For overseas Clouds: An R2B August 14 VIP Premiere Ticket Donation Project Update.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As posted on Rain’s Official Cloud Fan Site by overseas fan coordinator Huhuhuhu, on the English Talk Board. High five! 😀


Overseas R2B Ticket Donation Final Update

Many thanks to all of you who supported this donation.

Donation has been received from 14 countries, 6 fan clubs and over 80 people and a total amount of 5,810,000 KWR (over 5,000 USD.) has been collected.  This amount, together with 1,250,000 KWR reserved from the last donation for R2B event, will make a total of 7,060,000 KWR.   This means we will be able to buy 706 tickets (cost per ticket is 10,000 KWR) to invite selected representatives to enjoy the R2B  premiere and to cheer for Rain on behalf of those who are not able to attend.

Because of limited capacity on 14 August, the 706 tickets will be distributed as follows:

14 August premiere620 tickets.

16 and 17 August at Yongshan CVG86 tickets. (16 August 2pm show: 45 tickets, 4pm show: 18 tickets. 17 August 2pm show: 23 tickets)

Korean clouds will help get some posters and collect the movie ticket stubs as souvenirs for those who participated in the donation.  Unfortunately it is too costly to send these individually to all the donors, so I will send some to the fan clubs who have supported this donation, and hopefully they could distribute these at their future meetings.

Receipts will also be obtained from all the organizations that benefit from the ticket donation.

The names of the individual donors and the fan clubs will be provided to Rainy Entertainment…  They may include these in the video prepared for Rain.

Many, many thanks again for your trust and support in this donation, and in particular to the following fan clubs who provided tremendous help:

BI Hawaiian Cloud

China Baidu Rain Bar

Cloud USA


Rain VietNam Fan Club

Taiwan Bi with Rain

I know there are still individuals and fan clubs who wished to support this donation but missed the deadline.  The official Cloud fan club has issued its own notice to accept donation until 11 August.  This is posted in the Members Only section in the Cloud website and here is the link: … _what=&keyword=

[Notice # 3960]

You could make your donation directly to the Cloud.

Thanks again for your support.

— huhuhuhu

~ by Cloud USA on August 7, 2012.

11 Responses to “For overseas Clouds: An R2B August 14 VIP Premiere Ticket Donation Project Update.”

  1. @stephe
    i just sent my PayPal Money to
    i hope they received this i am happy to do this Donate ekekeke


  2. glad that they were able to extend the deadline…………just made my donation! Thanks so much to CloudUSA for keeping its’ members informed of upcoming events!


  3. @stephe
    SORRY for my late on this !!!!!
    i have question do i put my money in PAYPAL account let say i want to donated 20 $ do i put my money in their first and then sent to this Emil
    and then let her know i have put my $$ in their so they can took it i already have PAYPAL account
    please help?????????????


    • I’ve read those instructions for the Korean Cloud’s Donation project, and as far as I can tell, you do not have to send an email.

      Just send your donation to by PayPal, but it is not necessary to email her this time. It says that they will be putting up a list every night to confirm who has sent a donation.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • oh ok just sen my PAYPAL card number and let them know how much i want donate to R2B Movies right i do this by Friday IT NOT TO LATE IS IT?
        COZ I get pay on that day i did see the donate part i was to roaming around forget all about this grwad!!!!!!!!! asih…….!


        • Sign into your Paypal account and send your donation to that naver address. As far as I know, that’s all you have to do.

          Looks like the Korean Cloud is taking donations through Friday our time.

          Stephe ^@@^


  4. JiHoon will be so pleased. He loves when his Clouds have his back even when he’s away (in the military) and can’t be there himself. 🙂

    The Korean community at large will welcome the charitable gesture as we are being a reflection of him. And the kids…. the kids! Good things all around. Very excited… !

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. This is great news! I was glad to participate. I also appreciate the diligence of The Cloud (Rain’s official fan club). I like how they always keep us informed from the beginning to the end of a project, just like here at Cloud USA.


  6. That is AWESOME! All the fan clubs and Clouds did a great job! Stephe, thank you for forwarding this information.


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