[clips] Strictly for the Visuals: Rain and the R2B cast in the News.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The R2B: Return to Base cast at yesterday’s video screeing at CGV Gangnam.

120801 My Daily – Rain’s handwritten letter released. (Source credit: My Daily / Courtesy of ratoka @YT)

A look back at Rain’s career, on Mnet Japan. (eNews life star ranking)

RAIN 「enews 人生逆転スターランキング」 Mnet 20110731放送. (Source credit: eNews / Courtesy of momorumii @YT)

More of the R2B special video screening in Gangnam. (Rain handwritten letter, R2B Return to Base video event)

정지훈 자필 편지 영상 R2B 리턴투베이스 알투비데이 Topstarnews net. (Source credit: Top Star News / topstarnews @YT)

[Vid]120731 Topstarnews_R2B Special Screening Event @ CGV (22 min). (Source credit: Top Star News / Courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “[clips] Strictly for the Visuals: Rain and the R2B cast in the News.”

  1. he such a funny person Rain always get his peoples to laugh and being teas about i love his human being so charming and fun ekekeke

    @ stephe
    can i ask u something?
    is Rain joking about being continue served his DUTIES are he just teasing
    Sung Soo hyung about this message he read about said Rain was not adjust in Army ??
    i assume he teasing him not took serious COZ…………i don’t want him to stay this long i hope he just joking i know when Rain joke around but not to sure about this one?
    can u please tell me please !!


  2. ahhh so that’s what Rainy was posting about


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