[GIF] Rain .gif(t)s for you.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

HUGE thanks to the fans across the Rainiverse who made and shared their .gifs! Thumbs up! 😀

~ by Cloud USA on July 17, 2012.

12 Responses to “[GIF] Rain .gif(t)s for you.”

  1. Very, very nice. Love it all


  2. oh geseeeeeeeeee just knock my felt of of this GITS….
    dam!!!!!!!!! that SEXY jello …. :P) yea its obviously sexy naughty
    to many VIBE …. here i could choose anyone
    i guess i see Art of Seduction- here a hot flash allover again and that sexy whaoooooooo nose blooding @@
    “sing bay sing it baby ” :P)


  3. Oh My gggg O.o This gifts are bombs!! Rain, my dear, I soo miss those moves!! I felt that sex appeal all the way to Puerto Rico! Hotter than a summer day at the beach! ^.^


  4. Reblogged this on christina27b and commented:
    I want to keep these pics for ever


  5. I spent forever making a gift for him just like others with their’s. We all put allot of love in them.


  6. Like I said before Allot of love and, fantasy for Rain but, not enough of him to share : )… Come on ladies ! “You have to Agree.”


  7. Its way too early for this kind of sexy! (But not really..) The gif with the flour on his hands is just.. I love a man who cooks. :-p


  8. Guuuurl, these gifs are a little too dangerous for me to comment on like I want to. However, I will say the last gif…….Korea, you “tryn’a” to keep ALL THAT to yourselves…..baby please! Even “I” felt that just sitting at my desk in Houston, TX.

    His hips = Chico Debarge’s song…..”Talk To Me Baby!”


    • No see I thought you’d be more Rick James ” Give it to me baby” ^_~


      • Hey Lotus, “Talk To Me Baby”….”Give it to me Baby”….or the one Prince made popular that shall remain un-noted for fear of comment deletion…….(you know the one)…………………

        ANY of those ending in “Baby” will definitely do. They are all “odes” to the same area of town…..downtown. (SMILES)


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