[article] Watch the Main Trailer for Rain’s R2B: Return to Base.

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eNews World 7/18/2012 — by CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

[Video] Watch the Main Trailer for Rain’s R2B: Return to Base

The main trailer for R2B: Return to Base has been released.

The new trailer gives fans a better look at the story’s characters including Rain, Shin Se Kyung and others. The thrilling action scenes and special effects shown in the trailer have already won praise from critics and viewers.

R2B: Return to Base tells the story of a group of unidentified fighter pilots appearing in Seoul’s skies and Korea’s best fighter pilots duking it out in the skies to protect Seoul’s citizens.

In addition to a star-studded cast, the movie enlisted the help of experts in aviation who previously worked for Hollywood movies such as The Dark Knight and Inception. R2B: Return to Base will premiere in early August.

Watch the main trailer below!

Photo credit:CJ E&M

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One Response to “[article] Watch the Main Trailer for Rain’s R2B: Return to Base.”

  1. OMG! It looks so exciting! Wonder when i am going to get to see it? Will they show it in Australian cinemas? Or do I have to wait several months for the movie to come out on DVD? So many questions!!!!


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