[article] Competition for R2B: Return to Base Isn’t Too Strong.

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I feel this way too—that R2B will be more than able to handle the competition coming its way. The Total Recall remake (which I don’t expect to be better than Schwarzenegger’s) is the only other thing I see that gets my interest. That’s not saying that all of these other summer movies are lacking in any way, no no no. Just that in standing back and taking in the whole scheme of things, R2B: Return to Base feels sure-fire. ^@@^


Yahoo! Philippines / eNews World 7/17/2012 — By Oh, MiJung | CJ E&M enewsWorld

Competition for ‘R2B: Return to Base’ Isn’t Too Strong

R2B: Return to Base has confirmed its premiere date to be August 15.

The film has been highly anticipated as it is the last piece singer-turned-actor Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) shot before his enlistment, and is also Korea’s first plane action film.

Due to Jung Ji Hoon’s enlistment schedule, the film has been promoting ever since the Busan International Film Festival took place last year.

There were rumors then that it would be released in the beginning of 2012, but as the date was pushed back to the summer the producers continued to perfect the film with a few last touches.

As much consideration was put into choosing the premiere date, the competition R2B will be meeting seems fairly beatable. It avoids a head-on competition with Hollywood blockbusters, and will also be spaced apart from other anticipated Korean films.

The Hollywood blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises, which is set for a success already with 80 percent of ticket reserve sales, will premiere on July 19, a month before August 15.

The Thieves will premiere on July 25, setting R2B a long three weeks away. The musical film Rock of Ages, which stars Tom Cruise, will start showing on August 2, but it wasn’t as big a success in the North American box office, leading to less anticipation in Korea.

Gone with the Wind and I Am the King, which will premiere on August 9, are light comedies, meaning their genres don’t overlap with R2B. The two films are actually expected to compete with each other.

Nearer to its premiere date, R2B will be directly facing Total Recall and Step Up 4: Revolution. Total Recall is a remake of the film of the same title that premiered 22 years ago in 1990.

Because the original was such a big success with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the remake is also gathering attention. The dance film Step Up 4 is making some issues, but it’s not the kind that marks a big success in the box office. Its genre also is completely different from R2B.

So R2B is set to compete with Total Recall, but Total Recall is a remake while R2B is an original. It’s even Korea’s first plane action film, which means that R2B may have the upper hand in the competition.

Reporter : Oh, MiJung (omj0206@cj.net)

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6 Responses to “[article] Competition for R2B: Return to Base Isn’t Too Strong.”

  1. That’s great news!! Yahhh I hope Return to Base gets the #1 spot!! The cast worked hard, specially Rain and they deserve to be on the top of the charts. Fighting!! 😀


  2. 08.15……………all i am interesting at this moment and SERIOUS want to watch is R2B if this is release in USA WORLD WILDE that be AWESOME… indeed….
    i would love to pay 3 time to watch this my money will goes to to this movies with a excited and some special treat to me for sure……….. and i am die hard to see so much if LUCKY enough to see this then that diffidently a pay off ahahahahha


  3. Have I missed an article on the release date?


  4. There’s only two movies I’m looking forward to, this one and breaking dawn 2 which doesn’t come out till November. Which I still think JiHoon would make a yummie vampire. Bite me baby! aherm sorry got carried away. hehehehe


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