[fan made][MV link] Revisiting 2003: The best summer of my life.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

One Two’s Vol. 1 debut album, featuring 비 on Track #12. (Image: Mnet)

This, to me, is pretty darned special, folks. This is another lunaluna creation, set to the 2003 collaboration between a newly debuted Rain and the JYPE male duo One Two (원투).

One Two (friends Song Ho Bum and Oh Chang Hoon, already veteran K-Poppers) was created by Park JinYoung. Fans loved the fact that they were reminiscent of the legendary group Clon. The duo debuted in the summer of 2003 (one year after Rain), and this particular song was Track 12 on their first album. They’ve been very successful and active in the years since, and even have collabs with idols and artists like IU, After School, Narsha, Navi, MC Mong, Jewelry, etc.

No way can my ears miss when JiHoon’s distinctive voice comes in and out of this song. It’s got that breathless whiskey’ed up sound to it. 🙂 One Two sound pretty darned breathless and smooth themselves on this thing! Do enjoy One Two’s “The Best Summer of My Life” featuring Rain.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

RAIN (Bi) Fanmade MV ~The Best Summer of My Life~ (Credit and edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain @YT)

(One Two’s debut music video had a whole slew of artists in it: Rain, Kim TaeWoo, Danny Ahn, and more. JYP was not playing around! » You can watch the MV “Now, Hips!” on Daum.net HERE. I would have jammed to it in the club. It’s catchy! ^@@^ Caps by: Cloud USA)

~ by Cloud USA on July 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “[fan made][MV link] Revisiting 2003: The best summer of my life.”

  1. This was funny…loved it!


  2. Now see that is what I am talking about something to remember something, to have good spirits with. LOve it 🙂


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