[screen caps] Fresh R2B imagery, Part 1.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

From the looks of it, dear fans, TvN had an R2B special or a segment that really went in depth, and people nearly screenshot’ed themselves to death over it! This is some GREAT stuff right here. Be. Still. My. Heart. 🙂

(Captures credit:  twinklinglee / The official R2B movie Twitter / source: The Cloud Photo Board)

~ by Cloud USA on August 4, 2012.

11 Responses to “[screen caps] Fresh R2B imagery, Part 1.”

  1. Rain looks like James Bond. I think he would be great for that part. They should think out the box and make him the first Korean James Bond. What yall think?


    • Lord have mercy, I say YES to that!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • @ gee
        I TOTALLY AGREED with you it would AWESOME indeed
        not to mention he took next lever of Tome cruise here Jam Bond oh i so Death i would hoop all over him and snuggle with that oh ma they should have Rain do 2013 Jame Bond really ….!! i want to see him esp how he look and that body Woot!!!!!!!


    • Well Gee, I have heard Daniel Craig put Idris Elba’s name out there (suggestion only) as the first non-Caucasian James Bond. Although, putting a non-Caucasian in that iconic role might be along the lines of “a snowball’s chance in hell” I do love the idea. Also I gotta say, I love you Bi but I wanna see a brotha take first crack at that role. But…make No Mistake, I want You to be the VERY NEXT one in line.


      • If I had to pick a Brotha for a Bond, it would definitely be Idris. @____@

        You ladies are 2 for 2. Thumbs up!

        Stephe ^@@^


      • You make a great point. He (Idris) is one fine brother and your right he too would make a great Bond. Just at least put Bi in the movie. He can if need be play a bad guy. Now that would be acting. lmao


        • Ahaha, Rain would jump on that with a quickness and y’all know it! He’s been dying to play a ruthless S.O.B. and run amok for a long time. One day that’ll happen, I reckon. We’ll have a Korean Scarface. kekekeke

          Stephe ^@@^


          • “Say hello to my little friend”…………………….

            Yes, he definitely knows his way around the “bad@ss” roles…that’s for sure.


        • It certainly would be great acting. Bi’s acting runs the gamut of emotions from comedy to tear jerker dramas. Yes, I can definitely see Bi playing a bad guy ala “Hit Man” (the movie).

          I could also see him on Hawaii Five-O, Hustle (a British TV series) and my favorite right now Covert Affairs. That’s until his next big movie, like maybe a part in the Jason Bourne movie franchise.

          See Bi baby, if I was your agent I’d hook you up right now. (SMILES)


    • What a great idea.

      Terri :-}


  2. Be. Still. My. Heart. grwad……….!!
    the topless pic 3 SO YUMMY topless of him showing that GOLDEN SOLID abs and creamy look is he try kill me here fangril MODE…. ok rain if that what u ask for meet me tonight my house awawawaw
    pic 4 love him in RED he so hot in that color esp his body make him more manly look as well i just run my finger all over him dammmmmmm!!!
    i am so want to watch this full movies …


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