[GIF][tweets abound][learning Korean] R2B: Return to Base emoticons for you!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Tweeted to you with love by the official R2B movie Twitter. Enjoy!

(Translations by: Stephe @Cloud USA. Please feel free to jump in, native speakers!)

(al) “egg” (and about ten other words, including “nit”, slang for a fool or nitwit… Oh! Egghead? LOL!)

(tu) “two”  “to” (if this has anything to do with sweating or spitting, I didn’t see it, but I wouldn’t be surprised)

(bi) “rain”

Okay, I find it extremely funny that these first three above, put together, are the phonetic pronunciation of R2B (알투비, altubi). ROFL! They really are. Just look at the official R2B movie Twitter icon, the R2B Facebook cover photo, our Cloud USA Facebook cover photo… see? LOL! Hoooo-kay then, next… — Stephe ^@@^

대박  (daebak) “Jackpot!”  “Big hit!”  “The greatest… !”

(hoot)  “Heh”  “Hoot”

멘붕 (menboong) This is a tough one, because as far as I can see, there is NO direct English word for this slang term. It’s more like a feeling than a word. And you use it in a sulky manner when you’re feeling extremely messed up psychologically. For example, 아 짜증나! 대체 언제까지 이 답답한 수학문제를 풀어야하는거지, 멘붕이야. I’m so sick and tired of these stuffy math problems, what a menboong. Think anger, angsty. You’re having a moment. — Stephe ^@@^ (my source: Equa’s Learning Korean Slang)

야야야 (ya ya ya!)  “Hey hey hey!” (as in I’m getting your attention and I’m not happy with you, no)

뭐? (mwo, but sounds like boah)  “What?”

뭐?  “What?”

~ by Cloud USA on July 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “[GIF][tweets abound][learning Korean] R2B: Return to Base emoticons for you!”

  1. OMO! that is to funny.


  2. Muy lindos y divertidos ..Gracias !!! 🙂


  3. ahahahahahahahah LMFAO~
    this concept of each of them so hilarious i felt like if this very are in maker of the Movies it must be even funny to watch ekekekek ……… 😆


  4. cute gifs thanks !!


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