[clip] The making of R2B: Rain’s gravity tests show he is real pilot material.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Soldiers, cast, and crew were simply incredulous when our superhero powered back up after 6-Gs and made it all the way to 9. (There were articles circulating earlier in the month about how some of the capillaries in his legs suffered aftereffects, which probably does happen to soldiers and pilots alike who push past their limits.) Thumbs up to his cast mates for making it as far as they did! No way could I have even come close to any of them.

My fingers were digging into the arms of my office chair the whole time I watched this clip. It’s unbelievable that we’re even getting to watch something this private and so special. Just… wow.

To quote CloudUSAer bitofabelly81, Rain is the biggest BOSS that ya seen thus far. End of story! ^@@^

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[Vid]120726 R2B Return to Base (Gravity test video). (Source credit: CJ Entertainment)

~ by Cloud USA on July 27, 2012.

8 Responses to “[clip] The making of R2B: Rain’s gravity tests show he is real pilot material.”

  1. He make us so proud of him :)!! he deserve all the support we can give him, he’s such an incredible person, his will and determination to never give up is amazing. This video is really impressing, I don’t know how he could manage all that!! just look at the man who fainted o.o!! wow!! you said it, JiHoon is the Boss!! he was born to made the difference! Korea must be so proud of him!


  2. that what i talking about ya……………. THE MEAN IS PERFECT
    he succeed no doubt Versatile & Influence, Rain just STUNNED me what ever he do such HEDONISTIC who will pursuit his GOAL ….. bravoooooooooo for Rain i would love cheer him with SOJU ekekekek really he just make us proud of him he sure one of dedicated actor !!!!!!
    the word BAWSE is right words ahahaha


  3. Wow!! Rain is amazing!! I watched that video and almost fainted just seeing him!! Dear Lord!! My respect for him grows every day and of course, my respect for all pilots who risk their lives every day so we can enjoy peace in our country. JiHoon, my dear sweetheart, you’re “THE BOSS”!!!


  4. what a BAWSE! He truly believes in going above and beyond what’s required!


    • Yes, he does that’s why I can not wait for this man to come here. I want him to come here so bad.


  5. que orgullosa me siento de ser fans de rain !! despues de ver su video sobre la prueba de la camara de gravedad !!! muchas gracias por este video !! super rain !! wwoowww


  6. I saw this on The Cloud and was totally amazed. Bi has will power in spades, that’s a given. This also makes me have the utmost respect for the people who actually are fighter pilots. Thinking about what they actually do and those in the past (Red Tails) for what they have done to keep our respective countries safe……just amazing. I’m awed and grateful!


  7. Oh my gosh, this was amazing. What incredible will power JJH has. I mean, I always knew he had great will power, but this is just, well, WOW!


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