Bi could interpret it. However, I Totally see him performing to this music track.


  3. Guuurrl, that Jill Scott “So Gone (What My Mind Says)” is DEADLY!! I have that CD…..Goodness!!!

    Let me roll up my sleeves.


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