[clips][fan art] Official R2B: Return to Base previews.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The nerve of that bad guy! Wow, talk about adrenalin rush! 😀 Enjoy this long and this shorter version of a pivotal scene in the skies over Seoul, released today.

(Videos source credits: official R2B website / www.r2b-2012.co.kr / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[Vid1] 120731 R2B: Return to Base Clip (알투비-리턴투베이스).

[Vid2]120731 R2B Return to Base clip 2 (알투비-리턴투베이스).

(FAN ART credit: Cerine Zen @RAIN fanart blog)

~ by Cloud USA on July 31, 2012.

6 Responses to “[clips][fan art] Official R2B: Return to Base previews.”

  1. Dear Stephen You were right I was so excited to finish this poster, I do not even notice that I do error of typo above. 😛

    I’m so sorry!!
    I apologize to you and to all CLOUDS!^^ and again, thank you very much to posted my work on your site, that’s be an honor for me!(❤)


    • Hi, Cerine!^^ How has your week been, Cloud sister?

      Please don’t worry about the typo. And thank you for working so hard to share JiHoon far and wide. He’s so lucky to have you in his corner. *hugs*


      Stephe ^@@^


    • It’s all good Cerine…….no worries! Thanks for sharing your poster with us. (SMILES)


  2. It’s look like an awesome action packed movie. Can’t wait to see it! Oh btw, I see a little “oops” on the poster below. Don’t know who printed it but there’s a typo in Bi’s name. They have Jihoom instead of Jihoon….but Hey…no biggie. (SMILES) I just noticed it is all.


  3. Holy cow!! That was exciting! Can’t wait to see this movie.


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