[UPDATE] The Overseas Clouds’ R2B August 14 VIP Premiere Ticket Donation Project

~Cloud cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Well, you’re doing GOOD, Clouds.  REAL good.

This morning, I discovered the following update on The Cloud, for the R2B VIP premiere ticket donation project we announced and endorsed on the July 21:

The list at the bottom of the post on The Cloud, which is in Korean, is a list of the current beneficiaries of the project and a count of the number of tickets that are being reserved for each group of children.  Below is a translation of that list in English.

  • Angel ‘s Haven: 30 tickets
  • Gwonbyeonhwasanim (disabled children): 87 tickets
  • Catholics Nationwide Study Room: 35 tickets
  • Children in Yongsan-gu (poverty stricken children): 328 children
  • Haesimwon: 20 tickets

Yes, thanks to your generosity, Clouds, 500 teenagers, who may not otherwise have had the chance, will not only be able to watch R2B: Return to Base, but will also be able to be a part of Rain’s official fan club’s VIP premiere event.

For that we thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts.

Like Heidi said in her post on The Cloud, there are still many more teenagers who would love to see the movie, but can’t afford to.  So, if you have some pocket change lying around, kindly throw it their way, would ya?  One ticket costs $9.00.  Nine measly bucks.  Skipping that Starbucks coffee for a few days, or eating at home one night a week instead of eating out, is all it would take to buy one child a ticket.  Really, is $9.00 too much of a sacrifice to make if it will put a big smile on a child’s face?

Again, Cloud USA thanks you for your overwhelming generosity.  As always, we are warmed by your kindness, awed by your grace and humbled by your spirit.

Terri :-} and Stephe ^@@^

(Please note:  Some of the Korean on the list doesn’t translate into English well, which is why Heidi left the post in Korean on The Cloud, so there would be no misunderstandings.  However, I did my best to translate the list for us English-speaking folks who don’t read Korean at all.  If anyone can give us more information about the words that didn’t translate, or the organizations that are listed, please do share that information in the comments below.)

~ by Cloud USA on July 30, 2012.

20 Responses to “[UPDATE] The Overseas Clouds’ R2B August 14 VIP Premiere Ticket Donation Project”

  1. I came into some extra income this week and I wanted to pass that blessing along, so I was able to make another donation, too. Always had a soft spot for kids and to think how excited they will be to see JJH up there on the big screen makes me giddy with excitment for them. Eager to see pictures from the event and, hopefully, read some great stories!


    • Me too, liz! The pictures and the stories always get me right in the heart. Cannot wait for those… 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kindness.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. I will be 27 in 8 days and, out of all the years I can say finally if I have something proud about me it would be my humbleness, I send my love on a you tube video to the children.


  3. MY birthday is in 8 days so in 27 years of my life I can finally say I am proud of who I am. And I send my love to the children through the you tube video i made for them.


  4. I made a video for the children check out my playlist 4 one of them
    It is a small gift to be sent to them.


  5. I was able to scrounge up another donation this morning and did so from work (don’t tell my boss 😉 but I’m still awaiting my confirmation that it was received. Happy to help anyway I can.


  6. That is really awesome go clouds I am really sorry I cannot donate money but, my heart goes out to the children. Every child is born an angel sent from the heavens above. May god bless you clouds who can help them.


    • Bless you, Christina. Don’t give it a second thought. If it is in your heart to give but you physically can’t, that counts for something too and it counts a lot. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


      • My heart is always giving, that is how I was raised to be a humble person, to give others love and, a helping hand. Money is not everything, material things is not everything, the best gift is from the heart. Love is the most important gift in the world. That is what I tell JI hoon Often these days. I tell him to take care and, to smile always. So please If you can send my love to them for me.


      • I want to say thank you for creating this site, If you guys would not have I would not have been able to get as close to our Jung Ji Hoon as I have. He really has been there for me through thick and, thin lately even though he is far away, I can still feel him with me. He is in my heart forever truly. What started out as fan love is now more. I thank you for allowing me to find someone to console to that understands my pain, and, could help me make the hardest choice of my life. Letting go of my Children’s father. A women can only take so much heart brake and, pain.


  7. When is the deadline for donations? as I might be able to make another donation. I am happy to help and I agree if we can’t be there in person this is the next best thing. Maybe some of the kids will gives us lots of reports about the movie. I hope to see this movie sooner rather than later.


  8. Saw my confirmation email from huhuhu this morning. I was glad to do it. Hey, if I can’t be there I’m glad an underprivileged teen can go in my stead.


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