Wallpaper! Get your Rain calendar wallpaper for August.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

This month’s themes are: Full House, Consolatory Train, Lt. Jung TaeHoon, The Last of the Best, and R2B: Return to Base‘s premiere. Please enjoy. 🙂

(1400 x 930. Cloud USA. Displays best “centered” rather than stretched or fitted, but still looks great any way you want it.  See smaller sizes in the Gallery below.) Well, folks, only after the calendar was finished did I notice how it seemed they were looking at the dates on it. I crack myself up. ^@@^  (ROFL.  You’re so silly.  :-})

Rain: “Yep, there it is. Our movie is coming out on the 15th. So excited!”

Hana and Sekyung: “Aw, it’s silver. So pretty!”

Sunglasses Guy: “How did she get it to hang in the air like that? Cool.”

Dark shirt Guy: “It’s just a %#&! calendar. What’s the big deal?” 😛 ^@@^

MORE wallpaper behind the link! ↓

(700 x 700. Courtesy of Rainstorm.)

(1147 x 860. Courtesy of Annrainable.)

(1150 x 800. Courtesy of Cerine @RAIN Fanart. An additional poster is in the Gallery below.)

(1024 x 769. Courtesy of Rain[eare]. A larger size is in the Gallery below.)

~ by Cloud USA on August 5, 2012.

6 Responses to “Wallpaper! Get your Rain calendar wallpaper for August.”

  1. Reblogged this on christina27b and commented:
    sweet love


  2. It does look like they are looking at the dates
    cute 🙂


  3. thanks!!


  4. ROFL!!! I bet you had a good time doing the calendar and the conversation to go with it! You’re so funny!! Love it! 😀


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